Tuesday, August 31, 2010

eebee's Ees the Bees Knees?

Do you let your kids watch TV? I don't really let Berry watch TV, but I suppose if it's an educational show, then I might just let her. I'm still on the fence on this one, but eebee's from Every Baby Company, seems worth considering.

Every Baby Company was founded in 2004 with a simple yet essential mission - to be a catalyst for rich play experiences that: 
  • reflect the latest developmental research
  • engage babies with new ideas through play about how the world works for  babies and babies work in the world
  • and lastly, enhance and encourage meaningful communication, and interaction between children and parents, caregivers, and play partners of all ages
The result is the critically acclaimed eebee’s adventures, an innovative, character- based DVD series, for babies and toddlers, 6 to 36 months old. eebee's adventures are designed to engage parent and baby with rich play experiences that provide powerful lessons, that memorizing letters, numbers, colors and shapes simply can and do not. Because they believe, "Every baby learns by doing."

eebee’s adventure is also the first infant media property based on a research philosophy that the best way for babies to grow and strengthen the skills they need to succeed in life—is to play.

Honestly, I've yet to see an episode of eebee's adventures, but I've read about the eebees approach and it sounds like something I want to know more of. I'll do my research and let you know if it's as good as it sounds.

For those in Manila, eebees is exclusively found in Rustan’s Department Stores in Makati, Shangri-la Mall and Alabang Town Center.

Marc Ecko x Lindsay

Is Lindsay Lohan still relevant? Marck Ecko thinks so! 

LiLo has been chosen to represent the label's Cut & Sew line for fall/winter 2010. Summon the muse at marceckomuse.com

Mulberry for Target

Got these photos from the Gilt pre-sale! Sling bags start at $15, satchels at $35, big satchels $50, not bad eh?

Sling bag in navy/denim ($14.99)

Sling bag in black patent ($14.99)

Satchels look like this:

Comes in regular size ($34.99) and big ($49.99), and in the same navy/denim material too.

Watch out for these October 10,  2010! That's 10/10/10, calendar that!

The Cuteness: BreadTalk + Sanrio Cakes

Wah! I have the cutest and yummiest gift idea! Sanrio cakes from Breadtalk!!!

Look! Hello Kitty!
And Bad Badtzmaru!
According to Isabel Lopez of Gift Gate, you can just walk into any Breadtalk store and get one to enjoy, right away! You may also place an order online.

Just send an email to: breadtalk+sanrio@breadtalk.com.ph, but I suppose you'll also have to pick it up in-store.

Bring one to a party and it'll be a hit for sure!!! Such a yummy, fun cake! I want!

Woodbury Wednesday

Two weeks ago, on a Wednesday, we brought our friends Gretchen and Oliver to Woodbury Common. In case you didn't know, O.M.G! Woodbury Common happens to be the biggest outlet complex in the US. We're talking over 200+ stores, well, 220 to be exact. No kidding. 

It's pretty much become a rite of passage for visiting family and friends to visit Woodbury, because it's a must if you're in the area! I'll take you on a virtual tour, but before we go there, here are some tips:

- Be there around 10 am, on a weekday. Preferably. It won't be crowded, and there will be plenty of parking available. Plus, merchandise will be ripe for the picking! Weekends are ok, but just be prepared to deal with a phalanx of same minded folks out to get some deals!

- Join the VIP club. It's free, by the way! Once you become a member, you can print out a voucher for a coupon booklet, plus more coupons from the website! We're talking 10% to 15% off outlet prices. That adds up to a lot in the long run! Maybe enough to get you another pair of shoes!

- Dress comfortably. Wear clothes that are easy to take off and put on, because hello, there are so many stores to go to, you wouldn't want to waste precious time in the fitting room! I like wearing shorts and sneakers in the summer. A dress that's easy to slip off will do too!

On a side note, heehee, here's my favorite necklace from J. Crew, it's all I've been wearing these days.

- Errrm, leave the kid/s at home? Joke! Hahaha! Just be prepared to keep them occupied, because you will probably spend the whole afternoon, if not the whole day going around doing your shopping. Don't forget to bring a stroller, or rent one by Customer Service at the Food Pavilion while you're there. Even if your kids are happy campers, they'll reach a saturation point, and no amount of bribing may work. Check out Berry throwing a mini-tantrum, hahaha!

