Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Speaking of Saint James

Got the photos above from the blog P&P, or P et P in Fran├žais. The daring duo behind it, Lorenzo Papace and Vincent Pianina make a mockery of bloggers, French bloggers Louise and Alix in particular!

I'm hoping these girls have a sense of humor about it, because it's so irreverently funny!

Can you see the resemblance?



It's so funny how they go out of their way to re-create the looks, I mean man, that takes time, effort and creativity! Like they really give each picture as much thought as Alix puts into her outfits! And I mean that in a good way. I love Alix! It's just that P&P is so hilarious! I hope they make more posts! The blog is brilliant!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Berry Nice Weather

It was such a nice day out two Saturdays ago, I can't believe it's raining again this week! That weekend, we decided to go out for a walk by the river, just to enjoy the sunshine. And yes! This is Berry now! She's like a little girl already! She started cruising a month ago and now, she can push her "Walk and Ride Lion" around the house. She feeds herself and she even feeds me, pushing Animal Crackers to my lips! Hahaha!

She even runs! When she gets excited, she really makes a run for it! I think she forgets that she is only 9 months old!
Mommy: Balenciaga sunnies, Saint James Meridien II shirt, J Brand jeans, French Sole flats. Berry wearing Carter's and Baby Levi's
I see that this little girl is a diva in the making. See Berry doing a Pilita!? When she wants to do something else, to get her way, she would bend backwards like that ala Pilita Corrales! Now here's Berry wearing my scarf, because even though the sun was out, it was starting to get a bit chilly.

Another milestone! Last week, we went to her pediatric dentist for a cleaning and a fluoride treatment. She has 4 teeth out already, and two more upper teeth coming out! Now she has her own toothbrush and she laughs when I brush her teeth and gums. I think she gets tickled when I do that. So cute!

Mommy Meals

It's a challenge to prepare a full meal when you're a stay at home mom with chores to do and a baby to run after. My friend Paz and I used to exchange stories of what we eat for lunch and usually, it's leftovers or a sandwich, because our kids can be demanding. But well, lucky Paz is now in HK and has two nannies to help her out! Yeah, she's living the life of a tai tai while I am still slumming it out here, hahaha!

But lately, I have been trying to whip out easy, yummy, appealing meals, because eating makes me happy!

Grilled cheese sandwich with a side of herb salad and potato chips (a little bit charred because I was washing dishes while grilling the sandwich, haha!)

Soft taco filled with refried beans, ground beef, cheese, sour cream, homemade salsa, herb salad greens with a side of nachos and guacamole

Looks right out of a deli and super fast to prepare too! Takes me 5 minutes max. My homemade salsa recipe is from my chef/friend Bunnee Santos! I couldn't remember her exact recipe, so I just winged it. Here is my version:

In a bowl, mix chopped:
- cilantro (a small bunch)
- onions
- tomatoes
- jalapeno peppers

Squirt the lime juice off a whole lime. Toss. Season with salt (my cousin Dex uses patis/fish sauce), ground black pepper and tabasco. Voila! Fresh, crunchy and chunky salsa!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Kate All Dressed Up

Well, not technically dressed up dressed up, but here's more of Kate Bosworth's style when she's out for parties and stuff. Not exactly candids, you know?

Take for instance how relaxed and easy this looks! Love the scalloped shorts, the loose blazer, again, those wedges - quintessential Chloe!

Loving the masculine/feminine vibe this look is projecting! I like how she buttoned up her shirt all the way too!

I was inspired to buy zip trimmed leggings because of her outfit here! I like how the hem of the leggings open a bit at the ankle! Of course, hers looks more fabulous with buttons and all that jazz...

See how Helena looks blah compared to her here? And we're talking supermodel Helena!

Cute flouncy detail on her dress! 80s but not funny retro!

One word, ferocious! And not in a tacky ferocious way!

Rocking a sleek bob and a bandage dress here!

Looking chic in a shift!

Like the juxtaposition of a soft white blouse and a leather pencil skirt!

The pairing of a nude dress with red lips and heels is so inspiring!

One of my fave outfits of her - in Etro.

Love the burnt orange dress!

In a sleeveless top and a maxi skirt. Great idea for an evening look! Can I just add, I'm liking Chloe S.'s white blazer too!

(Photos from and

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Style Star: Kate Bosworth

Have I told you much I love Kate Bosworth's style? I really think she's a real style star. I don't think I have given her enough mileage here, and that's practically a sin. Because I love love love her look. Whether she's out on the streets or all glammed up, she's proven she's got serious style chops. Let's try and dissect my favorite looks of her here.

