Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Schu Me The Money!

Since we are on the subject of flats, I'm giving you advance notice to save, save, save your Pesoses!!! Because you'll need it! Schu is coming up with a collection of jazzy jazz shoes (ala Repetto Zizis) in rose, vanilla, ceramic blue & black...

...and patent loafers in classic neutrals by July 2009!

You can't just buy one with all these choices right? I hear from Ruby Gan of Schu, that the jazz shoes will come in purple as well! So mark your July calendars girlies, and make a beeline for these Schu stores once I tell you these shoes are out and about...

Glorietta 3, Mobile No. +63915 576 18 00,
G/F, SM Mall of Asia, Mobile No. +63906 298 11 94,
M3, Ayala TriNoma, Mobile No. +63905 329 93 68
Chimes, Felcris Specialty Store, Mobile No. +63920 951 18 30
G/F, Ayala Cebu +63922 506 49 13
The 5th, Shangri-la Plaza, Tel. No. 634 95 96
Level 2, Robinson's Galleria, Tel. No. 634 91 35

Chocolate schu Bar, R2, Power Plant, Tel. No. 899 6997; Mobile No. 0927 552 7588

Monday, June 29, 2009


How many of you girls out there invested in the past couple of seasons vertiginous heels? If you count yourself amongst the many, then you'll die (in a Rachel Zoe kind of way). Because if you are a shoe lover and a dedicated follower of fashion, you might want to poise yourself for more purchases to come...which isn't entirely a bad thing, because this just means plenty of good reason to shop!

So, what is this you have to shop for? Well, for flats (of the ballerinas, loafers, brogues, oxfords, jazz shoes kind) of course! How do I know these are the shape of shoes to come?

Well, let's first take the cue from the French Voguettes as seen on this blog (during Paris Fashion Week - photos were courtesy of Jak & Jil)...

Hey, if Carine & Co. have been snapped wearing flats, it's pretty much a sign right?

If you're still not convinced, then check out what Nuclear Wintour's sidekick, Andre Leon Talley, had to say in his Vogue Daily post entitled Keep It Short, the highlights of which read...

Designers with an obsession for towering torture chambers, often poorly designed for the well-being of the foot, must get a reality check. I, for one, am over the mania for the high, high heel. Too many career women look like a herd of fashion beasts, aping one another in impractical shoes...

...Diana Vreeland’s favorite day shoe was a Roger Vivier boot with a flamenco dancer’s heel, measured to the exact millimeter. Do you think Katharine Hepburn would allow herself to fall victim to the stiletto? C. Z. Guest almost never wore high heels. Carolina Herrera wears heels all the time, but they are easy-to-walk-in 70mm Manolo Blahniks, or lower than three inches. Today’s devotees also include Kara Walker. I do like to see women who know how to glide gracefully along on a sensible low heel. So, designers: Can you stop the madness and dream up a new way to define your silhouette without a needle heel that defies not only gravity but elegance?

Do I need to show more proof? Ok, check out the 2010 Cruise/Resort collections (fine, it's resort wear, but when the designers and their stylists put something down the runway, reality follows right behind! so keep an eye out for flat oxfords in neutrals and metallics) from Calvin Klein...

and Chanel who sent some of their models down the boardwalk in two tone (black toe caps! heehee!) flats...

...if not barefoot (how flat is that)!

If Vogue editors and runway collections fail to inspire you, check out some looks from a Teen Vogue (August 2009) story on tomboy dressing...

So in the not too distant future, should you be caught dead wearing heels, don't say I didn't warn you! ;)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Give & Take

You know what, I really believe it pays to share. Whatever - time, gifts, information. I am always happy to divvy up the goods, especially when a friend/relative/acquaintance seeks out and will appreciate the advice. Always, you get what you give. Take this exchange between Sarj & I for instance:

Months ago...
Sarj: I really want those Repetto Zizis!!!

Tin: I've seen it at Bergdorf, La Garconne, eLuxury, we can go to Bergdorf one of these days so you can try it on...

Weeks ago...
Tin: Hey Lola Sarj! Check out this site called Wondershoe...

They've got really cute and cheap oxfords! This blogger, Diana Rikasari from Indo, wears it and she dresses really cute!

Sarj: Omg! I want the two tone oxfords with the black toe caps! And they ship to Manila! Do you think I can ask my bro to buy it and have it sent through your parents when they go here?

