Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Picnic at the Park

I love Berry's themed play dates! Last week was the "nail polish party" with Gia and Georgia, and this week was a "picnic at the park" with Jacob and Sabrina. It was my friend Pam's idea and it turned out to be a fun, breezy and yummy way to spend the afternoon.

While the kiddos played with their sand toys and went up and down the slides and took their turns at the swings, Pam and I got to catch up and eat out of the ordinary picnic food. The kids were happy with strawberries, marshmallows, raisins, cheddar Goldfish crackers, Pic-Nic Break and Wheatables, but the highlight and centerpiece of our picnic was the truffle panizza that Pam bought from Foccacia. OMG! I think I had 5 rolls of these! And I am still craving for more...

Berry enjoyed the food, her new friends, and was sad about having to go. I myself found it hard to tear myself away from the table. Plus, the weather was so nice, sunny but still comfortable, because of the canopy of trees above us. Such a nice time to be out. And to think it was raining so hard the day before, Pam and I were worried about having to cancel. But! God was good and gave us perfect picnic weather on the day of our play date!

While walking back to our car, I noticed the carpet of fallen leaves on the grass. It looked like fall, and if the weather was any cooler, and if I were wearing boots instead of flip flops, I could have fooled myself into thinking we were somewhere not tropical.

Pam has fun anecdotes about our picnic in her blog, Run Around Girl! Read HERE!

PS - To Kelly, I am using Hopscotch Kids, a line of water based nail polishes for kids. So yes, there are non-toxic polishes for pregnant ladies like us! Safe for breastfeeding moms too! =)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SoFA this Summer!

Thinking of ways to make your summer more productive? Check out SoFA's summer programs - there's a program for you, as well as the kids at home, to help channel all that creative energy!

SoFA Design Institute, the Philippines’ first specialized fashion and design college, brings you a whole slew of design workshops:

The SoFA Fashion Design Boot Camp for Teens is where budding fashion designers spring into action! This intensive 1-month long summer program gives an introduction into the world of Fashion Design. This program, which meets on a daily basis for a month duration, will walk aspiring designers through the steps of the creative process from inspiration, conceptualization, design combined with hands-on activites in sewing & construction, field and exposure trips. Students will be able to experience what life as a fashion designer entails while gaining basic fashion and design knowledge and skills. This program is aimed for teens 13 to 18 years old. Runs from March 26 to April 27.

Fashion Photography Workshop by Raymund Isaac gives you the opportunity to learn from one of the Philippines’ photography masters. Learn how to work settings and equipment according to themes and environments to achieve editorial worthy output. This 6-session workshop begins April 21.

SoFA also has its regular Summer Workshop Offerings such as:

SoFA Kids Fashion Camp Immerse your little fashion tots in chic creative endeavors. This 8-session workshop covers jewelry making, t-shirt designing, denim deconstruction and other ingenious creative outputs will begin on March 20. For ages 6 to 12 years old.

Basic and Advanced Makeup Techniques Artistry has gone beyond the confines of canvas and fabrics. Many Filipina women are getting into the discipline of makeup artistry, so this summer, SoFA is offering a comprehensive 4-session Basic Make up Techniques workshop which include topics like prepping, blending and experimenting the face with day time and night time looks. Starts May 5. For the established practitioner looking into updating their skills, Advanced Make up Techniques which will begin on May 7 might be the boost they’re looking for to address their needs.

For budding designers who are interested in getting into the craft, we’re offering basic design foundation classes such as Designing and Constructing Your Own Clothes and Illustration for Beginners. Both workshops will begin March 17 respectively.

SoFA School of Interior Design offers the following Summer Workshops:

All this free time may just be your chance to do a bit of sprucing up at home. Tap the creative and resourceful genius in you by enrolling in Renovating on a Budget. Familiarize yourself with essential decorating knowledge and practical knacks that will help you save on your next home renovation.

Personally plan and decorate for your house parties from here on. Be acquainted with the essential how-to’s and what-not’s of event planning and decoration with the 4-session workshop on Entertaining in Style.

Interior design knowledge need not be confined within the home. Merge your design and business slants with SoFA’s 6-session workshop on Visual Merchandising

Expecting parents and bride-to-be’s need not worry where to begin! SoFA is offering a comprehensive 6-session workshop on Nursery Design and a basic 4-session course on Designing Your Dream Wedding Environment.

Hobbyists and professionals need not have a background in Fashion or Interior Design to enroll. You may call the Admissions Office at 4784622 loc. 115/103 or email for more information on schedules, rates and other workshop details.