- Split up. If you're a large group, it makes sense to just agree on a meeting point after X number of hours. I'd suggest not to stick together because there are so many stores to conquer and you don't want to use up your time in a store you don't really care much about. But then again, it depends. If you prefer to shop together, hey, whatever works!

Now! The best part! Let's shop! I wasn't really able to take a lot of photos inside, but I've diligently written down some of the prices when I could, for your benefit! Arranged in alphabetical order!

Balenciaga. Stocks mostly clothes and shoes. Shoes were decently priced, from $300 to $500, but you know what, they're not exactly comfy. Well, the ones I've tried anyway. If only the shoes were as smooshy as the bags you know?

Barneys. There are lean days, and there are days when the place is just chock-full of the good stuff! Has racks of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Generra and Rag & Bone. Lots and lots of the in-house store label items like shoes and clothes. I've seen C&C California tops for about $30 in the clearance rack. Best deal I've seen here and walked away from, Prada driving shoes for $200+. Oh, and there's a whole section for the men here! Suits and socks and all that.

Bottega Veneta. I'll be honest, I didn't go inside. I'm not in the market for bags, and hello, must avoid temptation. My SIL Leslie went in and reported that the classic woven bags in brown and black were about $1000 to $1500.

Dior. Shoes start at $200+ and go to about $300. Lots of bags to choose from! Plenty of clothing for both men and women. There's plenty of choices here. Wish I could say the same for Chanel a couple of doors down. It was sparse. No, it was practically empty! The lone bag of note there, a tote, was about $2900. The best deals to be found were at Prada. Nylon cosmetic cases were about $100, men's wallets were $200. Canvas tote bags were $350!

Frette. If you dream of sinking into luxury linens each night, then Frette is your heaven! With bed sets starting at $1,000+, that ought to bring you to deep slumber!

J. Crew. Men's shirts start at $30, women's button down shirts are about $45. Needless to say, I bought men's shirts instead. Accessories were pretty cheap, about $20 for necklaces, but not as nice as the ones in store and online. One time I was here, they had the army jacket I wanted, which I bought online during a J. Crew sale. I think the outlet price was cheaper by $10. Then again, how often does one go to an outlet store, right? Right? Come on, agree with me!

Kate Spade. Had a 40% off sale going on while we were there. Lots of nice leather wallets and bags, starting at just $100. Canvas items were much cheaper of course, starting at $45. Sunglasses were about $60. My friends bought all their diaper bags here, I think those were just $95, complete with the changing mat.

L'Occitane. Just in case you want to stock up on toiletries. Gift sets range from $10 to $50. Funny how they sell conditioner ($17) but not the shampoo!

Longchamp. Saw a wall full of Le Pliage totes! Price ranged from $79 to $120, depending on size and length of handle. Lots of leather bags, small accessories like key chains and umbrellas as well.

Loro Piana. Care for a $500 bath robe? Then this is your go to place! Scarves were $300. After seeing these prices, I walked out the door.

Marni. Ooohhh! Love the accessories here! But I didn't bother to ask about prices, it's not like I can afford. Hmph! Remember the sandals I tried on at Neiman Marcus Last Call? They were more expensive here! Like $200 more! So yeah, never mind. They had a solitary balloon bag on display here though!

Theory. Lots of workwear staples, all priced at around $100. There's a sale section in one corner. Prices start at $75. I love Theory, but theoretically speaking, they need to think of folks who want access to the same great cuts, for less.

Tory Burch. Lots of Reva flats, but none in black. They had it in green, orange, brown, and purple for $165 (that's about $30 off retail). Lots of sandals for about the same price. There are totes, tunic tops, all the Tory Burch staples basically, but for less. Personally, I'm not too hot about TB, I've actually eBayed my Revas because I hardly wear them. But if you are into TB, then this one's for you kid!

Tod's. Kiddie Tod's were just $99. I was sorely tempted to buy a pair for Berry, but she'd have to wait 6 more years before she can wear them! Hahaha! Ladies shoes started at $109 and men's shoes were about $200. There were great deals on bags too!  They were 30% to 60% off! Prices started at $459.

