Monday, September 30, 2013

Hair Free Diary: Leg Hair Laser Removal, Session 1

Before Wink Laser & Wax Studio, getting my unwanted hair removed via laser was something I would never consider. First, the cost put me off. Second, salons offering reasonably priced laser services didn't look assuring enough.

Thanks to Wink's owner Holly Chang & beauty blogger Liz Lanuzo, who invited me to check out Wink just when it opened, my entire perspective changed.

I like well-designed spaces (Buensalido+Architects designed, no less). The fact that it was super clean and spotless, without being clinical, was another come on. Plus, of course, I got a great deal on 2 underarm diode sessions via Deal Grocer, which kind of sealed the deal for me to continue with my underarm laser hair removal "project".

The Alma Soprano Accord, for relatively pain free laser hair removal! 

I have had 4 sessions to date, with 4 more to go. So far, I am quite happy with the results. My underarm hair has considerably lessened, and hair growth has been slower and thinner. 

I found that while the initial laser sessions were more like I was being tickled aggressively, I have been feeling the heat with the last two ones. My laser therapist says as the sessions progress, they need to increase the energy to really disable follicles from producing more hair. But the great news is, no burned skin whatsoever!

Having seen promising results so far, I've just gotten my lower leg hair lasered as well. I am honestly sick of being forced to wear pants or leggings during days when I am too lazy to shave, heehee.
The laser room at Wink 

To assure you that laser hair removal really isn't something to be feared, I am sharing with you the blow by blow on laser hair removal. To make it less mysterious. Hahaha!

First things first, my laser therapist laid out all the tools she needed to start on a session: disposable razor, protective goggles for me and for herself, sanitizing and cleaning liquids, cotton balls, etc.

After wiping down the leg to clean and sanitize it, the hair on my legs, which were actually more like stubbles, were shaved off.

Cold gel was then applied on one leg first.

The right amount of energy is set on the machine, and the laser hand piece with "Sapphire Chill Tip" (to keep skin constantly cool) is applied to the target area.

It just takes a couple of minutes, and the feeling I got was not painful, but not exactly pleasant either. I'd say it's a fair enough feeling considering how my leg hair follicles were zapped to kingdom come.

After repeating the same for the other leg, the therapist applied a cream to prevent itching and redness, it was probably anti-bacterial too. I was not really paying attention anymore after a back to back underarm and leg hair laser removal session haha. But I remembered not to wet the area for 6-8 hours.

It has been over a week since I had this done, and so far, leg hair is growing slower than usual. Also noticed bald spots in some areas.  My therapist said I should expect hair to fall off by the 4th week. So looking forward to that! 

Will keep you posted!

PS - Laser leg hair removal for lower legs at Wink is Php5,000 per session. Should take about 4 sessions to see full effect.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

SM Toon Fest 2013: A Recap of Berry's Street Style

With Toon Fest 2013 season coming to a close, here's sharing with you the street style looks Berry & I came up with, using pieces from SM Kids Fashion mixed with our other go to labels.

This is Berry's super favorite, her Minnie Mouse outfit.

Minnie Mouse t-shirt, Minnie Mouse leggings, Girls Edition black tutu skirt all from SM Kids. Tip Toey Joey mary janes 

I love how girly and fun this one is.

vintage-inspired floral print dress from Snoopy at SM Kids, classic Levi's denim jacket and Feiyue sneakers 

Although this one is something I would wear myself too, so I'd say this is my favorite haha.

army jacket from Gingersnaps, striped shirt from H&M, Garfield tuxedo stripe leggings from SM Kids Fashion and booties from a costume for her school program 

These two are fun outfits that Berry put together herself.

pink Babiators, a t-shirt from Pois Belly & Kids, Barbie leggings from SM Kids Fashion and Salt-water Sandals 

Tommy Hilfiger shirt from Ninang Tots & Ninong Ches Yu, leggings from Ninang Ruby Gan, Disney Fairies skirt from SM Kids Fashion, wings & wand from H&M, flower headpiece from Auntie Leona Panutat and Auntie Charlene Carlos, Salt-water Sandals 

While this one is again something I would wear myself, heeee.

Xavi's button down shirt by Carter's, Disney Princess floral print pants at SM Kids Fashion, Salt-water sandals and a strawberry backpack from her friend Izzy

Which one is your favorite? Heehee.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lotte Xylitol & Kiddie Dental Care

2 pellets of Lotte Xylitol a day, keeps cavities at bay

I've got great news for you, chocolate lovers!