Tin: Of course! Make sure the shoes arrive in Manila before they leave ha!!!

Sarj: Ok, will let you know!

Last week...
Tin: Sarj! Rag & Bone has those two tone oxfords you want! On sale at eLuxury! It looks gorgeous!!! Wah!!!

Sarj: OMG! I'm getting it, wait wait, let me checkout!!! Bili ka na din!!! (Buy a pair too!)

Tin: I don't want to buy na! You na lang! But when it gets to you, tell me how it fits and I hope it's still available in case it turns out super dooper nice! If it's there, it's meant to be! (Feeling strong self-control)

June 17, a passing thought while I was in labor...
Tin: Hmmm...I wonder if Sarj's Rag & Bone oxfords arrived na? Will eLuxury have it in my size kaya after we get discharged from the hospital? Hmmm....Oh oh oh, I feel the contractions coming again...

June 21...
Sarj: Tita Tin!!! Man, the shoes are too tight! I'll just wait for the all-black pair I bought from Totokaelo and see how it fits. You can have the two tone ones if ever because your feet are narrower! Wah!

Tin: OMG! (Palpitating) Really?! Are you sure?! Kasi (Because) eLuxury doesn't have it in my size na, size 11 na lang! (My true colors are shining through...)

Sarj: Sige, I'll bring the shoes when I visit Berry. It's so nice Tita Tin, I'd rather that one of us have it than have it sent back to eLuxury to get snapped up by some random chick!!!

June 25, through YM...
Tin: Sarj! Wacko Jacko is RIP! Uhmmm, did you see his shoes sa Billie Jean video (incidentally, I danced to Billie Jean on stage, in front of the whole grade school, when I was in first grade! Is it a sign?)! Two Tone Oxfords!

Sarj: Yun pa talaga naisip mo?! (Of all things, that's what you thought of?!) But uuuy, I saw your Lover post! Two Tone Oxfords!

June 26, our apartment...
Sarj: Tin...psst, try on the shoes...

Tin: Let's see if the shoe fits... (Kunwari pa...)

Sarj: Dali, para I don't have to ship it back na, heehee!

Dear Hubby (of course he makes a cameo here!): Ano na naman yan? (Now, what is this all about?) Looks at Toni (Sarj's Hubby). Tin is stuck at home, but her friends manage to get her to shop. All her friends call her telling her about these sales, they buy stuff for her when she can't go out. It's unbelievable!

Toni smartly smiles a smile of compassion and understanding at Harvs. He knows how Harvs feels, but he cannot say anything against two girls obsessed with shoes...

Tin: In my sweetest voice, Honey, may I buy this shoe? (Insert meek, innocent smile here...)

Dear Hubby: In an understanding (or resigned?) tone...Honey, it's really up to you! (Awwww...)

Sarj goes back to getting Repetto Zizis, her first love. Tin ends up with the two tone oxfords, the love she couldn't forget.

(Photos from hellobackbird.blogspot.com, wondershoe, dianarikasari.blogspot.com, eluxury, net-a-porter.com)

Pantene's Mane Event with Louis Kee

Pantene’s Mane Event shines the spotlight on Asian hairstyles

Fab Shags… Blunt Bobs… Edged-out Layers … from the latest Hong Kong flick on the big screen to the most-watched koreanovelas on TV, there’s no denying that Asian hairstyles are hot and happening.

And to help Filipinas achieve their dream Asian hairstyle, Hong Kong hair master and Pantene Council of Stylist member Louis Kee recently hosted the HK Mane Event at his Louis Phillip Kee Salon at the Fort.

The event was an intimate gathering dedicated to uncovering the latest trends in Asian hairstyles, a topic that is the special expertise of the Hong Kong bred stylist.

They’re becoming more popular here in the Philippines as the Asian telenovelas play a major influence in the introduction of these styles, and to a certain point, to making it commercial,” Kee explained.

He went on to describe what makes Asian hairstyles so distinct.

Asian hair is actually sleeker and shinier than Caucasian hair and its naturally dark color help makes styles look very defined,” Kee explained. “Then there’s that heavy anime influence; many styles try to execute these looks as closely as possible to have styles that can look both wild and flirty at the same time. You see this a lot with male hairstyles, they have an untamed look that are playfully sexy, and can really make a statement.

