Friday, July 31, 2009

Shopping Time!

First, the good news...

When I first wrote about Melissas back in 2007, they were just breaking into the Philippine shoe scene. Now, they've gotten much bigger, and the designs just keep getting better! I'm loving the collaborations with Vivienne Westwood and Zaha Hadid especially! So fashion and style forward!

So this weekend, make the trip to Rustan's Makati to see the upcoming F/W '09 and S/S '10 collections, just so you know what to get next! And hey, while you're at it, take advantage of the the special prices. And! When you spend at least Php 5,000 you get a Melissa keychain! ;)

Now, moving on...what does this mean? Theodore's Moving Out Sale...

I hope this means they are just moving on to another location. Goodness knows we need Theodore's (who brought in goodies from cult fashion favorites here, like Opening Ceremony, Kova & T, Loomstate, Cheap Monday and a host of under the radar labels - at least to the average Pinoy shopper), in fact, more stores like Theodore's when market demand allows (the big question is when!). Because honestly, there's more to life than the good 'ol reliables Mango and Zara, which I personally like, and are great if you are looking for fast fashion. But why restrict ourselves right? There's plenty of shoe and clothing brands to discover out there and the folks behind Theodore's took the risk to expose Manila to that! So give them some love, and they'll give you love back!

For every Single Receipt purchase worth:

Php10,000++ you get an additional 10% off on top of your purchase.

Php20,000++ you get an additional 15% off on top of your purchase.

Php30,000++ you get an additional 20% off on top of your purchase.

*Mich Dulce SS09 is not included in this promo.

Theodore's The Store
G/F Quadrant 4, Bonifacio High Street
7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Philippines

T (+632) 8563571/8561635
M (+63916) 6274786

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer in The City

I've been practically cooped up inside our apartment, save for a quick run to the grocery or a check-up with Berry's pedia. So when I had to step out to visit my dentist, my dad (who wanted to take a walk around the city) and I left Berry with my mom and we went on a little adventure. Dad and I ended up walking a total of 50 blocks, from Chelsea, to Midtown, to Fifth Ave and Bryant Park. Thankfully these shoes are made for walking...

Since I was finally out, I thought it best to go to Buy Buy Baby as well. As we walked past The Museum at FIT, I saw this!

I told my dad I wanted to go in, and when he asked what was in there, I said, "Lots of clothes Daddy!" He wasn't very pleased, but he had no choice so he went in with me. Heehee! Want to know what lies behind these doors?

Check it out On The Radar! It was such a visual treat, plus there was an added surprise (read the article to find out)!

I didn't get to spend as much time inside as I wanted, so I'm going back with my mom soon. When I told her about the dresses we saw, she was so jealous she wanted me to take her there right away! It didn't help that my dad agreed that the clothes were "Maganda nga!", as he put it.

The exhibit runs until September 26, but if you don't have the chance to see it, don't worry, I'll be posting photos soon! In the meantime, I'm sharing some photos I took from our walk, until my battery up and died.

Scenes from Times Square...

Scenes from Bryant Park...

It was such a nice day for a walk, I hope we'll have more sunny days ahead! It has been a mostly wet summer, sigh...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Thank You Time! Part 1

I know, I know, I'm sorry for the intermittent postings. Its just that taking care of Berry has really become my sole mission in life these days. I've been told that babies grow so fast, so I just want to be with Berry all the time. While our parents have been staying with us to help us out, Berry and I are pretty much joined at the hip (Dada calls us The Siamese Twins) and I find that my free time really is meant for doing chores or going out to run errands I personally have to take care of. That's the thing about living here in the US, with no helpers and nannies to rely on. I can't imagine how life will be like when my parents go back home to Manila. I probably won't even have the time to clean the house, let alone take a bath. (I hope not! Hahaha!) Which reminds me, Yes, I did the whole ge lai thing and did not take a bath for 4 weeks! I survived! So I guess I'll be ok...Not!

Anyway, my parents brought along a lot of the stuff that you all sent to Berry and she would like to thank all of you for being so thoughtful! She'll start with the dresses she got! This is part 1 of a series! ;)

Presenting...these lovelies from Zara!

Thanks Auntie Lorr and Auntie Les for the cute jacket and grey romper dress! Such a perfect outfit when fall rolls around!

Thanks Tita Myra, Tito Jun and Joaquin for the puff sleeved tee and pretty smocked top (which I wore during my monthsary as a dress!)!

Thanks Tita Dianne and Tito Paul for the sundresses! I will love to wear these with saltwater sandals! I will look so pretty! I just know!


