Monday, July 30, 2007

Alter Boys and Girls

Hi! Can you recommend a good mananahi? I'm 5' and skinny so I need to have most of my clothes altered but I'm kinda scared to entrust dresses and jeans worth thousands of pesos to just anyone! Thanks! - Rose

Hi Rose! I know what you mean! It really is scary to get an expensive article of clothing altered if you don't know a mananahi you can trust. Thankfully, I've been through the hunt and can recommend a couple of my tried and tested mananahis who do alterations for me:

JEANS and PANTS - There's a stall on the topmost floor of Shoppesville Greenhills where I get my pants shortened and jeans cut and sewed "back to original". I don't know exactly the stall number, but I do know its right beside the Castel scrubs stall. They have all sorts of denim thread to match whatever thread was used for your jeans. They are pros that way. I have no fear when it comes to bringing my 7s and Citizens denims there. Just make sure that you tell them exactly how many inches to cut off. I had one casualty that ended up a tad too short, which in a way worked well because it became the perfect" jeans for flats" sort of thing.

SUITS and JACKETS- I normally get my Mango suits, Topshop/Zara jackets and coats' sleeves cut and trimmed by Mang Ricky. He has a tailoring shop at the Soldier's Mall inside Camp Aguinaldo (Tel. No. 9116001 loc 1234). He actually makes made to measure suits for men but I befriended him and he ended up doing alterations for all my jackets and work trousers as well. I suggest that you look for a shop near your place, preferably one that makes suits, and just inquire if they can do alterations for you. Hopefully, they may accommodate your request.

TOPS and DRESSES - Ate Vicky (+639212704002) is my go to girl for alterations and quick fixes. Unfortunately, she moved back to Pampanga a couple of months ago, but is still available should I happen to have more than a couple of items that need fixing. This is because she has to travel all the way to the city to get my stuff. I have no qualms having her fix my designer tops and oversized Lacoste shirts that need a little trimming (on the sleeves and sides), that's how "clean" her work is. Au Blanc (just email me for the number!) on the other hand is my tita's hobby. She actually designs gowns but I usually have my tops and dresses made by her in-house mananahi. Like whenever I see a nice Chloe top, I just bring the print-out or the magazine to her and voila! I have my own Chloe-esque piece! We have such a long standing shared passion for clothes that she just knows what I mean. A big plus is that she knows fashion - from Zara dresses to Vera Wang and Oscar dela Renta gowns! It comes without saying that she's just happy to fix or alter dresses for me as well!

ALL OF THE ABOVE - Alterations Plus can take care of any alteration, from suits to pants to dresses. Quite expensive, but you are pretty sure that they know what they are doing. Another big plus is that they are pretty much present in all the malls here in Metro Manila. So right after shopping, you can immediately have your newly bought clothes altered to your liking.

From my experience, it all boils down to finding a tailor/seamstress who understands what you like exactly. As you look for your own trusted allies (should you happen to live far from my own style "support group"), there will be a couple of hits and misses. Hopefully, my list above will send you off to the right direction! =)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Such a Tees!

If you'd like to make a statement, then let Tees My Body do the talking!

As the story goes, three dudes were on the look-out for crazy, hilarious tees. When they couldn't find any, they decided to make their own - and Tees My Body was born.

With these guys' quirky sense of humor, for sure you won't see anything else quite like their stuff! Here's a couple of their designs that really got me smiling!

Guys and girls get to take their pick from over a dozen designs. Made of 100% cotton or 50% cotton/50% polyester, each shirt retails for $12.99. The shirts are available online at If you buy 3 or more, you get 1 FREE! Shipping within the continental US is a flate rate of $5 regardless of how many shirts you order. For international orders, there is an additional $7.95 handling charge.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

What Women Want Part II: T-Shirt Kind of Guy

Yes, I know you love to wear t-shirts, the holey-er the better! But I'm not about to diss t-shirts, because I like its cotton-y soft feel myself. Here's a post on how to work this ubiquitous article of clothing you guys!