When it comes to women’s hairstyles, Kee said that “one of the most popular looks today, for women, is a short, cropped style with fringed ends and straight bangs.

For Filipinas who like long hair, the trend is to have beautiful curls with the sometimes added slanted bang. And having shiny straight hair is a timeless look, as exemplified by Hollywood star, Lucy Liu.

He then demonstrated his hair mastery by giving lucky participants their dream Asian hairstyle and sharing tips on how women can get and maintain a fabulous mane.

(Here's my SIL Leslie who was looking forward to a new look! Lucky she got chosen to get a hair cut right there and then!)

(The final "product", Leslie's HK movie star hair, heehee!)

(Benj, Helga and Leslie modeling their sleek new cuts from Louis Kee himself!)

To help maintain the avant-garde Asian hairstyle, he advocated using either mousse or wax to make layers, curls and fringes more defined; and recommended shine serum to give sleek bobs their signature luster.

For styling tools, Kee advised that women use a ceramic flat iron or curling iron to help further dramatize these styles. Ceramic tools have protective elements that keep hair from drying out, allowing your hair to retain its moisture and shine. They also have a smooth surface that doesn't tear or break the hair and its surface heats uniformly without damaging hot spots.

He also recommends using Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle Treatment to help restore life to dull, limp, chemically and environmentally damaged hair.

Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle Ampoule is a deep conditioning treatment that promises to help repair 3 months of hair damage in just 3 minutes. It has a unique formula that helps repair and strengthen hair inside and out, with Amino Pro-Vitamins that penetrate the hair strands to hydrate the inside of severely damaged hair, plus the advanced BT MAC ingredient that coats damaged hair strands and mimics the smooth outer layer of healthy hair, protecting your hair from further damage.

This excellent home hair care product is very effective, affordable, requires little time and produces instant results. You just need to give 3 minutes of your time for your hair to look its best,” Kee said.

With Anna Legarda (P&G Beauty Brand PR Manager), Sasha Manuel, Benj Espina, Helga Weber, Louis Kee, Leslie Dychiao, Bambi dela Cruz, Lorraine Dychiao, Jamie Paunan, Avin Torres and Fritz Tentativa

Thanks so much to Diet Pineda and Ampy Corpus of Campaigns PR for the invite! Leslie loved her hair, and Lorr just had to come back to get her hair styled as well!

LOUIS KEE of Louis Phillip Kee Hair Salon studied styling Rever in Hong Kong and furthered his training in Mayfair in London with the Vidal Sassoon Academy. He further pursued his passion for hair at the Toni & Guy Academy in 1982 at Christophers Place after he met Anthony Mascolo at The Hair Convention in Hong Kong. He has served as a judge in prestigious hair competitions like The Hair Convention in Hong Kong and Hair Asia in the Philippines. He recently opened his own salon in the Philippines, Louis Phillip Kee Hair Salon at G/F McKinley Place, 5th Avenue cor. 25th St. Fort Bonifacio Tel no. 856-3388.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Celebrate The Rain at the Brightcloud Bazaar!

BRIGHTCLOUD BAZAAR this Saturday, June 27, 2009, at 26 Soliven I, Loyola Grand Villas, Quezon City
10AM to 1PM - private sale for vip + friends + fave customers
1PM to 7PM - open to public

They have everything you need to be ready for rain: PLUEYS rainboots, (NEW) RAIN SKIMMERS waterproof ballet flats, (NEW) MY BROLLY hand-painted umbrellas, PLUS clothes from PlaySuit and Closet Raid, and accessories from Bend & Snap!

The first 100 customers who reserve their Rain Skimmers online and who pick them up at the BRIGHTCLOUD BAZAAR will receive a surprise gift/discount!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

You Little Minx!

I'm not a nail polish kind of girl. I don't even do manicures. Back home, I used to put polish on my toes every now and then, but since our move here, where nail services cost an arm and a leg, my nail maintenance routine has been practically non-existent, save for cutting my nails. So when I saw the feature on Minx Nails in the April 2008 issue of Vogue US, I surprised myself by being intrigued by the "manicure of the moment", which is akin to "dipping your fingertips in mercury" as the write-up declared!

When I was little, I used to break thermometers on purpose because I loved playing with the mercury inside, to my mom's annoyance. Heeheehee! So I guess that mercury bit was the trigger.