Honeys, I've only gotten to just about the tip of the iceberg here. Wish I could write about the remaining 200+ stores, but I have a life. Hihihi. Other stores of note include Le Creuset, Williams-Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, Corelle. Only because I'm into kitchen stuff as well! The boys would love Nike, Under Armour, Brooks Brothers, Cole Haan. Girls, I gotta mention there's American Apparel,  Jimmy Choo, Judith Leiber and Diane von Furstenberg here too! The kiddies will get a blast with Toys "r" Us and  the Disney Store. 

Whew! Now I'm tired. You know what, for the full list of stores, just check it out here!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

There's That Necklace Again

Mrs. O wearing the Carrington crystal bow necklace I've always wanted from J. Crew.

Leave Your Heart in San Francisco

Anthology recently launched their San Francisco Collection, which you may also call, marshmallows for your feet! San Franciscos are made of soft, genuine leather and a footbed that feels like, you guessed it, marshmallows!

Now here's the yummier part! You can win a pair of these San Frans in your color of choice! 

Just post a photo of you in your Anthology Shoes (any style of shoe as long as it's Anthology!) + fab outfit du jour on Anthology's Facebook wall.

Photo that best shows COMFORT + STYLE wins!

Contest starts NOW. Winner on September 4, 2010!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Asstastic! Levi's Curve ID

Have you seen the movie Couples Retreat? There's that scene there where Jason Bateman breaks into Vince Vaughn's home, which triggers the alarm, and Vince had to  tell the security alarm guy his password - "Asstastic". I was thinking, how does one come up with such a nonsensical word and where the hell does one use that?! Well, now I know.

Last Thursday, I went to SoHo to attend the launch of Levi's Curve ID at the Levi's store on Broadway, upon the invitation of Melissa Ladines-Mejia, women's publicity manager for Levi's.

And that's where it dawned on me, if you want your ass to look fantastic, then Levi's Curve ID jeans is what's asstastic! Thanks to Levi's they just changed the way us girls shop for jeans. Curve ID focuses on shape, not size. So instead of just going, ok, I want dark blue skinny jeans, size 25, you get to choose a fit that suits your body type. So you're either a slight curve, demi curve or bold curve:

Apparently, these three fits were developed after Levi’s studied more than 60,000 body scans and spoke with women around the world of all shapes and sizes.

So yeah, these three gorgeous models here, they all look great right? But each one is wearing a Curve ID jean that best suits her body type!

So anyhoo, with a DJ blasting out music and cups of Pinkberry circulating about...

Maggie, my fit specialist, educated me on Curve ID's unique fit system:

So here's how we figure out which fit suits us best. Basically, a string with two tape measures dangling on the sides, is tied around our waist:

Maggie measured my first hip, as well as my second hip, and just like that, she declared I was a demi curve!

She asked me if I wanted straight, skinny or bootcut, and I decided on some skinny jeans. She then led me to this wall of denims! All skinny demi curves! I felt like a kid in a candy store! So many washes, I had a hard time figuring out which one I wanted!

Since I have a ton of blue denims, I went for a gray one, and just when I was a tad bit disappointed that the inseam was 34", which meant I had to have it hemmed, Maggie immediately handed a 25x30" to me! Amazing! She then said that they do have demi curve skinnies in 24" but they were only available online. I then headed off to the fitting room, where a mountain of denims sat on a table:

After a 10 minute wait, with a line 5 people deep, I got into a fitting room and et voila!

Flatters and perfects!

The 25 skinny demi curves didn't fit like skinny skinny jeans that cling to the legs like second skin, but I loved this fit! It was snug around the hips and didn't gap at the waist. And I liked it that they just slightly skimmed into a slim silhoutte. Not to mention, the gray color is just so perfect!

I may have missed out on the cupcakes served that evening, but the great music, Pinkberry, and a great pair of well fitting denims courtesy of Levi's was more than I could ever ask for! Thanks Melissa!  And it was great meeting you too Mason! I should have brought Berry with me! (Mason is just one day older than Berry! How cute is that?!)

Girls (sorry guys, no Curve ID for you yet!) it's been a while since I've worn Levi's and thanks to Curve ID, Levi's is all I've been wearing since I got my demi curves! If you want to find out more about which fit suits your shape, go to your nearest Levi's store and get a fit specialist to find the perfect one for you!

If you've given up on wearing denims because you never seem to find one that flatters, remember in Curve IDs...

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