How about pairing it with light khakis and sneakers instead of the usual jeans? The trick here to keep it from looking like an undershirt:

Either layer two shirts ala Alessandro Dell'Acqua
Or go for an unexpected color like lavander as in DSquared2

Black slacks are an option too!

At Moschino, the model wore a striped long sleeved t-shirt over a collared top (no need for the inner top though given our super warm weather here!) for that fun, casual, cool look. I suggest you just push up the sleeves so it doesn't look hot (and I mean it in the context of weather!)
Or how about a nice striped one with a couple of buttons down the front ala Veronique Branquinho?
Meanwhile, Givenchy took the classic route and paired it with a plain white tee (then again, if its from Givenchy, then it wouldn't exactly be considered "plain")

If you're thinking, "Nah, that sort of style will only look good on models!", check out designer Neil Barrett.

He really pulled off the t-shirt and slacks combination quite well huh? Like he just put on stuff from out of his closet but still with that "I'm effortlessly cool that way" vibe.

Photos courtesy of GQ Style.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Get to Know Hale Bob

Let's do a meet and greet with the Peridou ladies who have brought in the label Hale Bob!

1. How did the group discover the Hale Bob line? What made you decide to make this your flagship brand?
We decided to bring Hale Bob to Manila because Hale Bob pieces are extraordinary, the clothes use very rich fabrics, have intricate detailing on them, and there is nothing in the local market to date that comes close to offering the same quality and style. Hale Bob is our flagship brand for now but it is one of many clothing labels that we intend to bring into the country.

2. Who are the people behind Peridou? How did you get together and what inspired you to put up such a concept? Will this be a reflection of the group's personal taste or the answer to what you feel is lacking in the market? Or both and more?
The people behind Peridou are an eclectic mix of ladies who are into everything from fashion, food, and architecture, to graphics, teaching, and sports. The women of Peridou are mothers and daughters, cousins, and very close friends. The clothes are both a reflection of the group's personal taste as well as what we perceive to be a gap in the local fashion scene. We personally love clothes that are unique and different. Incidentally there aren't many in the Philippines, so when we discovered Hale Bob, it felt like we had finally found what we were looking for as avid shoppers ourselves. We knew that there would be tremendous interest and demand here in Manila, so we decided to try our luck.

3. Who is your target market? What sort of clientele do you cater to?
Our target market is women between the ages of 18 to 55, from middle to upper class. The clothes are very versatile, hence the large age bracket. Conservative dressers can layer the clothes over each other, and the younger crowd will never run out of tops to go out in.

The Hale Bob woman may be a chic college student, a fun-loving yuppie or a cool career mom. She loves to shop and explore new brands and trends. She is outgoing, sociable, independent, confident, and fearless.

4. How can interested customers get hold of your merchandise? When will you put up your store?
We’ve been holding exclusive sale events for Peridou/Hale Bob. We are also expanding our marketing efforts and we are participating in a number of bazaars. Some of the pieces can be viewed (and bought) online at Shoppers may visit for event updates. Our website will be up and running soon:

5. What is the price range of your items?
Our pieces range from P2,000 to P8,000, comprising mostly of camis, tops and dresses.

6. How do you see your group changing or shaping the local retail scene?
We hope that with Hale Bob, we have added a different flavor to what is currently being offered in the local retail scene. Where before the Filipino women tend to be conservative in terms of the clothing styles they wear as well as the colors, these days, we see more and more women, young and old, who are not afraid to follow the latest trends and who even pioneer their own. We hope that with Hale Bob, we can inspire more women to be bold with their wardrobe choices. This brand definitely calls on the dresser to be unique, to embrace life (with its multitude of color and fabric combinations), and to love fashion.

7. Any glimpse into what should your customers look forward to?
Definitely be on the lookout for more fabulous collections to come in for Hale Bob as well as new clothing brands that Manila has never experienced before.