Our dentist, Dra. Ichi Duque says, between chocolates and hard candy, chocolate is actually less harmful to teeth enamel. The fats in chocolate coat the teeth so sugar doesn't really get to the teeth directly the way hard candies can. Also, chocolate melts faster and gets washed away easily, whereas sugar in hard candy stays in our mouth longer, allowing bacteria to fester. 

Eeek right?

Of course, I found out the hard way. We were at the dentist's clinic because I had to bring Berry for a filling. Dra. Ichi asked if Berry likes sweets, and if she eats candy. Of course, I said yes to both.

"If Berry has to have her sweets, give her chocolate instead", she told me.  

Well, Berry will not only get chocolate, she gets to chew gum too before she goes to bed. 

Sounds indulgent? Not really. In fact, apart from the welcome news that chocolate > candy, here are some of the surprising things I've learned when it comes to taking care of our children's teeth:

Don't rinse after brushing. Apparently, that's the right way to brush teeth. Spit out the toothpaste and that's it! Just like how it's done in TV commercials and in movies. This is so we get to keep the full benefits of fluoride in our mouth after brushing.

Supervise brushing until the age of 6. It's not enough that kids brush their teeth regularly. Parents have to make sure they are brushing correctly. That they floss before brushing, clean their teeth all the way to the back and that they brush long enough and not just do an obligatory sweep around the mouth.

Chew 2 pellets of Lotte Xylitol gum after each meal. Lotte Xylitol promotes saliva flow in order to maintain healthy pH levels in the mouth, which prevents the demineralization of tooth enamel. It removes food particles that may be left behind, and also helps remove stubborn tartar on teeth surfaces by promoting chewing action. This dental health gum keeps the teeth healthy and strong, prevents plaque and cavity build-up, and is effective in avoiding common dental problems such as bad breath and tooth decay.

Seal it with a Dental Sealant. Our pediatrician, as well as our dentist, recommends protecting kids' teeth from cavities with a sealant. Wish I had done this earlier, so I intend to have this done on Berry's permanent teeth instead. But, ASAP for Xavi. Ask your dentist about it!

Lotte Xylitol is the first dental health gum in the Philippines and the only dental health gum recognized by the Philippine Dental Association. It is sugar-free dental because it contains over 50% xylitol as a sugar substitute. It reduces cavity-causing bacteria that feeds on sugar, and creates acids that dissolve tooth enamel resulting in tooth decay.

Kiddie Tab on Kids and Technology

Can't seem to manage your kids' use of the iPad?

Well, you don't have to banish it from their sight ever. Exposure to technology is not something to be feared. In fact, studies have shown that kids who use computers exhibit greater gains in intelligence, structural knowledge, problem solving and language skills compared to those who don’t.

“Media is not the enemy,” says Dra. Angela Halili-Jao, head of child and adolescent psychiatry of the UP Manila College of Medicine-Philippine General Hospital. “Our children—and grandchildren—would benefit more if we viewed technology as an ally—an aid to learning and the acquisition and mastery of developmental skills.” 

In that case, why not consider getting a more age appropriate tablet for them instead?

Michal Cruz- Ladioray, Head for Strategic Partnerships, of Lifeware Technology, Inc. shared that more and more parents hand over their personal tablets to their children for gaming. “We saw this as an opportunity to encourage parents to introduce technology to their children not just for technology’s sake, but as a tool to improve or develop their kid’s learning. This is where we got the idea to set up Lifeware Technology, Inc. to focus exclusively on products and solutions for education, even for young kids.” 

Enlight Kiddie TAB from Lifeware Technology, Inc. is an 8" proudly Philippine developed educational tabletmodified to ensure a safe, secure, and controlled environment for children 3-8 years old that allows them to learn at their own pace. 

It is loaded with lots of kiddie educational content and learning modules all designed to make learning fun, fast, and effective.

Kids learn the fundamentals of reading, counting, writing, and so much more, with pre-loaded interactive storybooks, songs, and games developed to ensure the most enjoyable learning experience possible for them, and the most worry free and convenient way for you to supervise your child's digital learning process. Through parent control features, you can in fact limit the length of time your kids use their Kiddie TAB by setting the time lock.

Of course, Dr. Halili-Jao encourages parents to supervise their youngsters’ digital play. “They need to ensure that children also have time away from the computer to pick up social skills, explore creativity and survive without a gadget.”

