Monday, February 27, 2012

19 Weeks: Play Date then Day to Night

Christopher Kane x Topshop dress, Birkenstocks

Audrey & I organized a play date for Berry, Gia & Georgia last week at their home - they had a "nail polish play date" and had a manicure/pedicure session with Hopscotch Kids, heehee. Even 6 month old Georgia put polish on her toes - it's water based naman! Adorbs! I wore this Christopher Kane x Topshop dress - it's comfy with a pambahay feel, but still cool enough to be worn out. AJ, their daddy aka The Graphic Designer, automatically recognized Christopher Kane's work! Galing! Had to clarify though, "Topshop lang ito!" Hahaha!

That same week, I hied off to Anthem in Rockwell to check out Anthology's new Hudson wedges. Angganda! Pregnancy friendly too ha! It's so light and so comfy! I like the grey ones the best, because it has that  nude effect, doesn't look chunky at all and just blends with the skin.

It comes in these 3 colors, and I would so get this in black too when they have it out. Soon please!

I was actually in Rockwell for a lunch meeting with Oliver of AVA (btw, thanks to everyone who supported the FEED sale on AVA! Almost sold out again as of week 1!) but I also had dinner that same evening with Dada and friends - Karrots, Chico, Jacob and Kaye, so this was my attempt at day to night dressing:

jeweled flats from Miu Miu, a dress from Hong Kong, Kenneth Jay Lane necklace, Fenton/Fallon cuff

day to night flats diba?


Mom-Friday said...

I like both your outfits...perfect day-to-night looks. And the wedge is cool too! :)

Tara Cabullo said...

You are a cute preggy woman :) Love, love the flats!

Conchita said...

i want those hudsons too! but i have to wait til i give birth. too heavy even with wedges.

i also want the gray ones!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Love your pregnancy bump. Adorable!
Seattle Beauty and Fashion - Girlie Blog Seattle

Naida said...

Everything looks great. Love your dress on first pic.

kelly said...

What nail polish do you use? I'm so scared to put just any brand on my nails! Looking for non-toxic brands right now. Would you know of any? Thanks! :)

Audrey Dimarucot said...

Gia shows off her nails to EVERYONE and looks at them EVERYDAY! Please please please let me know when you have a new stash of Hopscotch Kids! ;)

We had the most wonderful time with you and Berry!!! Chinese takeout wasn't so bad, either! ;P

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Michelle, Tara, Girlie & girl on the rollercoaster! =)

Hi Kelly! I used Berry's Hopscotch Kids polish! But I will be bringing in water based polish for adults too! Scotch Naturals, coming in a few months!

Hi Auds! You'll be first to know! And yes! Loved our merienda too! Till our next playdate! Heehee!

cd_mfo said...

Cons! The Hudsons are not heavy at all! Super super light, promise!

Lauren said...

The Christopher Kane dress is fierce like whoa. Love it!!!

yen said...

You are the most fabulous and elegant pregnant mom I've ever seen!;) Love your outfits and your shoes!

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