That being said, check out Rockwell Club beside the Power Plant Mall this Friday and Saturday on July 27-28 from 10am-7pm to enjoy up to 50-70% off on last season’s collection! Also be among the first to take a sneak peek at Hale Bob’s latest shipment!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's Not Plastic, It's Organic!

Due for launch in New York this August is the Envirosax® Organic Series.

It is so eco-friendly, the bag is manufactured using fine grade hemp. According to the website, "The result is a beautiful bag of which the fabric is reminiscent of Grandma’s “best” Irish Linen - a joy to touch. The bag comes with its own little pouch for easy storage in a glove compartment or handbag."

True to its organic thrust, Envirosax® used hemp fabric which is three times stronger than cotton fabric of the same weight. With no known insect enemies and a high resistance to disease, there is no need to use harmful pesticides in cultivation. The bag is also printed with a rich chocolate brown vegetable ink, and it comes packaged in a recycled cardboard box that has been printed with organic soy-based waterless inks. A great gift idea for both hippies and hipsters!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Mother of All Eco-friendly Shopping Bags

When I was but an impressionable teenager (more than a decade ago!), I had the awesome opportunity to visit Paris twice one summer, and not be constrained by a tour guide or parents with a set itinerary for the day. Because my family lived in London at the time, and my parents were busy with diplomatic work and socials, and I had friends that needed to be “entertained”, my dad decided that I bring them at least to Paris - to make the most of their trip to Europe.

So we crossed the English Channel to explore the City of Lights on our own, with yours truly as the tour guide! After doing the requisite rounds of the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc d’ Triomphe, La Tour d’Eiffel, and a stroll down Champs Elysee, I made it part of the itinerary to visit Galleries Lafayette, wander the streets to window shop through the luxe stores and people watch (forget Montemartre and the Sacré Coeur, it will always be there! Hahaha! Sorry girls if you missed out on that)!!!

To cut a long story short, I saw plenty of chic French women toting Longchamp Le Pliage bags. All well dressed, each one elegant in her own way. And I vowed that when I get a bit older, I’d have Longchamp bags in my closet. And you know what, now that I do, I am very pleased to have a space saving bag that I can unfold when needed. Not to mention, an inexpensive yet chic one, in the French sense of the word! They have proven to be such a fantastic buy, that they have become my constant and trusted companion in all my travels! Very useful especially for last minute purchases! Heehee!

According to, “Longchamp Les Pliages collection combines heavy nylon with tan grained leather trim in classically cool styles. A neccessary basic, the totes and backpacks fold/unfold for extra use. Zipper tops and goldtone hardware. Made in France. This style tote comes in 4 sizes.”

Check out Rustans and duty free shops (the cheapest ones are in Europe! My friend Yvonne got hers at the Heathrow duty free shop for only 50 euros! She was also able to get a huge one on sale some time back in Paris for the equivalent of P1000!) and get your own Longchamp Le Pliage tote! Its a classic bag that will never go out of style!

But if you're looking for something funky with a dose of preppy! Don't fret! Longchamp has something that will make you go "Woohoo"!

(Picture to follow!)

Monday, July 23, 2007


QUESTION: What's better than a foldable eco-friendly reusable shopping tote?

ANSWER: A printed one from Envirosax®!

Now this is what a stylish and functional shopping tote is all about! From Currumbin Valley in South East Queensland, Australia, Envirosax® bags are lightweight, portable, waterproof and can hold an equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags thanks to its reinforced seams!

The bag can be rolled up after use and becomes a lightweight and portable 40 gram package. You may buy a set for AUD$35:

Or you may choose one or more from a collection of trendy graphic designs for AUD$7.50:

Retro Kitchen
Retro Graphic

Best of all, the company donates a percentage of all web sales to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, a national, non-profit charity dedicated to protecting ocean wildlife.

Talk about supporting the environment in style!

Special thanks to Mark and Belinda of Envirosax®

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Creative Shots

hey! maybe this isn't your thing, but can you suggest creative poses for a grad pic? =) - Ange

Hi Ange! Your request was a bit of a challenge, so I asked my sisters to help me brainstorm and here are a couple of creative poses that we came up with! Hope these suggestions get your creative juices flowing!

