Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Kahone Art Giveaway! CLOSED

Kahone's Buwan ng Wika August Box

Before the month ends, Kahone and I would like to end it with a giveaway! TWO Winners get to win a Kahone Box of their choice (subject to availability)!

This is because August is a special month at KaHone as they celebrate Kahone Founder Mommy Lani's birthday! 

Not only that, they are also launching their new home online

The website lists all the available stock and info for our convenience. Ordering and payment is straighforward and automated. Customers can choose to create an account for easy order tracking, with member benefits coming real soon! Or we can also order as a guest, if preferred. 

As a special treat until SEPTEMBER 15, all orders via the website will get 10% OFF with the coupon NEWSITE

To take part in the giveaway, simply join using the Rafflecopter widget below: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
1. Like Kahone FB page
2. Follow @kahone_art on Instagram
3. Share or repost the new website post (cowracter in a hard hat and his new home) on Facebook, Instagram or both.

Post must be public so we can verify. Open to residents of the Philippines only. Entries are accepted until September 7, 2014.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Turn Your “Kalat” to Cash at OLX

A few months back, I tackled the gargantuan task of sorting out my pile of documents that I’ve been meaning to file, bags and boxes of gifts (some were actually wedding presents kept in my parents’ storage, eeek!), abubuts and such. 

I had a hard time going through all these because to me, my kalat weren’t just any ordinary household “kalat”, which is how my husband saw them as. 

Actually, most were treasures, so it wasn’t just a matter of deciding between “keep” or “toss”. 

I meant to keep most of them and I did end up putting them away inside cabinets that have been cleared up. 

Still, I am all too familiar with how unused things can suddenly turn into a mountain of “stuff” that just overwhelms – clothes, unused shoes, appliances, old golf clubs, tennis racquets, vintage suitcases, the list can go on really. 

Sadly, I can’t say the same thing about space. Kalat piles up, but unless you have a warehouse in your backyard, you could be labeled a hoarder in no time. 

Thankfully, and as a popular saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and this is where garage sales, flea markets, antique shops, auction houses and websites such as (aka the old enter the picture. 

I have friends who have sold old cars at, unused athletic equipment, even furniture, and just in a matter of days! You’d think no one would be interested but people are always in the hunt for a bargain, you’ll be surprised at what people are open to buying as long as it’s a good deal.

Seriously, there’s cash to made from trash, and if you’re gonna make money off of it, it’s always better that everything goes straight to your pocket. Cut out the middleman, and do the selling yourself. It’s really easy! 

Check out to see what I mean!

While at it, sing with me! Heehee!

Halina at tayo'y magbenta, Sa OLX ka pumunta, 
Ang hindi na ginagamit, Cellphone, TV o damit, Ibenta na sa OLX. 

Ipahayag mo sa mundo, ang gamit na ibebenta mo. 
Magbawas ng kalat sa bahay, I feel good at gumaan ang buhay. 

Come and join me, it’s for everybody. Just Post- Usap- Deal, believe me it’s that easy, 
Simple lang at mabilis gamitin,Thank you po, next time, sa uulitin! 

Halina at tayo'y magbenta, Sa OLX ka pumunta, 
Ang hindi na ginagamit, Cellphone, TV o damit, Ibenta na sa OLX.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy Skin Lippies and ZZs

Moisturizing lippies and a coverage cream that zaps zits while making our skin look flawless. 

Sounds like dream products, right?

Well, they're for real!

A few weeks ago, I met Rissa Trillo and Jacqe Gutierrez of Happy Skin at the launch of their new lip colors for their extremely popular Shut Up & Kiss Me line of lippies, plus their game changing The Happy Skin Zit Zapper Second Skin Cream aka ZZ Cream.

Over refreshing glasses of grapefruit juice and a sumptuous Chinese lauriat, we got to chat with the Happy Skin founders Rissa & Jacqe, makeup artist Sophie Uy and dermatologist Dr. Raissa Pasion about beauty products that work as skin care too!

Which is super exciting for me. See, I have the weirdest lips. Its like lipstick won't stick to it. Even if I drink lots of water, it's on perpetual shedding mode. I have to rub my lips with a towel just to get the flakes off.

