Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here's to 2011 Blog Giveaway!

Okidoki dearies, in the spirit of the holiday season, here's a little something something for all my readers based in the Philippines! As with online flash sale sites, this giveaway is only on until December 31!

One lucky reader will get all these:

1 J.Crew reusable canvas tote - got this at Woodbury Common while on a personal buying spree, heehee. Got one for myself, and another one for one lucky reader =) We're going to be J.Crew canvas bag twins!
(FYI: not the exact same design, but something similar to this!)

1 Marc Jacobs leopard print keychain - something I got at Bookmarc on Bleecker Street, a week or so after it opened, while doing research for a story I wrote for The Radar.

1 Belle de Jour 2011 Power Planner (for her) - because we all need to start the year right by being organized!

1 Navi Life Navigator 2011 Planner (for him) - because your man/brother/guy friend/cousin or whoever you want to give this to, needs a planner in his life too!

While another lucky reader will get:

A set of 2011 Belle de Jour and Navi Planners!

I wish I could throw in more prizes because I know you honeyz deserve more!  I've been meaning to throw a blog giveaway since I was in the US (I know, that was months ago already!), but demands of real life always take over and I just kept pushing this to a later date, and man, I have only these to show! Sigh. But enough excuses, the giveaway's on! Here's how to join:

Just leave a comment and tell me:

1. Your name, age and your favorite labels and/or places to shop at (in the interest of "consumer research" heehee)
2. What do you like best about my blog?
3. What would you like to read more of here?

Don't forget to leave an email address!

If you follow me @cd_mfo on Twitter, tweet about it, say anything! Just add the hashtag #MFO2010giveaway, that's an extra entry! =)

I will announce the winners on December 31, 2010.

Thank you for reading my blog all these years. Come along with me as we welcome 2011 with joyful anticipation - I am sure there are more places to see, books to share, labels to love, interesting people to read about, and stuff to obsess on this coming year! Woohoo! ;)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Smaller Pores and More For...

Larees and Mrs. Fong!

Both of you win an Aquasana shower filter each!

Please email your contact information to so I can coordinate with you on how you can claim your prize!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Regatta Photo Contest

Deadline is on December 31, 2010.

For more details, check out the Regatta Getaways Holiday Photo Contest Page on Facebook!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Gift Idea + Blog Giveaway: Aquasana Shower Filters

Have you ever dreamed of bathing yourself or your kid in Evian or Vittel day in and day out? Especially if you're a mom like me, I am pretty sure you've considered that. Frances, my new friend in Singapore mentioned that some parents bathe their kids in spring or purified water, just because they want to be sure that the water that gets into contact with their child's skin and mouth is clean.

Think that's extreme? Tell that to a parent of a kid with a sensitive tummy. I was almost about to succumb to ordering bottles of purified water when Berry got a bout with diarrhea some weeks back. If only the cost wasn't so prohibitive! So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I got an email from Kris de Guzman of Aquasana water and shower filters. Finally, filtered water from the shower taps!

Kris, a self-confessed OC mom and clean freak, who also happens to pen a blog called OC Mom in Manila - about all her obsessions and compulsions (OC nga eh! Heehee!) - first discovered the beauty benefits of shower filters while visiting family in Canada, "I thought it was because of the Canadian air but my sister-in-law said it was because of their shower filter. It filters out chlorine and other harmful metals from the tap water, which can cause your hair and skin to dry."

But as it turned out, when it comes to shower filters, beauty is just skin deep. Kris says, "It was the beauty aspect that reeled me in at first (her pores became smaller and her hair softer) but as I researched about the product, I found out that it was actually a product for the whole family’s health."

So more than just smaller pores and softer hair, Kris shares that she used it to bathe her 2 year old (who rarely gets sick now) and customers have written her to say they were so pleased with the product because of reasons ranging from  less freckles to thicker hair, to relief from skin asthma.

Prices start at Php 3,850 for the standard shower filter and various water filtering products are available at the Aquasana online store. If you use the referral code "manilafashionobserver", you get a 10% cash rebate upon delivery of product (either by check or bank deposit):

Personally, I think this will make a great gift for parents, a vain friend or your sister with kids! It's practical and the price is reasonable. I mean, if I didn't get one from Kris, I would be over the moon if I were to receive this as a gift if it means thicker hair for the hubby, smaller pores for me, and healthy skin and a happy tummy for Berry!

And because Christmas is near, Kris (Merry Krismas!) is sponsoring this week's blog giveaway! That means, you can actually win an Aquasana shower filter of your own (but hey, up to you if you want to give it as a gift)! We are giving away a standard shower filter to 2 (TWO) lucky readers! How?

Just leave a comment and tell us why you want to win a shower filter,
and who would benefit from it most!

Contest is open only to readers based in the Philippines. We will accept entries until December 24 and  we will announce the winner by December 25, 2010. Meanwhile, I shall take a shower na. Smaller pores and nice hair, here I come!