Kiddie TAB is available at select Toy Kingdom stores, and inside Toy Kingdom Express inside The SM Store branches.

For more on Kiddie TAB, visit, like them on Facebook and follow @KiddieTAB on Twitter.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sangobion for Iron Ladies

From L to R: Top Row - myself, Rowena Lei, Jackie Go
First Row - Amanda Jacob, Cheska Garcia, Jenni Epperson, Joy Cabrera,
Dr. Corazon Gamilla,Fidji Miranda, Frances Sales, Mr. Art Dapasen

Early this month, Sangobion invited me and my fellow brand believers to a luncheon in Makati Shangri-la hosted by Amanda Griffin-Jacob, the highlight of which was a talk by UST OB-GYN Department Chairman Dr. Corazon Zaida N. Gamilla.

Basically, she said that as a woman ages, she also faces greater demands. “In order to cope, she needs to pay attention to her health. When signs of fatigue, paleness, as well as lack of focus and energy start to show, it could be telling symptoms of iron deficiency. Iron-rich food such as red meat, egg yolks, legumes, and green leafy vegetables should be made a regular part of one’s diet. But more than that, an iron supplement is also necessary to maintain good health,” she stresses.

Enter, Sangobion. It helps restore the iron reserves in the body. Because it is Ferrous Gluconate, which is unlike Ferrous Sulfate, it is more easily absorbed by the body and has a less metallic aftertaste. Sangobion also contains Sorbitol, a known anti-constipating agent since ordinary Ferrous Sulfate can contribute to constipation.

What’s more, Sangobion contains vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Copper Sulfate and Manganese Sulfate. It also comes in a convenient chocolate-scented capsule. 

I am still breastfeeding Xavi and I make sure to take Sangobion daily. It's a must not just to keep my energy up while taking care of 2 active kids, it also helps ensure I get my much needed dose of iron, vitamins and minerals while nursing our growing boy.

PS - Thank you to my cute date for accompanying me to the Sangobion luncheon!

For more information on Sangobion, visit

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kool Kameleonz©

Kameleonz©, a hot new label of sunnies from California, is the brain child of motorcycle-riding, rock-climbing, beach-bumming and all around outdoor-loving brothers Sean and Justin Bingham. The bros recognized a lack of affordable, customizable and most importantly, functional designs in the American eyewear market.

This resulted in revolutionary new sunglasses, the first with colorful interchangeable side arms, rubber soft-touch finish and full protection UV 400 lenses that launched just in time for the wet hot American summer of 2013. 

Now available in the Philippines, for just PhP1,000 you get a set of frames and three sets of side arms – that’s 27 different variations of the hippest, sickest, most amazingly-freaking-awesome eyewear around. 

Or you can start off with a frame and a set of stems for Php750.

But you will love how lightweight, fun and easy on the eyes they are, that I won't be surprised if you start springing for a Super Set! Super great for traveling too because you can match it easily with all your other outfits!

 my Kameleonz© waiting for boarding at Changi

 my friend Kaye's Kameleonz© in Spain
 I don't know where this is, but doesn't this make you want a Kameleonz© in this colorway too?

Get your  Kameleonz© at:

- Center of Gravity
- Fort, Centris Walk
- Plana Forma Fort
- Nothing But H2O Boracay, Alabang Town Center, TriNoMa, Glorietta 3, Robinson's Galleria
- SoFA Retail Lab Rockwell (September 2013)

For inquiries or more details, email and Like their Facebook page,

Tangled, Troubled Hair? CYNOS Morocco Argan Oil to the Rescue!

Argan Oil, which is said to have restorative and age-defying effects, has become one of the latest miracle ingredients in the beauty industry. Silvertree series are formulated on the basis of argan oil, enriching your hair with essential linoleic acids which fight against loss of moisture and elasticity.

If there is such a thing as combination hair, that would be my hair type.

My scalp and roots get oily, my hair is pretty much dry, and the tips? Parched. 

I wash my scalp everyday, because seriously, you might as well call me Crisco if I don't do that. I sometimes use dry shampoo, but well, washed hair feels so much cleaner.

I know I should be using conditioner more often, but sometimes I just don't have the time to luxuriate in letting the conditioner work its way into my hair. Especially when Xavi is crying and waiting, no make that demanding, that I step out of the shower ahora mismo.

