Friday, June 24, 2016

The Lion Guard on Disney Junior

Did you get to watch The Lion Guard with your kids when it premiered last June 20 on Disney Junior? 

If so, then you must also know the answer to the question: 

Who is in charge of Pride Rock now? 

For those who joined my contest on my social media accounts, and answered: 


You got it right! 

I am announcing the three winners I’ve chosen to get special prizes from Disney Junior and The Lion Guard Asia soon, so watch this space. I’ll then message the winners separately to get your contact details and delivery address.

I guess this is just one of the perks of watching the cartoon series no? Not to mention, it’s quite a fun watch, especially if you are a long time fan of The Lion King as a kid. 

I’m sharing with you some of the fun facts about The Lion Guard: 

1. Timon and Pumba are now considered as elders, wise ones who offer advice to the new Lion Guard. Imagine that! So mature! 

2. Kion possees the Roar of the Elders, magical gift that causes the lion spirits of The Pride Lands past to roar with him. This gift is traditionally given to the second-born, with the last owner being Scar, who sadly used it for evil and lost the gift. 

3. The series is meant to impart positive lessons, like team work – where The Lion Giard combine their unique skills for the benefit of the community and acceptance in diversity. 

4. The Education and Science experts at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park served as consultants for the animal characters, making them as close to real life as possible. 

5. As with the now classic The Lion King, each episode of the cartoon series contains original songs our kids would love listening to and singing along. 

Catch The Lion Guard on Disney Junior at 8.30am (Jakarta/Thailand), 9.30am (Malaysia/Philippines).

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Why I Love Staub + Tip: It's The Perfect Wedding Gift

"Hello, I'm Julia Child. Welcome to The French Chef, and the first show on our series on French cooking. Today we're gonna make boeuf bourguignon, beef stew in red wine."

I can listen to Julia Child in her distinct Julia Child voice say that over and over. Boeuf bourgignon. Boeuf bourgignonBouef borgignon.

I do love a good beef stew myself. And now I realize why I also love Dutch ovens aka cocottes. They make me feel a bit like Julia Child. Standing in front of a stove, watching over a simmering stew.

Wouldn't it be fun to cook beef stew in a cow-shaped pot? Heehee.

While Julia Child didn't use a Staub for her first episode on beouf bourgignon, because Staub first came to the scene only in 1974, I am pretty sure she would have approved. It's perfect for one pot dishes and simply a dream to have in the kitchen.

Lately, I have been harboring my French cooking dreams via Staub's gorgeous, gorgeous cookware. I've been going back to Kitchen Pro since I first stepped foot in the store back in May, I'm always thinking of an excuse to ogle and think of getting a pot or knife for our kitchen. After all, most of my kitchen stuff I've had since I got married, and have been used and abused for the last 9 years.

But let's focus on the Staub cast iron pots first. Here's why I've fallen in love with them:

1. Won't you take a look at these deep, delightful colors?

The deep, intense and yet shiny coloring is made possible via a special color finish or coating unique to Staub called majolique. Watch at 1:35.

Oh, but if basic black or white cocottes are more your thing, there is too.

Won't this make a beautiful wedding gift? Perfect for the June Bride. Or any bride for that matter. Or any cooking enthusiast and aesthete actually. If anybody wants to gift me more Staub, I'm happy to accept hehe.

But that's not only why Staub pots are special. For starters, well-designed cookware is essential to successful cooking. Once you've seen the difference, you will understand. Not all kalderos are made the same, trust me. With Staub, there's plenty of substance behind the slick surface.

Let's move on to...

2. This French-made enameled cast iron pot retains heat well. You don't need to cook at high heat, there's no need for that. Medium high is ok. At that point, it also cooks evenly. No overcooked sections in your dish with this, promise.

3.  The black matte enameled interior is the best surface for browning and braising effect. Chefs promise an even sear and when used for stews, expect the most tender meat and flavorful sauces. You wanna know why? Because...

4.  To complement the enameled interior and heavy lid, the basting spikes under the lid allow steam to condense on the lid and evenly rain back, onto food, yielding moist, tender and flavorful results.

In laymen's terms, these dimples capture moisture from cooking and deflects it back at the meat making it extra great for braising and self-basting. When you cook in a cocotte, it is not uncommon to find meat so tender, it is barely holding itself together. I'm talking fall-off-the-bone goodness. Whether that be chicken, beef or lamb shanks.