My sister Dianne thought of doing this for our youngest sister Nicole's "creative shot". They made a replica of her school ID and Nicole just had fun with it in front of the camera. One shot was a serious one; then she stuck her head out for another shot, and finally had another classmate join her so it looked like she had two heads or something!Now its displayed in her room as a reminder of her silly grad picture pose!

My sister-in-law Lorr suggested something that her classmate did. He bent a spoon, tied a nylon string around it and had someone dangle it in front of him while he pretended that he was concentrating on making it "float" on air.
Come to think of it, with a nylon string, you can actually make anything you want float on air!

Another trick is to pretend that you're levitating! Check out how you can create that illusion (there's a low tech and a David Blaine way) using the Balducci Levitation Technique!

Its always fun to dress up like your favorite character, especially if you have an uncanny resemblance to the original. Check out these "almost can fool you" impersonators Captain Jack Sparrow and Paris Hilton from

You may also get your friends in on the fun and dress up as a group (either as pop group/band/movie cast) with each one playing a particular role! Have your shots taken individually, but do it in such a way that if your photos are placed side by side, there's a cohesive look to it!

If you are willing to spend for a backdrop (use a plain background, and then print and stick logos of your favorite label/magazine/drink, etc.), pretend you're a celebrity flashing your most paparazzi friendly smile!

You can have a huge tarpaulin made, with your favorite magazine as the backdrop. And you of course as the cover model!

Do you see yourself as a Lawyer? Doctor? News Anchor? Project your dream job into your creative pose! It will also serve as a reminder to damn the odds and follow your dreams!

How do you want to be remembered by your batchmates? Maybe you're a weekend surfer, a stamp collector, or a karaoke champion. Share your passion and invite everyone to surf your turf!
(Remember to stick to the school dress code!)

These are all I can think of for now. Maybe our readers have interesting and fun ideas to share! Feel free to add to the list y'all! =)

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

This is Not a Plastic Bag

Teen Vogue August is out now! I got my sister Nicole the latest issue and of course, I get first dibs because I bought it! Haha! Apart from the advertorial spread on Libertine for Target, this is my Teen Vogue discovery for the month! I am so bent on buying this bag:

No kidding! It is a bag! Check out how it transforms into a super roomy shopping tote:

Me likey! Best of all, its only $8, a pretty good deal huh! It's available online at You may buy your bags in packs of one, three and six. You may also choose from a variety of colors (red, fuchsia, khaki, olive, navy, black, grey, aqua). Shipping is $2 flat rate, no matter how many you buy!

Baggu's designer, Emily Sugihara studied economics (just like me!!!) at the University of Michigan but heeded her calling and went to Parsons for fashion design (I should do this!!!). She then interned at Proenza Schouler, worked at J.Crew and now runs her bag business like a true trailblazer and entrepreneur!

She tells Teen Vogue, "The idea for Baggu ('bag' in Japanese) came after my friend gave me a reusable tote from Sweden. My mom wanted a bunch for the supermarket, but we couldn't find anything stylish or affordable online. So I got some ripstop material and my mom and I started sketching and sewing like crazy. Though the bags were designed for groceries, they're cute enough to go anywhere. When I buy clothes, I'll throw them in here instead of wasting another shopping bag. We even have a see-through version that resembles a plastic bag, because my boyfriend complained it looked like he was carrying a purse!"

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Nude is Good

I've always been an advocate of nude heels. Because it really is as versatile as a black pair of pumps.

I'd buy it in all shapes and sizes if I could. Check out these Louboutin babies from net-a-porter. Droolicious!

See how nude looks so darn good!!!

To achieve that nude look, the trick here is to match your shoe against your skin tone! The lighter you are, the paler your shoes should be. Yeah, its kind of like picking out your foundation! But this time, in a shoe store! What bliss! Hahaha!

(Photos courtesy of net-a-porter and
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