Whenever I use popular lipstick brands, they just suck the moisture out of my lips, and the color fades away as if they were never there. I've come to use lip pencils as lipsticks, because this was the only way to make color stay, but thankfully, I found my match with Happy Skin's Shut Up & Kiss Me.

L to R: Shut Up & Kiss Me's new hues - Playing Footsie, Just Say Yes, and Honeymoon Glow

Infused with shea butter & collagen, I love how Shut Up & Kiss Me glides on like lip gloss, moisturizes like lip balm, and the colors don't disappear in a flash!

Top to Bottom: Shut Up & Kiss Me in Honeymoon Glow, Playing Footsie, Just Say Yes

These three new lippie shades, I have to stress, work across all spectrums of lip tones and skin color. They've been tried, tested and trusted. 

I first saw Honeymoon Glow on Sophie and loved it on her, but expected it was going to look dark on me. I was pleasantly surprised that Honeymoon Glow looked so natural on my lips, like a nude that just blended with my lip tone and gave it a slightly pinkish hue. 

Dr. Pasion meanwhile shed light on our skin care issues and concerns.

Many women resort to makeup to hide skin flaws, not realizing, they are aggravating their skin's condition by covering it up. Not so with Happy Skin's silicone-free Zit Zapper Second Skin Cream, which is especially formulated for those with acne prone and sensitive skin. .

It sounds Dr. Suess stupendous, but Dr. Pasion swears by it.

She says it truly works. After all, it's packed with grapefruit extracts that work as an anti-oxidant, yoghurt extract that minimizes acne bumps and brightens skin, and salicylic acid that takes care of treating the zits.

Rissa, who happens to have flawless skin, says she's personally tried their ZZ Cream, and finds that it also works great on her, and is actually a wonderful mattifier. 

Yes, it only comes in one shade, but Jacqe, who is chinita, and Rissa, who is morena, both agree that this one shade blends naturally on their skin, there was no need to come up with more.

I'd have to agree, I've seen it for myself. These new products truly put the Happy in Skin, and Happy Skin deserves all the buzz they are getting.

Happy Skin is available at Rustan's Makati and Shangri-la, as well as Beauty Bar and select Plains & Prints stores and online. For more on Happy Skin, visit their website and Follow @happyskin_ph on Twitter and Instagram.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Il Ponticello's Back! (This Time You Can Bring the Whole Fam)

Because I have always been a lola at heart, and would rather read a book, leaf through Vogue, or critique the fashion in an MTV music video than go out at night (this was during the dial-up internet days, in my early 20s) I wasn't much of a regular at Il Ponticello, or "Ponti" as everyone likes to call it.

But when my friends could manage to pull me out at 10 in the evening to go out, we would somehow end up there, even to just drop by for a quick drink.

I have actually come to forever associate the place with smoke and a room full of happily inebriated people standing and talking, or rather shouting into each other's ears.

I don't even remember how it actually looked like, if there were any seats at all. And not because I was buzzed, drunk or anything. Honestly, I'd rather spend on shoes than a drink I'll end up puking out.

So it is very clear in my head that the place was always shoulder to shoulder crowded, smoky and dark. Very dark. A great ploy to bump into somebody you were crushing on actually, come to think of it.

It was a whole lot darker than this, which is Ponti's new lounge area today by the way.

So when my mommy group decided to celebrate our send off for our friend Jenny Reyes aka My Mommyology at her in laws' Il Ponticello, the first thing that popped into my head was the smoke and packed room.

"It's different now, it's a gastropub, with good Italian food!" Jenny said.

The mention of good food to 30 something moms, is like telling your 20 something friends that there's an open bar.

Of course, everybody made arrangements to leave the kids at home on a week night, with the perfect excuse to the husbands, "Jenny is leaving in 4 days!"

Of course, some of us, I shall not name names, were also secretly hoping to sneak in a few drinks. Hahaha. Successful naman.

the Ponti Spritz

And the food, as Jenny promised, was excellent! I don't have the actual photos because my photos came out too blurry from lack of light, but Ponti is indeed now a full-fledged restaurant with appetizers, pasta, pizza, main courses, dessert and all.