There's that oversize Chloe sweater coat again from above. She really incorporates her favorite pieces into her wardrobe. You can't see it here, but she's wearing Chloe Poseidons that go so well with her gray sweater and bag.
Paraty on the side! Love the knee high boots, and of course, the Chloe Paraty!
Cute look.  The tiered skirt is unexpected and fresh in royal blue. Plus, that Alexander Wang bucket bag. Please be mine.
Key pieces that make a look: Isabel Marant booties, the Leica camera case, the scarf wrapped around her neck. Easy and understated.
How can she look so chic in a loose jersey dress and flip flops? It's unfair. There's that Alexander Wang bucket bag again.
Here's another version of Kate wearing an oversize sweater coat. The plaid tunic shirt is a want. Classic Ray Ban aviators complete the look.
Love the relaxed, slouchy jumpsuits. And those Chloe wedges in the first photo!

Let's cap this series of photos with the look that started my Kate B. obsession (well, after Blue Crush!) Love the plaid shirt, the high waist wide leg denims from 18th Amendment (so obsessed I had to have one!), and that red Chloe Betty that is still quite adorable up to now.
Come to think of it, Kate always has a piece or two from Chloe most of the time. I wish I can do that too! I love anything and every thing Chloe! Incidentally, when Berry was still in my tummy, I wanted to name Berry either Kate or Chloe because I felt Kate was such a cool name. I was hoping she'd take after Kate Moss and Kate Bosworth's style genes haha! I also liked the name Chloe - so she can wear stuff from Chloe and see her name somewhere in there! Shallow Hal!

Next up, Kate's dressed up days! If you think her day to day style is chic, there's more to see!

(Photos from

Friday, March 26, 2010

Trilogy x Greyone Social x Vans Weekend Sample Sale!

If I were there this weekend, I'll be there to check this out! (And you can ask the folks from Vans if the Sophie shoes have arrived OR will ever reach our shores!)

March 27-28 at the Trilogy Boutique in 110 Alvion Center, Rada Street, Legaspi Village, Makati.

Get there early, doors open at 10 am! You can always have brunch at Canteen!

Here's the map, no excuses not to go!

Denim on Denim

Chloe SS 2010 from

Supposedly a great look for spring, but I am still deciding if I like it though. I still can't shake off that rule that denim on denim is a no no...Old school!
shirt: Old Navy, shorts: Current/Elliott, booties: No.6

Just goes to show how old I am! Hahaha!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wang Wang Wang!

If you want the tough stuff but can't cough up the dough...

Here's a shopping alert that might just get you scrambling! The $125 studded tote from Opening Ceremony X Alexander Wang!

Sure, it's canvas, but the the trademark gold stud details are there alright (also comes in silver)...

See, I ain't joking!

The totes are available exclusively at OC's Ace Hotel location and at OC online! $875 vs. $125, what do you say?

Ace Hotel New York
20 W 29th St
New York, NY 10001
(212) 679-2222

(Photos from and OC online)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TOMS for Tots

So thoughtful of Toms to think of the little ones via Tiny Toms - for pre-walkers to 4 years old!

Herringbone Sparkle Mary Jane Tiny TOMS $34

Remarque Tiny TOMS $34
 Olive Grey Camo Tiny TOMS $34

There's also a line called TOMS Youth for TOMS fans 4 to 10 years old! Berry, shall we start you young?

Doing Denim: Acne x Lanvin 2010

I love denims. I practically collect them. I have wide leg jeans, high waist wide leg jeans, skinny jeans in ink, white, black and gray, boyfriend jeans in white and blue, in various states of looseness, chambray shirts, a chambray tunic, you get my drift...

But! What I don't have are denim dresses. I just haven't found one that would make it to my closet. Until I saw the latest Acne x Lanvin collection! This one blows the last collection out of the water!

The chances of myself getting one though? A slim 1 in 50,000. Unless one of these in my size finds it to the Barneys Warehouse Sale! Prices are blowing me away, and not in a good way:

Skirt: LF 401D $930

Dress: LF 203D $900

Dress: LF 202D $1170

Dress: LF 200D $1380

At these prices, I have to just let go of the thought. Sure, it's Lanvin, and I am paying for Alber Elbaz's talent. But if I obsess about this at my usual rate, I'll end up with acne. Take note, not with a capital A!
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