Monday, April 23, 2012

Reminiscing + A Visit to Repetto in Greenbelt 3

The shopping landscape of Manila surely has changed since I last left it in 2006. I remember starting this blog because I wanted to document the things I wanted to buy, because it was so frustrating not finding anything here. Remember, this was before online shopping really hit mainstream and Johnny Air's main income streams were balikbayan boxes and remittances, and not air shipping of online purchases, heehee.

Repettos were high on my wishlist then, that I would often seek it out when I was traveling abroad. I finally found them in Gravity Pope in Vancouver, but they were so expensive there, that Dada dissuaded me from buying a pair. I ended up buying my first pair at Bird in Brooklyn in 2007. They had these patent BBs on sale, so I made the trek to their store in Brooklyn as a side trip while visiting my friend Tet in Park Slope!

Yes, this pair above is still very much alive and still looks good. So, worth it. My next pair of Repettos were these Repetto Jacksons. I saw Kate Moss wearing a pair with black, cropped trousers and I was like, "OMG! I have to have that!". Then Michael Jackson died, and my first thought was, "Now these shoes are gonna be classics". So I went online and bought a pair at La Garconne. Heehee.

My third, and certainly not the last pair, are these sparkly, crackly BBs in Carbone that Dada bought for me. See how times have changed? Before, he would stop me from buying Repettos, and now he himself buys me a pair. Ahhh true love. Heehee!

So when Cecile aka Chuvaness told me about Repetto opening in Manila a few months ago, it was like a dream come true. I couldn't wait! A Repetto store right here in Manila, that's the ultimate! Especially for somebody who practically lives in flats day in and day out (especially these preggy days).

Once it opened, Lawrence of Suyen Corp. made arrangements for me to visit the store so I can take photos to share here in the blog. Berry Ballerina, Nana & I came by after Holy Week so we can take a peek. Berry was thrilled to bits.  As soon as she saw the pretty tutus behind the shop window, she was practically squealing. Then she saw these dance leotards and tutus and she didn't know where to start looking...

plus there was an enticing brass barre where she did her own version of barre exercises:

True to tradition, since Rose Repetto started out of her desire to create the best dance footwear for her dancer son, the Repetto boutique carries pointe shoes and ballet slippers...

As well as totes, backpacks and duffel bags for stashing your dance essentials in:

Then of course, for frustrated prima ballerinas like toi et moi, there are these BBs, Zizis and Bolchois to prance around in for daily use:

All in all, the Repetto boutique has something for both serious dancers as well as stylish girls about town, who want comfortable and classic pairs of ballet inspired footwear. But oh, let me remind you that Repetto has French sizing, so you would need to go a full size up on Repettos. Take for instance, I am a US 6.5 and my Repettos are FR37.5 - so when you go there, make sure to ask for a size bigger than what you normally wear. Don't think your feet suddenly ballooned or something.

Shoes start at about Php11,000 and go up to about Php14,000. They also had these smooshy leather bags that are as soft and supple as their footwear. I wasn't able to check the price though. 

The Repetto boutique is worth a visit - if only to indulge your ballerina dreams. It's my slice of heaven on earth, or a slice of Paris in Manila - for my feet at least.

Repetto Manila
G/F Greenbelt 3


Jackie Go said...

How much does a pair of BB cost here? :)

Jillsabs said...

Ouch. Php11,000 - Php14,000 for a pair?! I don't think I'll be visiting Repetto anytime soon, I'm not masochistic:p

D said...

I love Repetto but I can't really afford it yet. I'll have to wait when I'm a doctor na para di ako mang hinayang. I often get buyers remorse when buying expensive stuff eh. lol

D. :)

RachelCrz said...

Actually there's been a small store in Rockwell that's been selling Repetto flats for a while now. But it's sure nice to see a full store. I got my first repetto only because it was on 50% sale in the US! Would be interested to see other styles than flats. :)

Pretty Gorgeous said...

Love Love your La Garconne shirt

Anonymous said...

omg gravity pope! when i was 14, around 2002, i went there and bought a pair of john fluevogs. glad to know that store is still around!

:) davy

Conchita said...

i realized i did own repettos... all my pointe shoes were repettos and they were super expensive then. had to buy them in US! but those were the best pointes!

i love the circular display of shoes! yummy!

Anonymous said...

hi MFO! been thinking of getting my first pair but my feet are a little on the wide side do u think these shoes would be appropriate for me? Thanks

cd_mfo said...

@driving spiderman, yes! The ribbons are adjustable! My mom has bunions, hers is that wide, and she loves her Repettos =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks MFO! Looking forward to trying out these babies!

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