Thursday, March 01, 2012

Studio SnR + Bobbi Brown Pop-up Store in Shangri-la

Happy 1st Year Anniversary to Studio SnR! Congratulations Sydney! I hope you continue organizing all these fun sessions that make things like makeup application and coffee appreciation for both enthusiasts and regular (but extremely interested) folks alike less daunting!

You see, I have always wanted to learn how to put on makeup. But I could never find a program that was right for me. I did not want to commit too much time going to makeup school or taking up makeup classes. After all, I only wanted to put on makeup on myself, and not on other people.

When my sister Nicole went to the first Studio SnR x Bobbi Brown makeup workshop last year, she enjoyed it so much and told me she learned a lot in one afternoon. So, when Sydney said they were opening up slots for another Bobbi Brown session this year and invited me, I happily said yes!

Just want to give a shout out to April! It was nice meeting you at Studio SnR!

From L to R: Ina (BB marketing executive), Bea (BB makeup artist) & Budit (BB education manager)

In a nutshell, Ina, Carrot, Budit & Bea aka the girls of Bobbi Brown, briefed us on the history of Bobbi Brown, taught us about the importance of starting off with a great skincare routine, and then introduced us to Bobbi Brown's 10-Step Beauty program. They went around helping us decide on which colors work best for our skin, and teaching us how to apply makeup properly.

I have to say, that truly, in just one afternoon, I gained a lot of confidence in putting on makeup! So much so that I found myself convinced it was time to take the plunge and invest in a nifty little collection. It helped that while Studio SnR provided the necessary makeup materials and lots of little freebies, we also got a GC to spend on Bobbi Brown makeup in Rustan's! So if you enroll in a session, it's sulit because not only do you acquire a new skill, you bring home all these disposable makeup sponges, cotton buds and cotton pads, you get product samples, plus of course the GC.

I think an added bonus of attending a workshop such as this, is making new friends! I met April, my sister's officemate who told me she reads my blog regularly! I also found myself seated with lifestyle blogger Jean of and beautyblogger Phoebe of We were joined by journalist/editor Kissa Castaneda of Preview and Cosmopolitan magazines, who like me, used to write for Radar - she as Japonista and then, Curiouscities. I had so much fun playing with makeup with them! By the end of the workshop, it felt like we were old friends! 

A couple of days later, I got an email from Ina informing me about their temporary pop-up store on the third floor of Shangri-la Mall. Turns out, since the beauty section of Rustan's is being renovated until the end of March, they have opened up a bigger space near Figaro and Mango to accommodate more clients.

Of course, Estee Lauder, Clinique, MAC Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown and ADF can still be found in 2/F of Rustan’s Department Store but just an FYI ladies, they are also at the 3rd Level of Shangri-La Mall. I actually came by to check out the pop-up store, and armed with my cheat sheet and gift certificate from the workshop, I proceeded to purchase the makeup essentials I now realized I need to have in my vanity kit!

Tadaaaa! Hardcore Bobbi Brown, no?

Clockwise from bottom left: mineral loose powder, corrector, concealer with yellow powder, foundation, eye palette, powder compact, lip gloss, lipstick

Well, the eye palette I bought from Bobbi Brown in ION Orchard a few months ago, and the nude lipstick and purple lip gloss are swag from Bobbi Brown's latest Neon & Nudes Collection for Spring 2012!

Bobbi Brown Neon & Nudes Collection for Spring 2012

The Bobbi Brown skincare line is pretty good too actually! The makeup removers are amazing. I hear the cleansing oil made from olive oil is a bestseller. The eye gel is cool and soothing, and the lip salve feels so nice on the lips - makes it really soft and smooth. But I still have a lot of skincare products, so, bookmarking for next time!

What really sold me on Bobbi Brown was that the colors really looked natural on my skin. It didn't look like I had make-up on, while still looking polished. And most importantly, because I have sensitive skin, my face didn't get itchy after having all that makeup on the whole afternoon.

Hay, I love Bobbi Brown na talaga! Sydney and Studio SnR, you started this!


Who's the Sales Lady? said...

It was great to meet you Ms. Tin! Congratulations on the baby! -April

cd_mfo said...

It was so nice to meet you too April! And thanks so much! =)

Kat said...

Ack! I want to go to one! Tin let me know if they have another session again. I need makeup tips (and hair also haha).

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