Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hair Pampering Day with Dessange

A few days ago, I was invited by Rustan's to a "hair pampering day" hosted by Dessange International, a French beauty line, at Emphasis in Rockwell. After years of living abroad and not having a real treat at the salon, save for hair cuts, I thought it came at the right time! Plus you know me, anything French, I already like, haha!

Now, since we are expecting Baby #2 aka Dragon Dychiao (it's just a nickname until we find out the gender, heehee), I was also worried about using harsh chemicals on my hair. Thankfully, Christopher Picault of Dessange was flown in to personally talk to invited guests about their products and was there to recommend the right products for me to use.

Turns out I cannot use Phytodess, their hair & scalp treatment line that contains zinc.

But Monsieur Picault recommended that I use these - Creme de Palme once a week after I give birth, and any of their shampoos like Bamboo, Ylang-Ylang or Vitamin C for daily use, given that hormones can really take a toll on a pregnant woman's hair. 

I ended up using products from their amber-scented premium line, Dessange Paris, which includes Black Pearl Resides with its fortifying, remineralizing, and anti-aging virtues. Now I have to tell you, my hair has been limp and lacking luster these days, a result of pregnancy hormones again, according to Monsieur Picault. So he suggested using Dessange Paris nourishing shampoo, applied on dry hair & scalp and massaged thoroughly, followed by a mask specifically targeted to moisturize dry hair. He said that what makes the mask special is that it is activated by humidity. Wow, for once, humidity is not an enemy!

I don't have photos to show, but trust me when I say my hair looked a lot better after the treatment. It felt silky for a change, and with a bit of blow-drying transformed my limp locks into a polished bob. Now, if only I can go to the salon everyday!

Oh, and before I forget, there's also the youthful Camille Alban line, also from Dessange International, which infuses fruits like fig, pomegranate, orange with other natural ingredients like honey, argan oil and henna to create products that are as effective for the hair as they sound yummy divine.

Dessange Paris, Phytodess and Camille Alban from Dessange International are available exclusively at Rustan's.


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Looks like great products to try. Very luxurious.

Unknown said...

Dessange is a great line!

cd_mfo said...

@Girlie Blogger @DNA: Yes! Definitely!

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