I would love to have toe nails that shine like this...

For my finger nails, uhmmm, I'm not entirely sure yet, I guess it would have to depend on the outfit. If was wearing something super edgy with a dash of futurama maybe, like leather or latex, with black Nicholas Kirkwood heels?

Minx Nails are actually sticker-type films that are applied with heat (no use of chemicals here, however futuristic these nails may seem). So any design can actually be Minxed. Not only does it come in metallics like silver and gold, it comes in prints (animal, paisley, stripes, polka dots, etc) and with different textures (alligator skin, brocade, etc) too! But let's not go there, because just between you and me, in the wrong people, it toes the line to Tackyville.

Minx nails are a favorite of celebrities like Blake, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Vicky B. (Beckham not Belo, heehee). But from what I've learned, it seems they are the only ones who can afford it, with an application costing between $55 to $80. This considering, they don't last that long. Maybe just long enough for your fingers and toes to look nice for an event or a show, and definitely not for every day use.

(Article scan from Vogue US, Photos from Silver Point Productions, David Scott Salon and Celeb Beauty Buzz)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Weeksary Berry! + Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Today, June 24, Berry turned 1 week old!

From this little squirt, fresh from Mommy's tummy one week ago...

She has cleaned up quite well with daily sponge baths...heeheehee. We still haven't figured out who she looks like exactly. At first glance, she looks like me. But when we look long and hard, she turns into Dada's mini-me! There are angles where she looks like a little Tintin, some angles, the resemblance to Dada is very distinct. We've come to an agreement that she's a split...hahaha!

Some Berry important milestones on her first week:

- She is a healthy baby! Her Apgar score was in the high 9s, hearing is perfect, and she passed meconium right away. Except she was slightly jaundiced when she was discharged from the hospital but the pedia said it's nothing that water and sunlight can't fix!
- She latched on perfectly for breast feeding on her very first try! Even the lactation consultant was so surprised, she said "Oh, guess you don't need me here!". What a good girl! Not only will she get all the health benefits of breast feeding, we will get to save lots of $$$ because we don't have to buy formula! That means, mommy's shopping fund safe! Oh, I mean, Berry's Ivy League (or fashion school, wherever she decides) fund is safe, hahaha!
- She is a bit of a crocodile. Anything that comes into contact with her lips, she wants it in her mouth - Dada's finger, Mom's arm, her bib, her shirt, her mittens, nothing is safe!
- Our doctors (both the OB and the pedia) and the lactation consultant said never offer breast milk with formula, but for Berry, she never gets confused, and she never picks one over the other. She'll take milk in whatever shape or form! She's breast fed the entire day, except for her 12 midnight feeding time. Because formula is heavier on the tummy, we feed her that so we can at least get 3-4 hours of straight sleep in the evenings. So far this strategy works.
- She can't be fooled. She'll take anything - breast milk, formula (we got to take home a lot of the hospital supplied 2 oz. Similac bottles from the hospital thanks to the nurses!) and water, but she won't use a pacifier! She knows she won't get anything out of it! Very smart!
- She is so smart really, when it comes to food. She likes holding on to her bottle, and when she wants more breast milk, she knows she just has to scratch Mom's boobies and pucker her lips when we sleep side by side at night!

- Amah (Dada's Mom) says we need an octopus to take care of Berry. While Amah is giving her a sponge bath, Mom is giving her water to suck on. While Amah massages Berry's legs, Mom is drying Berry's hair and brushing it. When her diaper is being changed, she sucks at the air while wailing loudly, expressing her need for milk RIGHT NOW! This girl needs full service deluxe all the time! Whatta Diva!
- She cries with real tears! Usually, real tears start flowing at the end of baby's first month...
- Berry's umbilical cord fell off one week after her birth date!

Oh oh oh! And she can mowdel! Amah gave her the coral bracelets that Dada wore when he was a baby. And to make it real pretty, Amah strung gold balls in between. We wanted her to show off her bracelets to her grandparents and aunties and uncles back home so we did a photoshoot. Look at how graceful her hands are...

When she opened her eyes slightly to check out why we were all fussing around her, I told her to look at the camera and show her bracelet. Guess what she did! She looked at the camera and raised her left hand all by herself! No kidding! We were all so amazed! It's probably just a coincidence, but I would like to think she knew what she was doing! Hahaha!

