Sunday, April 15, 2012

Musings on Hair

So my SIL Lorr had this brilliant thought the other day. She said it would be the ultimate if we had a helper who was trained to do blow outs. I mean, imagine having perfect hair every day? You don't even need to go to a salon to get your hair done. Imagine too, not having to worry about hiring a hair stylist to do your hair when you have a big party to attend?

My BFF Nina is lucky because she has perfect hair everyday. When she goes to work, a hairstylist takes care of styling her hair, after all, she's on TV every day. 

This is Nina. Yes, she looks like this every single day...(photo by Dar Ramos)

Meanwhile, every day I go out with limp, and often fly away hair. Like this:

One time, Berry, Nana & I visited Nina at work. And I was complaining about my yucky hair. She asked her hairstylist to do something about my hair, and tadaaaaa - in less than 2 minutes, with just a few flicks of her wrist using a hair straightener, she came up with this:

My hair looked like it had volume, body and waves, for a change!

That same afternoon, I ended up buying a Babyliss ionic/ceramic hair dryer in Landmark Trinoma, sponsored by my mom heehee. Nina helped me choose, it's a French brand that she swears by. Sarap the feeling to have nice hair talaga every day, I felt so "polished". Amazing what nice hair can do! I just wish I have the discipline to really take time to do my hair each day.

And I really promise na I will buy the best straightener ever! Her stylist used something like this, a straightener with wide tongs. 

Now if only I can learn how to use one. Better yet, if Lorr & I can find a helper who knows how! Hey, do you ladies know where one can learn how to do blow outs? Kind of like a hair workshop or something? I am serious!


(eye)candy said...

Yaya with blow-drying skills+aircon = good hair day everyday! Same problem here! haha

cd_mfo said...

Hay yes, to have good hair everyday! =)

Trixie said...

Drop by Hairshaft Podium and look for my stylist, Miguel. I have short hair and he plays good tricks on them! :)

billyena said...

Hi Ms Tin...natuwa naman ako sa entry na ito kasi i can relate. I must admit talagang hair addict ako hindi man ako blessed to have a sexy bod kaya i make an effort tlaga to make myself look polished everyday. Everyday I wake up at 330am to give myself enough time to dry my hair yun lang wala ako gadget for hair kaya I use my ever reliable and giant electric fan hahahaha and it really works!

Run Around Girl said...

Tin, I was just gonna tell you that your hair looked really good at dinner last Saturday! Babyliss?

Anonymous said...

I love Babyliss. I bought their curling iron after I found out Michelle Phan uses it too. Hehehe. :) Babyliss is also found in all Rustans department stores.

Anonymous said...

i know someone whose husband blow dries and straightens her hair:)

AEC said...

Hi! Wella has a regular schedule of lessons in haircare & styling. Their office is near Greenbelt, sorta a little past the Rolex service center.

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Trixie! Will maybe give him a try soon!

Wow! 330 am Bilyena! That's dedication!

Hehe! Yes Pam! I blow dried my hair that day =)

Turns out my mom uses Babyliss too! I think I will give their hair irons a try too!

Oooh! Lucky girl! What a husband! Heehee!

Thanks for the tip AEC! Will give them a call!

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