Fashion Design Boot Camp for Teens
An intensive daily 1-month long program
March 26- April 27, Mon-Fri, 2-6pm (MWF) 9-1pm (TTH).
PHP 30,000

Kids Fashion Camp
March 20- April 19, Tues and Thurs, 9-12nn.
PHP 4,000-8,000

Designing and Constructing Your Own Clothes
March 17- April 21, every Saturday, 9-4pm.
PHP 9,500

Fashion Illustration for Beginners
March 17-April 28, every Saturday, 12-4pm.
PHP 9,500

Basic Makeup
May 5 – May 26, every Saturday, 9-4pm.
PHP 12,500

Advanced Makeup
May 7- May 23, Monday and Wednesday, 4-7pm.
PHP 9,500

Fashion Photography
April 21 – May 26, every Saturday, 9-12nn.
PHP 15,000

Interior Design Workshops
Schedule TBA
Contact SoFA Design Institute 

Nika Daffon 
Communications and Admissions Department 
Tel: 478-4622 loc. 103 

Monday, February 27, 2012

19 Weeks: Play Date then Day to Night

Christopher Kane x Topshop dress, Birkenstocks

Audrey & I organized a play date for Berry, Gia & Georgia last week at their home - they had a "nail polish play date" and had a manicure/pedicure session with Hopscotch Kids, heehee. Even 6 month old Georgia put polish on her toes - it's water based naman! Adorbs! I wore this Christopher Kane x Topshop dress - it's comfy with a pambahay feel, but still cool enough to be worn out. AJ, their daddy aka The Graphic Designer, automatically recognized Christopher Kane's work! Galing! Had to clarify though, "Topshop lang ito!" Hahaha!

That same week, I hied off to Anthem in Rockwell to check out Anthology's new Hudson wedges. Angganda! Pregnancy friendly too ha! It's so light and so comfy! I like the grey ones the best, because it has that  nude effect, doesn't look chunky at all and just blends with the skin.

It comes in these 3 colors, and I would so get this in black too when they have it out. Soon please!

I was actually in Rockwell for a lunch meeting with Oliver of AVA (btw, thanks to everyone who supported the FEED sale on AVA! Almost sold out again as of week 1!) but I also had dinner that same evening with Dada and friends - Karrots, Chico, Jacob and Kaye, so this was my attempt at day to night dressing:

jeweled flats from Miu Miu, a dress from Hong Kong, Kenneth Jay Lane necklace, Fenton/Fallon cuff

day to night flats diba?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pregnancy Style Tip: Men's Shirts (Borrowed from the Boys)

I can't exactly remember where I first heard of Superdry, but it's been in my realm of consciousness for a few years now. I distinctly remember the brand for fusing Japanese and American aesthetics, although it is originally from the UK. 

Anyhoo, I thought of the brand again because I was researching for men's shirts that I can wear while pregnant & nursing. I used to get Dada's hand me downs, but since he cleaned out his closet to make room for new shirts, I can't raid it any more. Besides, he has since transitioned to more tailored shirts and they're just too business-y for my taste now - with french cuffs and stiff collars, and all that jazz.

Now I don't like those Abercrombie type button downs - too rumpled, and Uniqlo Philippines won't be opening until June 2012 (Uniqlo is my #1 source for button down shirts! Love love love, but they don't sell online!) so I am looking for the Superdry variety. Casual, but fitted so it doesn't look like I'm swimming in the shirt. Kinda like these:

So nice no? So ladies, and of course, you gents too, if you're looking for mens designer shirts infusing British tailoring, I think we've got a winner in Superdry! I can so imagine dapper Japanese guys wearing these shirts with denims or khakis and Red Wing boots.

And pregnant ladies pairing these shirts with leggings, boyfriend jeans and flats or oxfords. Pwede!

Superdry also has 43 standalone UK stores, as well as concessions in 48 department stores, including Harrods and Selfridges London. Internationally, Superdry has stores across the USA, Australia, Europe, South America and Asia.

(Photos from & Tommy Ton for GQ)

Rabeanco in Manila!

If you've been looking for reasonably-priced, practical, well-made, designer quality handbags, then it's time you learn about Rabeanco, which is opening it's first store in the Philippines at Alabang Town Center's Garden Wing on Friday, February 24, 2012!

Back in Singapore, whenever my friends want to spend on a new bag, but aren't in the mood for splurging, we head off to Rabeanco in ION Orchard. I swear, the leather is just so yummy and smooshy, and they come in the prettiest colors!

My friends Ivy and Cherie practically have never changed handbags when they started using their Rabeancos. It's a great everyday bag that looks and feels expensive, promise! 

Here are some of the bags available here in Manila, visit the store for more! Their small leather accessories like wallets, coin purses and clutches are equally gorgeous and well-priced as well:

Reportorial Php18,500

Toosy Php16,500

Vanilla Pod Php18,000

Visit Rabeanco at the Garden Wing of Alabang Town Center, opening on Friday, February 24, 2012!