June 24 not only marks Berry's first week in this world. It's also my Dada's birthday! So Happy Birthday Dad! From your Dychiao family!

I always use this photo of my Dada in my blog even though it's almost five years old and he retired from the AFP 4 years ago. My Dada has to be forced to give a huge smile in posed photos, but the Tatler folks got him to smile here. Heehee. And I am always proud of what he has accomplished considering his humble beginnings.

See, this was during his birthday at home, two years ago. (Funny story, check out the 8 candle, Conti's gave me a 0 instead of an 8 and to rectify the situation, I used ketchup to make it look like an 8! Clever huh?! Hahaha!)

So Dad, as my birthday gift to you, first there was me...

Now there's 3 who love you through and through! Harvey, Berry and me!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello, Lover!

When I first saw dresses from Lover some time back, it was love at first sight. Here, check out the latest pieces available at net-a-porter...just lovely (hey you sailor dress, i.want.you)! If I took Lover home, Dear Hubby wouldn't be jealous, he wouldn't even mind it one bit (well he will, because the price tag is "Ouchy!") Hahaha!

Loved by stylish girls like Alexa Chung of MTV's It's On (here wearing what else, but a puff sleeve dress from Lover, note: MTV was smart enough to capitalize on this girl's style star status by chronicling her outfits and linking up actual if not similar pieces in her wardrobe to different shopping sites, so adoring fans can easily copy her look)...

And Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams (who both starred in previous Boy by Band of Outsiders lookbooks, my kinda girls! Heehee!), it's easy to see why Lover has gained such a cult following. It's girly without being overtly so. Cool girls can wear ruffles without looking like a silly bee.

If you don't know yet, Lover is an Australian label groomed to lure unsuspecting girls. Susien Chong and Nic Briand started selling Lover on a market stall in 2001 and let's just say, they've broken a lot of hearts along the way (Why does a dress have to cost upwards of $400? Pray tell me why!).

More temptations this way...Sigh...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Shu Uemura Tokyo Kamon Girls + Where To Buy!

I love love love Shu Uemura's cleansing oil, and I swear by the purple one - White Recovery EX+ Brightening Cleansing Oil (although honestly, castor oil + olive oil works just as well! Promise! But I have yet to get myself a bottle of castor oil here, which reminds me, I should ask my mom to bring me one from Mercury Drug when they come over...).

Now I like pretty things and I am a major sucker for anything that comes packaged so adorably! Hence, vanity and frivolity get in the way of practicality and thrift sometimes, hahaha! Why scour the aisles of Whole Foods looking for castor oil when I can buy a bottle of my favorite cleansing oil that would look so charming by the bathroom sink...

This bottle is just part of a new set of Shu Uemura limited-edition cleansing oils (make-up junkies take note, there's a limited-edition brush set and train case to watch out for too!) done in collaboration with author and Japanese manga artist, Moyoco Anno (she writes books and draws Josei manga - the Japanese equivalent of what we know as "chick lit", hence she is very popular among young Japanese women).

I'm not too sure when this is due for launch in Manila, but for those in Singapore, there's a Tokyo Kamon Girls party on June 26, 2009 from 6pm - 8pm at the Shu Uemura counter in Robinsons Raffles City!

Expect a Tokyo Kamon Girls-inspired makeup demonstration by makeup artists, themed refreshments, double points for Shu fanatic members, and an exclusive door gift worth over $30 when you join the fun!

Places are limited for the party, so you'd have to RSVP to Jean Tan at jtan@sg.loreal.com or 6233 0207 by June 25, 2009.

If you're based in Singapore, get in the loop on activities such as this, by signing up at Cozycot.com

For those in Manila, you can buy these limited-edition Shu Uemura Tokyo Kamon Girls cleansing oils and the travel make-up kit online through makeupkit.multiply.com! These are arriving by June 27 from Singapore so get them early! Call (0917) 8810681 for questions or reservations. Prices are as follows:

Tamaki (enriched/orange) - for dry skin P3200
Matsuno (A/O/ green) - anti-aging P4200
Sakurako (fresh/pink) - for oily skin P3200
Katsura (brightening/blue) - for whitening/brightening P4200
Tsuruha (classic advanced) - all skin types P3200

Travel Make-up Kit - P2795
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