Berry =)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Swing à la Mod from Cole Vintage

Loraine Gotao and Eileen Co of Cole Vintage are taking us back to the Sixties with their pre-holiday collection called Swing à la Mod!

If you're into A-line shapes, tunics and empire waists, just like what mom or grandma wore back in the day, then you know where to go!

Cole Vintage is available at MiaBella, Serendra, 50th Avenue at Robinson’s Galleria and The Ramp in Crossings Glorietta, TriNoma, Shangri-la and soon to open at Podium, Markati Palazzo.

Retailers outside Metro Manila include Spruce at Limketkai Mall in Cagayan de Oro and Ozamis, Seed at Robinson’s Mall Bacolod and Iloilo, Shelves & Hangers in Iligan and Cirrus in Butuan City.

For inquiries, both local and abroad, you may call (+632) 744-5659 or email You may also directly contact the Cole Vintage girls:

Eileen Chi Co

Loraine Gotao

Thursday, July 23, 2009

As Promised...

Remember when I told you to save some dough for Schu's coming batch of trendy "jazz" shoes and loafers?

Well, they're now here and it's time to flush out the cash! So make a run for your nearest Schu store!

Glorietta 3, Mobile No. +63915 576 18 00,
G/F, SM Mall of Asia, Mobile No. +63906 298 11 94,
M3, Ayala TriNoma, Mobile No. +63905 329 93 68
Chimes, Felcris Specialty Store, Mobile No. +63920 951 18 30
G/F, Ayala Cebu +63922 506 49 13
The 5th, Shangri-la Plaza, Tel. No. 634 95 96
Level 2, Robinson's Galleria, Tel. No. 634 91 35

Chocolate schu Bar, R2, Power Plant, Tel. No. 899 6997; Mobile No. 0927 552 7588

Oh! And I hope you've got some more crisp bills in your cookie jar for these lovelies that caught my eye!

Schu 1: Very Sea of Shoes-y!
Which folds up into a mid-calf lace-up bootie...

Schu 2: Similar to a pair of fringe sandals I saw at Urban Outfitters some time back!

Schu 3: Because I have a pair of dark green Schus that need to be retired...

Schu 4: Because a girl needs a great pair of grey sandals...

Schu 5: ...and blue "suede" shoes! (Seriously! Blue and grey are the "new neutrals" you've got to have in your closet!)

For more available styles, click here...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

30% Off All Mich Dulce at Theodore's

Hey y'all! All Mich Dulce at 30% off at Theodore's!

Theodore's The Store
G/F Quadrant 4, Bonifacio High Street
7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Philippines

T (+632) 8563571/8561635
M (+63916) 6274786

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You'll Lab Park Jun's Beauty Lab

Ok, I'm coming clean. I have a love affair with Korean culture (both traditional and pop).

- I love love love Korean food! Back in Manila, my SIL Lorr and I would go on food trips in authentic, hole in the wall Korean restos.
- I love Korean food so much, I would eat soon du bu if not spicy Bon Chon chicken once a week when I was pregnant with Berry. Never mind that I'd throw it up later, haha.
- K-Town is one of my favorite places in Manhattan.
- Not only do I love Korean dramas (Boys Before Flowers being the latest!)...
- I love Korean beauty products (Face Shop I miss!)
- Of course, here, I enjoy going to the Korean grocery H-Mart to stock up on beef short ribs and bulgogi cut beef, plus Korean no MSG instant noodles! Yum!

So when I was invited by PR firm Visions & Expressions to check out Park Jun's Beauty Lab, the latest Korean salon in Manila, I had to plead plead plead with my SIL Leslie to please please please check it out for me! Because I have an affinity for most things Korean (yes, even Sandara Park, I knew that kid was going to go far! Ever heard of 2NE1?) and I figured it was worth a visit, if only to see the latest Korean beauty craze, hair styles and treatments. Because don't Korean girls have fabulous hair all the time? (And well, amazing skin too!)

I mean, just looking at Creative Director Maiya Noh and Style Director Jinny Kim's hair styles, it doesn't take much convincing for one to see that this is the place to go for authentic Korean cuts!

According to Maiya, for 2009 “Women’s hair trends will play to the extreme...We will see more of the bob, bangs and fringe hairstyles in different lengths and volume.” Although for those who want the gorgeous Korean movie star curls, Filipino stylist Al Ong can do the perming for you!

