Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Basil Thai Restaurant

This Thai iced tea from Basil, a new Thai restaurant along Katipunan Ave. cor White Plains Ave., that we recently tried just before Holy Week, is the perfect antidote to a hot summer day. With it's milky, icy texture, it is also the best drink to wash down each Basil dish after a spicy mouthful!

Dada's friend recommended that we try out Basil, and since we were in the mood for something new, and visions of bagoong rice had me at the mere suggestion of it, we excitedly made our way to once was the garden area of Katipunan Avenue, right behind the perimeter wall of Camp Aguinaldo. 

The bagoong rice, just as I expected, was delicious! It had crunchy bits of shrimp, chilis, onions, with just the right hint of shrimp paste. Although not as much pork or mangoes as I wanted. Nevertheless, it turned out to be just right, because if it had too much of those two, it would have overwhelmed the entire experience. After all, we ate the bagoong rice with... 

Pad Thai smothered in bean sprouts. This was soo good! It looks and is oily, but it had none of the weird after taste that some Pad Thais have. I practically scooped up the plate clean after every one had their share. Hee!

The beef satay was tender and melts in the mouth. No aggressive chewing needed. Haha! This was Berry's favorite. 

The chicken pandan, or what they called Emerald Chicken, was good, but I thought the pieces were kinda small. I've had this dish better elsewhere.

The beef curry was yummy too! Beef was tender, and the sauce, when paired with plain jasmine rice, would be ulam by itself. I wish we got to try the fish with three flavored sauce, which is a signature dish, but with just three adults and a toddler, we just didn't have room for an extra dish. This just means, there is a next time! Because this is a restaurant we would definitely come back to again and again.

The interiors would be best described as rustic Thai I guess. But it has A/C, so even in the heat of summer, it's comfortably cool inside. It also had a pretty indoor garden wall...

And a picturesque outdoor seating that wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so hot. Reminded me of outdoor patios in restaurants in downtown Manhattan.

Basil Thai Restaurant
White Plains Ave cor Katipunan Avenue
Quezon City
Opens at 12 noon


Wonder Woman said...

I miss Thailand so much! I wanna try this!!!

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Martina said...

Exacto, we were thinking of trying Basil this weekend! Now we really will :) Thanks!

Unknown said...

Tin, my friends, Bummer and Maya own this place!!! Part owners:). We celebrated my daughters's grad here last March!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Mia, if you would please help me by asking the owner's email address. I'd like to let them know of our complain because despite the good food and good ambience. We were greatly turned off by the impolite and rude service we experienced during our lunch yesterday.

Unknown said...

The food are delicious if i may say and the ambience but i have some little concerns which is the cleanliness and the mosquitos.

From: Ann Alcantara

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