5. You can use it from stove top (yes even on an induction stove), to oven, to table top. Which means, less pots to wash! Isn't that just perfect?

Bottomline is, if you can only have one pot in your kitchen, make it a Staub. Watch this for a full appreciation:

Although you may want to add a wok too. Yes, Staub makes woks and I just got one for Mother's Day. I've always wanted a wok for stir frying ala Wok with Yan ever since I was a kid, and now I have one. Dream come true!

My next planned purchase will be a one of those big cocottes to replace my old Le Creuset #26 whose bottom enamel has dulled, but I can't decide between a black or gray just yet.

Next on my wishlist are these mini cocottes. Not an essential as of now, but nice to have. Xavi thinks it's perfect for their play kitchen though.

Cute nga naman.

Staub makes tea pots too! It's so chica. I'll see if I can convince Dada that we need this. Or maybe I can just get one for him for Father's Day!

I don't know if KitchenPro has a wedding or gift registry just yet, but I think they should. This would make shopping for gifts so much easier.

One store pa lang and from the Staub selection pa lang, I see so many things any bride, groom, mom or dad would like. It would make a great housewarming present too, even for singles who have just moved into their first home.

Actually, why wait for an occasion to buy for ourselves? Let's put it this way. If we are willing to invest on shoes and bags, there's no excuse to scrimp on kaldero. It's for food that goes to our tummies, and that enough makes it totally worth it!

UPDATE: This is one good reason to shop now, offer ends June 30, 2016.

For more about KitchenPro, visit their Facebook Page, KitchenProStores as well as @kitchenprostores on Instagram.

Visit KitchenPro stores at the 6th level of Shangri-la East Wing, Ground Floor of SM Aura Premier, and 3F Ayala Center Cebu.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Father's Day Gift Ideas

For the tech geek Dad: I Am Cardboard VR Viewer

Running out of Father's Day gift ideas?  Actually, make it a present any Dad or guy for that matter would love. 

Head on over to my post on Everyday Me Philippines for 5 fail safe gift ideas for Dad.  You can thank me later!;)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Must Buys at the MANGO Sale!

I just bought this linen jumpsuit at MANGO Megamall last week, as I was on my way to meet my friends Karrots and Angela at Sarsa: 

But I wish I waited for the MANGO End of Season Sale, starting today, June 16, 2016. Because prices go down, up to 50% off! 

Where is my EQ when I need it?! 

I’ve got my eye on the following pieces though, and I’m sharing it with you. Please get them off my hands, before I spend more! 

1) These eyelet tops! So pretty, presko and looks mabango with white jeans: 

2) This striped spaghetti strap top. Feels like summer will last forever, so you can get plenty of wear out of this. 

3) A great blazer for work and travel. Imagine this with white jeans. Chica! 

4) These torn white jeans. Because they go with everything above! 

MANGO Kids is on sale too, as with MANGO MAN, MANGO TOUCH and MANGO Sport and Intimates. 

I bought pa naman a shirt and jeggings for Berry the same time I got the jumpsuit. But oh wells! I’m passing on the sale news to you for good sale karma for me next time, haha.

Yes every piece here is on sale!

Shop the MANGO Sale at the following stores: 

MANGO – Robinson’s Ermita, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Power Plant Mall, Gateway, SM Mall of Asia, Alabang Town Center, SM Megamall, SM Davao, SM Clark, Ayala Center Cebu, Trinoma, SM Cebu, Greenbelt 5, Eastwood, Marquee, Newport, Abreeza Davao, Lucky Chinatown, Bonifacio High Street, Robinson’s Magnolia, Centrio, Harbor Point, Glorietta 2, Ayala Fairview Terraces, SM BF ParaƱaque 

MANGO MAN – Power Plant Mall, Alabang Town Center, Glorietta 2, SM Mall of Asia, Ayala Center Cebu, Abreeza Davao, SM Megamall 

MANGO TOUCH – Power Plant Mall, Robinson’s Magnolia, SM Mall of Asia 

MANGO KIDS – SM Mall of Asia, Ayala Center Cebu, SM BF ParaƱaque, Trinoma, Glorietta 2, Eastwood, SM Megamall, Abreeza Davao 

MANGO SPORT&INTIMATES – SM Mall of Asia (inside the shop)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

First Day, Hay!