As for you darlings, send your entries ha!


chambray shirt: Old Navy, belt: J.Crew, jeans: J Brand, boots: Jeffrey Campbell (Pixie)

Well, ok I managed to sneak in a solo outfit shot while trying on clothes at Myth, but the lighting was dark. Heehee. Hay, I wonder when I can a get a good shot to share with you dearies!

I Will Show You Why...

...I have no outfit posts.

Because a little girl we all know very well has been asking me to document her outfits. Each morning, after she takes a bath and dresses up, she points at her Dada's camera, insisting that I take her photo. She thinks taking outfit shots is just a normal every day thing, yikes! Apparently, she's been observing my every move, heehee!

Wearing a top from Auntie Frances & Alexa, Gap jeans from Ate Carissa Carale

Zara top from Ninang Aileen and Gingersnaps harem pants from Auntie Kaye

Gingersnaps top and random leggings from Grandma & Grandpa. I promise you, all these, particularly that last shot, she posed all by herself without any direction from me!

Meanwhile, all I have to show you are my attempts at getting a decent shot of my mommy outfits, because Berry won't let me be, hahaha! (Mommy, baduy ka naman! Ako na lang!)

Me: H&M top, Levi's Curve ID jeans, Toms
Berry: Zara dress from Tita Dianne, Saltwater sandals

Me: A.P.C. top, Old Navy shorts, Sperry Top-siders
Berry: top from Auntie Frances & Alexa, Gap jeans from Tito Ver

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Tokidoki at SM: Totes, Toys and More!

Still looking for Christmas gifts for your little sister, niece, goddaughter or kawaii-obsessed friend? Look no further! Tokidoki has new bags and small accessories out with the cutest Unicorn Tokidoki charm!

There are ten styles out now at the Tokidoki section of SM Makati, which comes in 3 new colorways! 2 prints - Fumetto and Americana, and 1 solid black - called Pantera!

Bello Handbag (Americana print, also comes in Pantera)

Tokidoki Amore Cross Body (Americana print, also comes in Pantera)
Tokidoki Carino Cross Body (Americana print, also comes in Pantera)

Tokidoki Miscela Tote (Americana print, also comes in Pantera)

Tokidoki Vivace Backpack (Americana print)

Tokidoki Dolci Hobo (Fumetto print, also comes in Americana and Pantera)

Tokidoki Felice Hobo (Americana print, also comes in Pantera)

Tokidoki Ritmo (Americana print, also comes in Pantera)

Rosetto Cosmetic Case (Americana print)

I've got to say, these Bacietto Totes are my faves though, because I just love totes! It also helps that these are priced so well. I can't remember how much, I think Php 3,975 maybe less, basta, mura lang for a Tokidoki bag!

Tokidoki Bacietto Tote (Bacietto print)

Tokidoki Bacietto Tote (Savana in Paris print)

If your budget is at less than Php300 per person though, then Tokidoki Frenzies (which can be used as a cellphone charm or zipper pull) make the most adorable, yet pocket friendly (and pocket-sized) gifts!

In Manila, Tokidoki is available at the Tokidoki section on the Ground Floor of SM Makati (near the entrance facing Hotel Intercon).

Walking on Easy eTreet

If you're a hardcore bargain hunter, or you just get a kick out of getting a sweet deal on products and services, then eTreet is for you! While Groupon is set to launch in the Philippines soon (yes it's true, it's been confirmed by Groupon's PR person herself to me), Pinoys need not wait for a chance to get discounted treats, when eTreet is here!

According to Catherine Aquino of eTreet, eTreet is a group buying site put up by herself and her partners who are all housewives. They thought that since they spend a lot of time in front of the computer, they might as well put their interest to good use. Now, being a housewife myself, I can relate. I surf the net to look for things to obsess about and in the process, I started this blog to talk about my fashion and lifestyle choices. Meanwhile, Catherine and friends? They put up a business. Now why didn't I think of making and saving money instead of spending? Hahaha! But seriously, this group has your self-interest in mind too!

Take for instance today's Treat:

That's 50% off a meal right there for you! Now, how does one get in on snagging such sort of savings? Let me show you:

So yeah, there's a slight catch. A certain number of Treats need to be purchased for the discount to take into effect. But that only means, there is power in numbers! That being said, tell your frugal friends and what the heck, the spendthrifts as well, that it's time to give themselves, eTreet!

To learn more about eTreet, visit their site and "Like" them on Facebook

Friday, December 10, 2010

plain + simple at Rockwell's Moonlit Bazaar

Easy, that’s always how menswear was supposed to be. Back in the day, closets were stocked with nothing but the basics - think oxford shirts, tailored shorts, chinos, and not much else. Plain, simple, and devilishly handsome; they made for killer combinations every single time. Not much has changed since then, so today, we pay homage to the essentials that have made every man look good decade after decade. Same basic formula, same dashing results. plain + simple, just as menswear was always supposed to be.

So goes the premise of designing couple Bobby Sangalang and AC Irasusta's budding menswear line - fittingly called, plain + simple.