Penne Pomodoro Salsiccia 

Pizza Maccelaio

Rack of Lamb 

Lasagna Carbonara

You can in fact go to Ponti during lunch with your parents and kids, and they'd have no idea that you spent a portion of your drunken youth there.

Great to know Ponti's back. Why not invite the gang for old time's sake? Get those arteries pumped up with cholesterol from the porchetta, instead of the usual alcohol. Or both. Because you can. Hey, why not.

Il Ponticello
Second Floor, Antel Corporate Center
121 Valero Street, Near V.A. Rufino Street
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Tel: +632 5539971, +63 9497608731

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Preview of Tod's Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

brightly colored Tod's Pin Gommino moccasins for F/W 2014

Tod's continues to push the envelope for Fall/Winter 2014, with Alessandra Facchinetti's second collection for the label called "Italian Set"

While the clothes made from laser-cut leather are gorgeous, they are not exactly weather appropriate for our kind of clime, so can I just wax poetic about F/W 2014 shoes and a tiny D-cube bag that is the epitome of cute?

For the coming season, the classic Gommino moccasins are reincarnated with a safety pin like gold buckle, also in white, powdery blue and the lightest of blush, apart from the bright ones I showed earlier.

These heeled sandals will start the ball rolling for Tod's F/W 2014 series of shoe hits. One look, and you'll fall in love! These will look fantastic with A-line midi skirts, even plain 'ol pencil skirts.

These knee-high boots have that throwback to the 70s vibe. Glamorous and guaranteed to keep your gams warm.

Like Tod's moccasins, these ballerina flats will forever be here to stay. You'd want them in all colors too.

Now these loafers are the same ones I spotted in Issue #4 of Porter Magazine. The leftmost one, paired with a sorbet colored jacket and peach pants from Gucci is enough to convince any woman that these are closet must haves.

These pull on booties meanwhile, straddle the fine divide between practical and cool. Imagine this with super skinny jeans, a silk shirt and a boucle cocoon coat. Or even just an oversized sweater. I can totally see Alexa Chung rocking this.

As for the bags, the traditional D-Cube bag gets jazzed up with geometric patterns, or come in two-toned mink.

You'd kind of want to hug your bag tight when it's freezing, not just to protect your valuables but also because they look so perfect to snuggle into.

But I've got to say, I will willingly skip the bags for these adorable mini D-Cubes.

It can work as a coin purse, or some kind of minaudiere that can fit  a card, cash, lipstick and your keys perhaps. Your little girl wouldn't be able to resist playing with it too, I betcha.

In the Philippines, Tod's is exclusively distributed by Store Specialists, Inc. (SSI) and are available at Tod's boutiques in Greenbelt 4, Rustan's Makati, and Rustan's Tower Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Karimadon Brides: The Karimadon Bridal Collection

A gown from Karimadon Brides

There are two elements I think that are most important in weddings - the fashion (gowns and suits) and the food. But between the two, I'd rather spend on food. Guests will oooh and coo over a gorgeous gown, but feed them bad food, and they'll forget about that gown and remember the bad meal. Promise. 

For my own wedding, my gown was my dream gown, but it did not cost a fortune. I told my designer, my friend Debbie Co, that I had a budget of Php50,000 (this was way back in 2008) and she did her best to come out with a Grecian inspired silk chiffon confection that was just as I imagined. It was beautiful, and also such a great deal.

So when Donna Cuna-Pita of Cosmopolitan Philippines invited me to the launch of Karimadon Brides, I just had to go.  Especially since my friend Karen Wu, whose mom, Auntie Josie, founded Karimadon in the 80s, told me that their new line was going to be a great option for Filipina brides, given that there's a dearth of choices here. 

Designer bridal gowns are either ridiculously expensive, or very affordable, but not that great. Karimadon Brides was going to be the middle ground, offering both in-house and designer gowns at a price that won't make a soon-to-be bride's eyes pop.

Apart from bridal gowns, Karimadon Brides offers entourage gowns, as well as gowns for wedding guests. 

a bridesmaid gown from the Eric de los Santos for Kariadon Brides collection

This makes Karimadon not just the place to go for everyday, work, party and special occasions wear, but also for important life milestone such as one's own wedding.

