Monday, February 23, 2015

Find Your Light at Hong Kong Disneyland

Ask my 5 year old daughter Berry where she wants to go for vacation and she'd say, "Hong Kong Disneyland!" with such enthusiasm, it's hard to say, "Not again!".

Watching this Find Your Light music video pretty much reminds us why she loves it there though.

The magic of Hong Kong Disneyland, home to many of our homegrown and world-class talents who performed in Disney’s Find Your Light Music Video.

So yes, even if she's been there twice, as we have been going every year for the last two years, Disneyland will always be part of the agenda when traveling with them.

Our first time was with our family friends, where we had such a wonderful time...

Mommies and our Mini Mes, in Fantasyland, as the Dads take our photos, teehee

That she decided she wanted to celebrate her 5th birthday, back at Hong Kong Disneyland.

I totally get it though. There really is something magical about Disneyland in a child's eyes.

In fact, the magic begins right at the Disneyland train, where the subtle hints of Mickey Mouse on the windows and the dangling overhead handles are enough to get the little ones giddy with anticipation.

Actually, make that at the Disneyland Ticket Express booth at the MTR Hong Kong Station. Clutching onto those tickets are enough to set the mood. Kind of like the golden ticket to happiness.

Just as I was when I was little, a huge part of the allure of Disneyland are the Disney Princesses. 

When I was 7, and  all I wanted was to see Cinderella. Who doesn't love the fairy tale ending of a good, hardworking girl getting her Prince, then being whisked off to a palace, to the annoyance of her wicked stepsisters?

That's me, not looking at the camera, probably too busy watching out for Cinderella to appear

For Berry however, it was Snow White in 2013. I think its because she can relate to Snow White's short hair, fair skin, and her sweet and caring disposition.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Snow White, of course!

A year later, she was into Elsa, along with 50 million little girls across the world it seems, drawn to Elsa's regal presence, her powerful magic, and her resolve to protect the ones she loves, even if it means being misunderstood.  

Doesn't hurt that she has long, braided platinum blond hair and wears a gorgeous, sparkly gown while exercising her powers.

Elsa and Anna dolls, selling out fast!

The memories of the fun rides are a huge come on, of course! We all loved the "Jungle River Cruise" in Adventureland. Even our little Xavi, who was only 8 months old at the time, enjoyed it!

But "It's a Small World" will always be a favorite. Even if you've seen it a dozen times, it's always a thrill seeing dolls dressed in Filipiniana costumes, looking out a stylized nipa hut, singing "Ang liit lang ng mundo".

And for this, Disneyland never gets old.

We actually can’t wait to go back, when the two younger boys are big enough to appreciate the fun and magic that is undeniably Disney!

What's your Disney story? Plan your trip at so you can Show your Disney Side too!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gifted Makes it More Yummy!

A new offering from my favorite pizza place, the Strawberry Burrata at Gino's Brick Oven Pizza

This strawberry burrata at Gino's Brick Oven Pizza is so yummy, you have to try it! But what made it more yummy in my case was the fact that it was Gifted (Thanks again, Elaine!).

Kasi diba, "Mas masarap pag libre!" Ahihihi.

A voucher which entitled me to a meal at Gino's

Syempre, mas lalong masaya magbigay. And that's what Gifted is all about.

Gifted is the first online gift certificate retail website in the Philippines.

You can in fact shop gift certificates from over 50 of Manila’s well-loved local and international brands at Gifted.

Each gift certificate comes with a customized greeting card and recommended gift item, adding a personal touch to a typically generic gift certificate.  

And because I'm always up for new and novel concepts, especially if it make's my life so much easier, I tried it myself and loved how easy it is to give gifts via Gifted, not just for special occasions but for random moments as well.

The other day, I surprised Dada with a Saboten gift certificate.

I just added a gift certificate to cart...

And made a card,

with a note saying, "Lunch is on me, Dada!"

He was so surprised because it was out of the blue, and I think he loved it too! Heehee.

Gifted also has fashion brands (Rosanna Ocampo/Le Bunny Bleu, etc), specialty stores (Fully Booked/Quirks), and even Benel archery and Enderun cooking classes in its roster, so if you want to give clothes, jewelry, or lessons as gifts, no need to worry about choosing the right piece, or scheduling a class at the right moment.  Just gift a Gifted gift certificate so your recipient can do the honor of choosing what's perfect for him/her!

Gifted is also perfect for Filipinos based abroad who would like to give gifts to family and friends back home.

It also solves a lot of problems if say, you forgot to buy a gift for someone on his/her birthday. Just send a Gifted gift certificate, and they get your gift in seconds! No need to worry about time delays, shipping, or meeting up and such. So convenient!

Check out to find out how it can make the act of gift-giving, a joy and a breeze.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Would You Wear Maxi Pants?

So my spider sense tells me maxi pants (or extreme flares, ballgown pants even) are going to be a thing.