Services unique to Park Jun's Beauty Lab, according to Jinny Kim, is Volume Rebonding (Php 4,600 to Php 9,200), which not only straightens out the hair but gives it volume, and Volume Magic Wave (Php 7,800 to Php 11,200) that creates perfect and more natural looking curls.

Pinoy guys by the way can look for Art Director Kino Lee if they want a Korean boy do! He says, “Men can try a decorous or asymmetric cut if they have a natural wave. Something like a twist of the classic school boy cut with a bit of rocker-edge.”

Since Leslie just got her hair cut and styled recently, she decided to get her hair colored at Park Jun's, and she was super pleased - with her new hair color and with the place & service as well!

She said, "They're super okay because they advice you as to what is best for you, like in my case, my hair was colored before, so they explained that they have to color the bottom part (the part with hair color) first before the virgin hair since hair color is absorbed faster by virgin hair. They also advised me that it was better if i get the color treatment rather than the curl masque since my hair is not dry."

"The place is very nice, with 2 private rooms (additional 10%) and a makeup room!"

"As for the people, they're very friendly. They really make conversations and spend lots of time with you."

I think Leslie might have labbed Park Jun's Beauty Lab so much, she left the place looking like a real Korean girl! Heehee!

Park Jun’s Beauty Lab is located at the G/F Glorietta 3, Ayala Center Makati City. 819-3001 to 02.

Hair cuts range from Php 600 to Php 1,200 for ladies, and Php 450 to Php 1,050 for men.
Special rates: Below 12 yrs old 20% discount, student 10% discount
Private room: Additional 10%

To know more about Park Jun's Beauty Lab visit

A Real SOS!

I usually get style and shopping SOS "signals" from you guys, but this one here is more serious than most! Got any tips or advice before I dish out my own? Feel free to help out everyone! =)

Hi! Need help. I've always known that fashion is my passion and have gone on an entrepreneurial venture for 3 years now. I run a small boutique in the province and was quite successful in establishing a regular network of customers. However, a new mall was put up recently in our area and has driven everyone in their direction. The inevitable happened.. and small retail stores like mine tremendously suffered in terms of sales. I really don't know what to do. It breaks my heart to close shop because I really love my store and I don't want my staff to lose their jobs. =(

To put up a fighting front, I attempted to apply for stall space lease space inside the mall and came up with a unique store concept should the mall allocate a lifestyle/ fashion avenue section for small retailers like me. I prepared and have submitted needed documents like LOI, store concept, lay-out perspective,etc. It has been more than a week now, and I still haven't heard from the lease officer yet. Would it be proper to give them a call? They told me that they they will be the one to contact me once they've found an available space.I don't want to seem like a pushy applicant, but the waiting really kills me. This is my last hope to resuscitate my business and I don't know what to do anymore...please help me!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Chicisimo Brides

Maria of Chicisimo (a Spanish fashion/street style site which originally started in San Francisco, CA) asked me to share my wedding style for her latest site, Chicisimo Brides - a site featuring real brides and their wedding dresses, from all over the world!

Check the site out to get design inspiration, or to just see what girls from different countries, have been wearing on their wedding day!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Citibank's Seize the Deals Shopping Event!

Doing anything this weekend? Then mark your calendars for Citibank's upcoming Seize the Deals event from July 10-12 at the A Venue in Makati.

Expect to get great deals from Myth, Cinderella, Esprit, U2, No Curfew, Nike Golf, Slazenger and Luxasia (Guerlain, Sheiseido, etc). As much as up to 70% off, I hear!

Next up? Seize the Deals at Metro Gaisano Cebu and Rustans Department Store! Details on that coming soon!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Boy Bangs Be Gone

Chace and Zac, them of the sweeping boy bangs, are now showing off their foreheads! Gasp!

Will this be the new boy do?

Photo courtesy of

Goody Two...Clothes!

I believe in dressing up little girls like little girls. I think it's cute. When I see moms dressing their kids in sexy "adult" clothes, I find it disturbing. Why do some parents do that? Kids grow up really fast, they will have all the time to wear grown-up clothes when they are of age.

That is why I am dressing up Berry like a proper little girl. I will have her wear smocked dresses, seersucker sundresses, sailor tops, saltwater sandals, leather maryjanes...oh the cuteness!

Check out Goody Two Kids and you'll see what I mean by little girl clothes. Tell me if these aren't just adorable! Well-priced too! Prices just hover at the Php500 mark...

Kiddie clothes from Goody Two Kids are imported from Thailand so quality wise (from fabric to construction), you know you're getting a great deal here! I can't wait for Berry's set to arrive! =)

To see more styles from Goody Two Kids, click here!
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