So it was love, love, love when Tenylle Ang of CYNOS Argan Oil sent me some products from their line. I was totally in love with their multi-purpose Argan Oil especially:

aka "Liquid Gold"

It doesn't feel like oil, its more like oil in gel form. None of that greasy, messiness associated with oil based products. It smells so good too! Plus, because it is made from argan oil, it is deeply moisturizing.

This is because argan oil is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids. Vitamin E, Omega 3, and Omega 9 in argan oil help restore vitality and strength of damaged hair.

It works not just for the hair, but for the face and body as well.

I like using it solely for my hair though. Since I don't get to use conditioner as much as I would like to, I use it to work through tangles. Before I'd cringe a little when I'd forcefully comb through tangled hiar and see like a hundred strands fall off. With Argan Oil, I would just work a small amount into wet hair to undo tangles, with much less hair fall. They're great for nourishing the tips too!

On days when my hair feels extra dry, I use CYNOS Argan Oil Moisture Vitality Shampoo. It gently cleanses the hair without stripping color. Sometimes I follow it up with Cynos Argan Oil Moisture Vitality Conditioner thairapy, both are safe for color and chemically treated hair. Plus, like the oil version, both smell oh so good! Hair also feels much more tame, healthier and a whole lot silkier.

CYNOS Argan Oil products are available at Nail-A-Holics, Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell, Tinette & Co, Louis Phillip Kee, Jimmy Lu Salon Salon, G2 Elevation Salon, Emphasis Salon, Freshaire Going Straight Salon, Face 2 Face Lucky Chinatown Mall 3 Annex B and online at Taste Central.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Primaries by Rockwell Land: 53 Benitez

When you look down from the third floor of Rockwell Power Plant Mall's North Court, this is what you'll see: 

It's not a dollhouse but the pop-up showroom for 53 Benitez, the first ever premiere mid-rise project of Primaries, Rockwell Land’s newest property development subsidiary. The turnover is set for 2015, consisting of 2 towers set across an almost 1 hectare lot in New Manila (between Horseshoe Village and the Chocolate Lovers store).

I was quite impressed at how spacious the 2 bedroom unit is.

But I was all the more impressed when I found out that a 2 bedroom, 63 sqm (70 sqm if you include the laundry area at the roof deck) unit with parking slot comes to just about Php6.2 million only.

A 3 bedroom, 97 sqm (103 with laundry area at the roof deck) unit with 2 parking slots will be less than Php10 million.

I just had to tell my sister who has been looking for a starter home, and my friends who are looking to upgrade to a bigger condo unit to check this out. The Primaries’ pop up model was up since yesterday and will be there until October 12, 2013.

“With Primaries, Rockwell Land’s formidable brand will now be more accessible to everyone with functional, universal and quality living spaces at friendlier prices. With Manila’s first pop up model unit, we are elated to offer our mall goers the opportunity to travel instantly to another place and time at their own convenience to see a possible and well planned future in a Primaries development,” says Primaries Senior Vice-President Malou Pineda. 

the aerial view

the facade along C. Benitez Street

Just to give you an idea of how a two bedroom is like, here are photos from their model unit onsite, which is pretty much the same layout you will see in the Power Plant Mall pop-up:

Unlike typical condominium units with dark and narrow hallways, special features of 53 Benitez include vertical and horizontal cross ventilation which guarantees natural light and fresh air to circulate as well as a private bridgeway for more privacy.

Vertical and horizontal cross ventilation integrated in its design lets you enjoy the natural air in common areas as well as save you from unwanted electrical consumption

Unlike typical atrium designs in other mid-rise condos, private bridgeways at 53 Benitez keep your corridors beautifully and seamlessly separated from the residential units for a renewed sense of space and privacy

To learn more about 53 Benitez by Primaries, visit the pop-up at the North Court of Rockwell Power Plant Mall from today until October 12, 2013 or visit the website at

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Berry Stylish

Sometimes Berry puts together the most outrageous outfits for "play dress up" days, but in reality, she really just wears easy, fuss free clothes to school that she puts together herself. 

Seriously, whenever she does not like the clothes laid out for her to choose from, she'd tell us what exactly she'd like to match what with what. Here are some of her favorites for school & play:

googoo & gaga t-shirt, shorts from SM Kids Fashion

Top from Gingersnaps, pants from Joe Fresh, flats from Yosi Samra Kids

Top from SM Kids Fashion, skirt from Tarte Tatin

Top & bottom from H&M

My Dad says that when I was Berry's age, I also chose my own outfits and I had my own favorites too. She may look like her Dada, but her love for dressing up definitely comes from me. Heehee.
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