According to Bobby, "The idea behind the whole project is that we wanted to provide guys basic pieces that they can mix and match and look good in no matter what combo they put on."

That being said, check out some pieces as seen in their look book, taken by Your Evil Twin (who happens to take photos the old school way) on the streets of Cubao (I am actually feeling a Band of Outsiders vibe here...)

Their line consists of the classics, pieces like oxford shirts, checkered shirts, tailored shorts, and chinos. And as all stylish men know, the secret is always in the fit. And that my dears, is what plain + simple focused on - getting the right fit for each piece. So don't expect a vast array of colors and prints, it's all about the fit, ok?

If you have a brother, or significant other whom you've been forever trying to convince to get rid of their slouchy cargo shorts and holey t-shirts, just tell them, plainly and simply, "There's plain + simple to your rescue!"

Better yet, don't wait for these guys to step out of their sartorial stupor. Join me as I take the initiative of buying something for my dear brother who I feel needs to get his act together (he's MFO's bro, for cying out loud!). plain + simple will be at Rockwell's Moonlit Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent starting today, December 10 tp December 12 from 12nn to 12mn on each day. 

For more on plain + simple, link to their official Facebook page here!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Vita Fede’s Anniversary Sale!

To mark its one-year presence in the Philippines, Vita Fede, the luxury accessories line that is frequently seen on high profile celebrities is teaming up with for a three-day exclusive online sale from December 8 to 10.

A staple in the wardrobe of Hollywood A-listers such as Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Katherine Heigl, Lindsay Lohan, Emmy Rossum, Olivia Palermo, Fergie and Jessica Biel, Vita Fede is also a favorite among Manila’s fashionable celebrities including Ruffa Gutierrez, Georgina Wilson, Anne Curtis and Kris Aquino. Known for attention to detail, Vita Fede is committed to using only the finest materials and techniques. The pieces are all hand manufactured by the same skilled artisans tapped by Fendi, Gucci, YSL and Dior, who are very particular about their craftsmanship, making the items very covetable pieces.

As a way of thanking everyone who supported Vita Fede’s launch in the Philippines, selected pieces will be sold at very special prices--as much as 35% off regular retail prices from 12:01AM on December 8 to 11:59PM on December 10 with StyleBible’s The Mall playing host to this exclusive sale event. is the online counterpart of Preview magazine, the Philippines' best-selling fashion magazine. Like the glossy, the site focuses on the latest in local and global fashion, the newest in beauty, and the hottest around, including special deals and discounts such as this.

“I'm incredibly excited about Vita Fede's online sale, which will be hosted by StyleBible's The Mall as it will be our first online selling event. I know many fashionistas who'd love to get their hands on a few of their accessories and the fact they'll be selling at a big discount is a huge plus. My only tip is to really mark the dates on your calendars to make sure you don't miss out!” says Isha Andaya, managing editor.

Vita Fede Marketing Manager, Sharlene Tan says “The pieces will only be sold at special prices during those three days, afterwhich they will go back up to their original retail prices. Items will be very limited so make it a point to bookmark the site and log on early on December 8 so you’ll get the best deals. This is the perfect time to shop for Christmas gifts for very special people on your list.”

For more information, email Vita Fede at or log on to The Mall at

Friday, December 03, 2010

Cambridge Satchels Coming to Manila Soon!

Photo via

Yes! You read that right! The schu ladies Ruby & Jayjay, my friend Naomi, and myself have made it possible for you to get your very own Cambridge Satchel! Because we've got a shipment coming by JANUARY 2011, and will be available at schu shops!

The thing is, quantities are extremely limited, and I am afraid that with our friends and family alone, who have been bugging us daily about them, we might run out of stock before February rolls around.

So, we figured, we'll be taking orders for the next shipment as early as now! Hmmm, let's see. It takes 4 weeks to produce and a couple more weeks to ship out, so these will be coming in by March 2011. You've got all the time to save up, even though honestly, these all-leather bags are so well-priced, you don't really need to count your pennies ya know! We don't have landed cost as of yet, but just to give you an idea, we'll be pricing these at less than Php 10,000 per bag (could be much less but def not over), so no worries about spending too much!

Ok, for those interested in pre-ordering here's how it goes! Send an email with your name, email address and contact number to (or leave a comment, we won't publish your info, promise) with the following info:

Bag Type: satchel/batchel/music bag
Size (applies only to satchels): 11"/13"/14"/15"
Color: Green/Dark Brown/Chestnut/Purple/Black/Red/Navy/Yellow
Personalization (extra charges apply): Embossing (silver/gold/blind + letters/initials) and/or Enamel School Badges

Now, enjoy these photos from Urban Outfitters and imagine yourself carrying your very own Cambridge Satchel. See if these don't make you want one, stat!

To help you decide on sizing, colors, and personalization, click HERE!

PS - For those who aren't ready to commit yet, but are mulling over getting one, we're curious, what color and size would you like? Leave a comment, let us know!
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