International luxury handbag label RABEANCO embraces the ultimate in elegance, sensuality and creative expression of women by offering smart and affordable luxury products. Presenting an extensive line of functional bags, RABEANCO combines stylish and stand-out designs coupled with top quality leather and meticulous craftsmanship producing a superb look and feel finish. Marrying function, fashion and sensual material, RABEANCO offers a wide spectrum of colors and detailing, supplying for different lifestyles and silhouettes at the spur of the moment. RABEANCO, which has boutiques located in London, Belgium, Holland, Hong Kong, Singapore, promises to empower women of today with a renewed symbol of feminity: practical and spontaneous.

18 Weeks

These days I can eat so  much better now. No more puking at all, yey! I still have to rein in the urge to stuff myself because I get heartburn, sigh. Which is kind of good though because I don't eat more than I should. In a way, heartburn is a blessing because when I had it with Berry, I only gained 25 lbs the entire pregnancy. Which was easy to shed off.

I can also feel the Little One moving around in my tummy! I started feeling movements around 16 weeks, but this time it's more evident. I so know when the baby is awake! We are so excited! Berry calls our baby, "my baby". She even talks to the baby, saying she will share her toys! Awww, I think she'll be a good and caring atchi/older sister!

Here's how my belly looks at 18 weeks:

Tunic top from H&M, American Apparel leggings, Simple 85 pumps from Christian Louboutin
(In heels, I know. I was sitting the whole time anyway, and didn't need to walk extensively, so why the heck not, hee)

J. Crew tunic top, Old Navy leggings, ballet flats from French Sole 

The latter outfit is more pregnancy friendly of course. I think as my belly grows, I'll be living in leggings, tunic tops and flats more and more.

Lip Care by Carmex

Carmex has been a regular in my life since college. So hmmm, that's over 10 years now! Talk about loyal!

I remember my friend Xsa would bring me Carmex whenever she would travel to the States every summer break, and she never failed to remind me how she swears by it. She was so hooked, she got me hooked as well. Years after, even if I stray and try on other lip balms, I still keep on buying Carmex. Couldn't resist picking some up at Target or the corner drugstore every time, because at $1 each, hello, it's a no brainer!

So I just want to say a huge huge thanks to @CarmexPH for sending me a stash of Carmex products! Because really, when my lips are extra dry, nothing beats Carmex. I love its minty taste too. Kiehl's works as well, but it's not as tasty on the lips, hehehe!

I really love lip balms, I have like 3 at a time in my bag. Just a bit of advice, carry Carmex in your purse along with your other favorite balms. It's my serious dry lips fighter ;)

Get Carmex at:

- PCX outlets (Rob Plc Manila, Festival Mall, Rockwell, Alabang Town Center)
- first Aid in Greenbelt 3
- Robinson's Department Stores nationwide
- Landmark Department Stores (Makati and Trinoma)
- Shopwise Supermarkets
- Pure Beauty, Serendra (2nd floor)
- Boracay Budget Mart
- Suesh, Greenhills
- Red Dot, Laoag Ilocos Norte

FEED Bags Sale on AVA

Whether you are a student, professional or entrepreneur, there is no easier way to show we are socially aware than buying a FEED bag.  Starting last week until March 1, 2012, show you care by buying a FEED bag on!  

Social entrepreneur Lauren Bush started FEED Projects in 2006, in order to help feed the hungry children of the world. Almost 400 million children around the world go to bed hungry every night. In fact, a child dies of hunger every five seconds. 65% of the world's hungry live in only 7 countries around the world. With every purchase of a FEED bag, you are ensured that you are contributing to the United Nations World Food Programme's School Feeding Program.

Let's help break this poverty cycle. Let's help FEED the children of the world one FEED bag at a time.

Not yet a member of AVA? Join HERE!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Get 20% OFF on Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Who wants Jeffrey Campbell Litas at 20% OFF?  (Ladies, instead of paying Php6k+ for JCs, you get them for Php5k+. No deposit required!)

Simply pre-order now until February 29 from Fashion Forum at SM, and with a little bit of waiting, you'll finally get the pair you want in any of the colors below:

Black Distressed

Grey Distressed

Navy Suede

Tan Suede

Taupe Suede

For sizing, details, and how to order, click on Fashion Forum's Facebook Page HERE!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Guys, You've Got Marni x H&M Goodies Too

I actually would wear these clothes meant for you guys!

Fave Looks from the Marni x H&M Lookbook

Here are my favorite looks for the girls, although guys, I gotta tell you, there's a lot of pieces to like on your end too! I haven't forgotten you! But first, here are my top picks from the collection:

Quintessentially Marni = socks + platforms

I love this dress! And the sandals!

The belted coat! One word. Volume.

I want this tee! And the sequined collar! Reminds me of this one...

What Sofia wore...

These flat sandals + socks, that collar again, and the cardigan w/ belt. The swimsuit is cute too. 
If there was a like button on each piece, then I just liked everything!

This dressssssssss!

What Lou wore. Super cute. If I end up with only this top & the shorts, I think I'll be ok.

Want this tee too! And the pencil skirt!

The collection will be out in select stores worldwide on March 8. All photos courtesy of H&M.
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