This was the look that got me thinking. If Jenna Lyons lets it out for J. Crew's presentation for Fall 2015, it must mean something right?


Then Leandra Medine actually wears a pair by Delpozo from Spring 2015 out on the streets. Which to all followers of fashion, pretty much means these pants are as good as gold.


Then I remembered this look I absolutely loved from Sacai Spring 2013. And when Chitose Abe dreams it up in her head and makes an article of clothing real, it pretty much sets the tone and gets the ball rolling.

Or in this case, pant hems sweeping.

That said, would you wear voluminous pants such as these?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Breaking Bread

Here's some new knowledge I've got to share with you, especially if you often feel bloated, tired, or suffer from migraines.

If you've been feeling unwell all these years, and you've chalked it up to age, or your body just getting more sensitive these days, don't blame yourself.

It could be the food you eat that's causing it.

At least, that's the premise behind the most talked about test in town - Food Intolerance Testing, which I took through Hi-Precision Diagnostics, upon the urging of my friend Mel Ongsue-Lee.

The results were so enlightening, I have already made a conscious habit of avoiding dairy...

Dairy-free Coconut Milk Drink by So Delicious, available at SM Hypermart and Spice Island Trader in San Juan

And taking a break from bread. Beautiful bread. "Bread, break na tayo!"

How to stay gluten-free when in Paul Boulangerie? Gluten-free Paillassons Champignons

So yes, you can guess by now that I am intolerant to dairy and gluten. Anything that has to do with cow's milk and wheat, I've got to say bye bye. For now at least. (According to Mel, just avoiding food we are intolerant with for three months, already has significant effects on our sensitivity to it.)

Dada & I took the test back when I was almost due with Tepper.  I figured, since I was about to breastfeed again soon, and also anticipating a season of sleepless nights, I better find out which foods I should avoid, because "Bawal magkasakit!"

Mel scheduled to have a phlebotomist from Hi-Precision come to our home to take blood samples. (Yes! they do home service, so convenient!)

Bright and early, and getting my blood drawn. Yuh. I woke up like dis. 

He asked us to fill up some forms, he drew some blood, and that was that!

Sooner than soon, the results came out. The food intolerance test results look like this. Segregated according to 1) Food Groups.

Food Group segregation allows you find alternatives from the same food group

and by 2) Order of Reactivity.

As with traffic lights, Red means stop, Yellow proceed with caution and green means go

It was kind of sad that a lot of my favorite foods fell into the red and yellow categories, but hey, if that's what it takes to be in tip top shape, then avoid is the way to go.

I am happy to report that ever since I consciously made an effort to avoid the food items in the red group, I am feeling less lethargic and more energetic. 

I mean seriously, pre-Food Intolerance Testing, there were days when I always felt too tired, and I'd blame it on not having enough energy to take care of the family, manage the household and do my work. 

But now, I have one more baby in the equation, essentially the same amount of work, and I am doing just fine with enough energy to spare. Yes, despite the sleepless nights!

If you'd like to find out what food items you are intolerant of, visit a Hi-Precision Diagnostics branch nearest you, or request for home service, like we did! Call (632) 741-7777 to schedule and visit for more details.

For customized nutritional requirements or for further consultation, contact LIFE SCIENCE (Center for Wellness and Preventive Medicine) in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig at (632) 828 LIFE or (0917) 573 LIFE.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

FitKids for Summer!

ATTN: Parents in the Greenhills area with kids 3-10 years old! 

If your kids are like mine, wanting to do at least 3 different activities this summer, save yourself the money, stress and gas. FitKids might be a good fit into your summer schedule - with art, cooking and sports classes niftily packaged into one program.

FitKids: The Active Summer Camp is one of the first Fitness and Health Summer Camps for kids here in Manila, where they can do Zumba, light boxing, HIIT (which stands for High Intensity Interval Training) strength building, basketball, cooking and art activities related to health and fitness.

Scheduled to start this April 2015 at the Greenhills West Clubhouse, FitKids make up a total of 9 sessions (Scheduled for April 6, 8, 9, 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24) of a 3-­hour activity-­packed day. Enough to keep them interested and occupied this summer, without overwhelming yourself, shuttling from class to class, because all these happen in once place!

light boxing


Cooking healthy meals

FitKids is powered by three powerful brands related to health and fitness ‐ Elorde Gym, Fruit Magic, and HIIT Philippines.

Their program for FitKids aims to teach young children the importance and benefits of keeping fit and active, at the same time highlighting teamwork, and inculcating character-building values while in their critical formative years, where they absorb everything they learn.

Interested? You may want to sign up before February 15 to get the Early Bird Rate of P7,500 per child. Regular rate is P8,000 per child. Still a reasonable deal, rather than enrolling your kids to 5 different classes this summer!

For further inquiries or if you would like to enroll your kids, email or call 0917‐8800519 or 0917­‐5138377. 

For more on FitKids, like them Facebook: and follow @fitkidsph on Instagram.
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