Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Booths Republic

With Berry's birthday coming up in 3 months, I have started thinking of what to do for her third birthday party. This will be Berry's first party in the Philippines so I really was researching on suppliers, having been out of the loop for a while now. Thankfully, Sarah of Booths Republic emailed me a few weeks back telling me about Booths Republic.

Sarah Chan and her sister Lala Tsai are full time working moms who started Booths Republic, a business setting up party booths for kiddie parties. I actually first heard about their venture from Daphne's blog, when they set up uniquely themed booths like iStickers and Photo Balloon booths for Stella's first birthday party, which Daphne said was a hit. Sarah and Lala have since expanded their repertoire with 3D Me, 3D Me Pens and Craft Camp booths.

I like how Sarah & Lala niftily put together an activity/souvenir in one booth, making it a no brainer for parents planning birthday parties. I mean, it keeps the kids occupied, and well, who doesn't enjoy going home with unique, practical and personalized souvenirs right?

iStickers are personalized, waterproof stickers that can withstand washing

These are the iStickers that Sarah sent for me and Berry - I've attached mine on my mobile phone and camera. Still looking for things to stick it to, heehee. Berry loved the Hello Kitty stickers! You can also request for other characters like Angry Birds, Dora, Thomas the Tank Engine, etc. depending on your party's theme. I think kids and adults will both enjoy this!

Craft Camp gets kids involved in decorating inflatable balloon masks to color, decorate and wear.

Craft Camp balloon mask

3D Me dolls are cute and hilarious! I couldn't help but laugh at my 3D Me doll! But, Berry looks cute! Haha! When she saw it, she said, "So, so cute!" While these are best used as bag hangs or accessories for mobile phones, Berry wanted to wear it on her hair!

Booths Republic is also coming out with 3D Me pens, so instead of a doll, your kids get to see their faces on a furry head sticking out like a lollipop on a pen.

Meanwhile, Photo Balloon takes your photograph and prints it on the balloon while you wait. These balloons last up to a year with proper care.

Booth Republic's prices range from Php3,900 to Php9,500 depending on the booth and package you are getting. This is inclusive of the booth, the person manning it, a set number of pieces, the materials needed to get the booth up and running. In short, you have nothing left to worry about. Sounds so easy and a lot of fun no? Now I have to decide on which booth to get for Berry's party! Heehee!

Booths Republic
Sarah Chan / Lala Tsai

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