Last night, while talking to Berry about her first day of school... 

(Parents be warned, she's on to something.) 

Me: How did your first day of school go? Was it fun? 

Berry: It was ok. My classmates said they were excited. I asked them why and they said because their moms said it was exciting. I told them "You're excited because your parents said it's exciting." 

Me: You said that? 

Berry: I really think adults made schools so they can send their kids out of the house. 

Me: What! *Followed by nervous laughter.* 

Thought bubble: How'd she figure that out?

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Dream Big and Animate Your Imagination at Disney Junior

What if you could tell your child she can watch her own original story on TV? Wouldn’t that be the stuff childhood dreams are made of? 

Imagine your budding writer being able to say, “I wrote that cartoon!” It’s the sort of confidence building exercise that could possible pave the way to a lifetime of dreaming big and doing it. Seriously. 

Case in point: Disney Junior’s Animate Your Imagination Contest! 

Animate Your Imagination is open to all kids, age 2 to 7 years old. Disney will select 3 of the most creative and magical stories and will have their artists bring them to life as animations, to be shown on Disney Junior! 

I got Berry to sit down and start thinking of a story, and knowing her, of course it’s centered around princesses. We’ve decided to tell her story via a drawing, but you may opt to have your kid narrate it via video too! 

Just make sure to choose one of three themes - Pirate, Princess or Space, and the story can get as fantastical as it can get.

Can you guess what Berry’s story is all about? Maybe we’ll get to watch it on Disney Junior, alongside your kid’s story too! Make sure to submit by June 12, 2016!

To join Animate Your Imagination, simply register online here: and read the full mechanics here:

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Berry's Back to School Bag: Granite Gear

Ever since Berry started big school, we find ourselves buying two new bags each year. It's not that the bags aren't sturdy to start with. Her bags are all pretty heavy duty, but they just can't seem to fit everything she needs for school. That, or she finds them hard to use. She'd complain about how hard it is to open, how she'd have to zip it open all the way around, or the handles don't slide back in easily, stuff like that.

In fairness, her old school bags haven't fallen apart. But it is not uncommon to find some sections with the stitches unraveled and frayed. Which requires expensive repairs. Her school bag last year needed to be re-stitched and we got a quote of Php800 for it! So I'm still looking for  a cheaper place to have it fixed, haha.

Hopefully, we found our forever bag this school year. The Granite Gear Trailster Wheeled Backpack

Here's why I'm convinced this one's gonna last, based on Berry's stringent requirements.

1. The aluminum handle is easy to pull. Our last one would get caught in the middle bar, and sometimes we'd have trouble pulling it all the way up. The driver would put her bag in the trunk with the pull still halfway up. It can get frustrating nga naman.

2. It's water repellent! School starts the same time as the rainy season, but no issues here. Granite Gear makes use of Repelaweave fabric with Tarpaulite bottom, so her school books and supplies are protected against the elements.

3. It can double as a backpack.  While I doubt that Berry will use this feature, I like that we can just hoist this up our back, say when we have to walk to the car and the sidewalk or streets are too crowded for pulling a trolley along. It's fully padded too, so it won't hurt to carry it as a backpack.

4.  A padded grab handle ensures extra comfort when carrying the bag by hand.

5. Heavy-duty, rugged wheels. This one looks tough enough not to crack under the pressure of being dragged day to day.

6. Long envelopes and folders fit comfortably, with room to spare. Before this bag, Berry had to bring a long plastic envelope for her envelopes and folders. This bag is long enough not to crumple the corners.

7. Its easy to get her stuff inside the bag, because it opens from the top. Berry's old trolley was like a carry on luggage that she had to put on the floor and zip open all the way. This one passes her scrutiny as it has double zippers that she can open as the bag stays upright. So there's no need to place the bag on the floor just to get a pencil case or notebook.

8. Lots and lots of room. From multi-pocket organizers... a padded Gear-Tec sleeve that even fits most 17" laptops.

Of course, the true test happens when Berry starts school in a few days. But overall, this bag has everything that Berry wants in a school bag and more. It's cheaper than her old bags too! 

Granite Gear Trailster Wheeled Backpack is available nationwide for Php4,890 in The Travel Club, Bratpack, SM Department Stores (Makati, MOA, North EDSA, Megamall), Metro Gaisano Department Stores and Landmark Trinoma Department Stores.
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