I'm sharing with you some photos I took from the launch at Raffles Hotel Makati.

These two gowns are from the in-house Karimadon Brides collection, elegant with a Vera Wang vibe. If I remember right, the prices for this particular collection will not go over Php50,000.

Then there's the Limited Edition Collection by Eric Delos Santos. A favorite of celebrities, beauty queens and personalities, Eric has come up with 7 wedding gowns and 7 entourage gowns for Karimadon Brides.

Eric with three of his seven wedding gowns designed exclusively for Karimadon Brides

According to Eric, it was easy to say yes to Karimadon, "It’s a Bridal Collaboration! Which is my favorite line of design for women!” he gushed.

The price range for an Eric de los Santos for Karimadon Brides wedding gown will be priced slightly higher, going up to Php70,000 for a fully embellished style with crystals and sequins. Still reasonable for a wedding gown I think.

According to Eric and Karen, while the gowns are ready to wear, and available off the rack, they offer special alteration services to ensure a perfect fit for each customer. Customers may also select their own colors from available choices to better suit their wedding themes.

Again, a huge congratulations to Karen, Eric and Auntie Josie for their game changing bridal concept! If the US has Kleinfeld, David's Bridal, J. Crew Wedding, and BHLDN, now there's Karimadon Brides for the Filipina bride on a budget!

Karimadon Brides wedding gowns are now available in Glorietta, Ayala Fairview Terraces, SM Megamall, Robinson’s Galleria and Ermita stores. 

The initial release of the wedding gowns from the Eric de los Santos for Karimadon Brides collection will be available at the above mentioned Karimadon stores starting this September with a second release in November. 

The entourage gowns from the Eric Delos Santos for Karimadon Brides collection will be available starting September 2014 in Glorietta 1, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, Robinsons Galleria and Ermita Manila stores.  

For more information about Karimadon Brides, visit, Like their Facebook page:, and follow @karimadonph on Twitter and Instagram

Monday, August 18, 2014

UCB SALE + New Collection in Stores Now!

If you are on the hunt for great deals on basics, corporate wear, weekend bags and cute flats, you must check out the United Colors of Benetton SALE!

Most everything is at 50% OFF, with pique polo shirts like the one above at just Php897+.

These flats are less than Php1000, down from Php1995!

These summery canvas totes are Php1275.

These sturdy backpacks are Php1775.

A navy knit top that would look great with white pants or shorts is down to Php1275 from Php2550. Doubles as a maternity top too, for preggos like me.

For those who need work in a corporate setting, and need polished but easy to wear dresses, you're in for a steal! 

These shift dresses are about Php2125.

Just pair this knit dress with a pearl necklace, and you're all set for an important meeting at Php1475.

This asymmetrical jersey dress with sequins on the shoulders is down to Php1325.

The New Collection is worth checking out of course! Expect breezy and colorful jersey dresses...

Fun ribboned flats...

Wedge espadrilles, Php2250 only!

These colorful printed pouches would make great gifts this Christmas! Hoard na!

But my favorite of the lot are these linen t-shirts in neon colors.

Isabel Marant linen shirts are like $100. These pure linen shirts are just Php1450.

I have the orange, because I needed the orange t-shirt for Berry's school activity, and we needed to wear her class color, but I am feeling the itch to get the hot pink one too!

Score a great deal on the SALE or find a new fave from the current collection at United Colors of Benetton:

UCB Trinoma
L2,2035 Trinoma, EDSA Corner N Ave
Quezon City
Tel: +632 901 3545

UCB Robinsons Galleria
G/F, Ortigas Centre
Pasig City, 1605

UCB Megamall
2nd Level 205, SM Megamall
EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Ave.
Mandaluyong, 1550 Tel: +632 6347952

UCB Robinson's Ermita
1st Level Midtown
Robinson's Place
Ermita, Manila
Tel: +632 2320051

UCB High Street 
Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel: +632 8562551

UCB Cebu
Level 1
Ayala Center Cebu
Cebu City
Tel: +632 22320051
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