Monday, January 31, 2011

Win a Pair of Anthology's Paradiso Shoes!

Girls! Who wants a pair of shoes from Anthology's Paradiso Collection?

Get a chance to win a pair in the color of your choice:
- AZUL (blue)
- CACAO (brown)
- CANARY (yellow)
- HIBISCUS (orange)
- ORCHID (purple)

Here's how:
1. Like Anthology Shoes on Facebook
2. Like album "X for Anthology: The PARADISO Collection"
3. Now, change your profile pic to the color of shoe you want to win.

Anthology Shoes will pick the winners on a secret day at random. Winners will be announced next Saturday (February 5, 2011). They will ship the shoes for free ANYWHERE in the world!

Makeup artist Xeng Zulueta and Anthology shoes bring to you a shoe collection bursting with the colors of paradise - PARADISO, which is based on Xeng’s favorite make up palettes of all time.

The PARADISO Collection comes in seven rich hues:

AZUL (blue)
CACAO (brown)
CANARY (yellow)
HIBISCUS (orange)
ORCHID (purple)
PALM (green)

In the shape of the San Francisco, the classic Anthology ballerina everyone has come to love,  these come with black leather cushioned insoles and a white non skid rubber sole.

Available at Anthem stores, The Ramp Glorietta and at for Php 2995.

Proceeds of the sale go to UNICEF Philippines.

Baby, Baby, Baby Oh, Baby!

While vacationing in Manila back in December, I bumped into a childhood friend of ours, Sheila Aurelio-Ledesma at Mercato Centrale in Fort Bonifacio. Seeing that Berry was with me, she said, "Ate Tin! You have to check out this line of natural baby food!"

So we walked towards another stall, and she introduced me to her SIL Rina, plus Tina & Rebecca, the mommy chefs behind Oh, Baby!, a line of all natural baby food:

(click on scanned flyer to enlarge)

Because Berry is allergic to dairy and eggs, I have been very careful with the sort of food I feed her. She almost always eats home cooked meals, and I also take extreme care not to add salt to her food. But our vacation schedule was so hectic that I was guilty of feeding her restaurant food! So thank goodness Oh, Baby! came to the rescue! I tried a bottle of their tomato puree (Php 80) which I added to hot pasta, and she enjoyed it! She could finish a whole plate of it, it was that good. (I can vouch for it, Berry was eating a lot of it so I got curious as to why she loved it. I took a forkful and it tasted really good!)

I also bought their Go n' Grow cookies (Php 120/pack), and since it was traffic all over, I would bring along a pack for Berry to nibble on while we were out on the road. Between the Banana Chocolate Chip Go n' Grow cookies and the Apple Raisin Go n' Grow cookies, I personally love the Apple Raisin. I myself couldn't stop munching on them! They were so good, and tasted so healthy and natural, it just had a homemade taste and feel to it!

Oh, Baby! is the "baby" of former high school classmates Tina Trillana-Lagdameo and Rebecca Disini-Gomez. When they had their babies, they couldn't find anything in the supermarkets that they felt were good and healthy enough to give to their little ones.

Because both were trained chefs, Tina (CIA) and Rebecca (Le Cordon Bleu, London) decided to put their culinary expertise to use and make tasty and nutritious meals for their babies from all-natural ingredients. Their kids loved the food so much that they decided to share it with other parents and babies.

And thank goodness for that, I swear! For those days when I had to rush out to an appointment or a meeting, and couldn't wait for her home cooked meal, I would just pop open a jar of Oh, Baby!, mix it with freshly cooked pasta and I didn't have to feel guilty feeding Berry pre-made baby food! Oh, and Berry loves their applesauce (Php 80) too! See, she wouldn't let go of it when I wanted to take a picture?

"Lovingly Made by Mommy Chefs"

Oh, Baby! also sells red rice (Php 45), pasta (Php 45) and teething biscuits (Php100/pack). Manila based mommies, you can stock up on these  baby goodies at the Oh, Baby stall in Mercato Centrale. How I wish they could also sell their whole line in Singapore!

To order, or know more about Oh, Baby!, visit their website and get updates via @ohbabyph on Twitter!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grand Baby Company Fair

Grand Baby Company Fair is happening on January 28, 29, and 30 at the MegaTrade Hall 2 & 3.

This expo brings together the top baby brands as well as noted resource persons in the field of maternal and child care to help moms and dads!

Check out:

-80 plus booths to visit showcasing new arrivals and the best baby care items
- Up to 70% OFF on great selections and Double your SM Advantage Card points
- For a minimun Php 1,000 single-receipt purchase you will receive a fully loaded swag bag containing product samples, giveaway items and literature from our sponsors
- There will be uninterrupted activities from 11 am to 8pm
- Free-symposium on topics that matter to moms – natural childbirth, breastfeeding from birth and beyond

You may bring the whole family too! There are amenities designed for moms, a kids play area, sitting area, and a breastfeeding area!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Watch Kaos, Win a Prize and Help Build Homes!

You still have time to buy tickets! On January 27, 2011, enjoy KAOS, get a chance to win a cruise package and help a worthy cause!

Living for Christ Foundation (LFCF), is a non-profit organization that builds homes and grows self-reliant communities for the poor. Right now they are raising funds for their current project in San Simon, Pampanga. They are currently developing a ten hectare property along the main highway, Quezon Road, to house 800 families with provision of multi purpose and training centers, admin and coop offices, etc. Phase 1 on 2.5 hectares is almost completed with 200 houses. They are now starting development of another 4.5 hectares to build 450 houses.

In support of LFCF's projects, Genting HK, operator and owner of the Resorts World complex, has sponsored one free evening of their spectacular production, "Kaos" currently showing in their Performing Arts Theater. Not only that, Genting HK donated:

180 1-night cruise packages (good for two) aboard the Star Pisces departing from & returning to Hong Kong

12 cruise packages (good for two) departing from Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

1 Grand Prize, a 7-day Western Mediterranean trip for two on board the new Norwegian Epic

That's a 193 cruise packages to be raffled off!

Total proceeds for the production on January 27, Thursday will be entirely given to LFCF.

To purchase tickets, contact:

Anna Lyn Agosto
LFCF Office: 710 9318
Mobile: 0917 828 5320 or 0917 531 2233
Email: or

Ticket pick-ups at CUTS 4 TOTS HAIR SALON outlets located at: Glorietta 4, Trinoma, Virra Mall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North and SM San Fernando, Pampanga

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cambridge Satchels are HERE!

UPDATE: So it's Monday, only Day 2 since the bags hit the stores and we only have 4 pieces left to sell. Sorry we didn't have enough! We didn't realize it was going to go this fast! We really wish we ordered more!

If you would like to place a personalized order, or would want to have a bag reserved for you, please leave a comment here, or email with your contact details! We have stock coming in March, and due to popular demand, we've decided to open pre-orders for April!

Photo via

Check out schu Rockwell, Glorietta and Trinoma to see the bags with your own two eyes! Feel the leather, try it on for size, and if you like it, then buy!

There are limited stocks and colors available, so hurry! Unless you are willing to wait for the next shipment which would be coming around March more or less! =)

For stock availability and schu store phone numbers, see

Blogging Brouhaha

Remember when I posted about this issue just a few weeks back? The reason why I wrote that post was because I was appalled by the amounts I was hearing from my friend. It was anywhere from Php50,000 to Php100,000 per event, to Php 1,000,000 for a "blogging package". No kidding.

Today, the internet was abuzz with everyone's two cents about this, thanks to a veiled "expose" in PDI. Now, this blogging brouhaha didn't really come as a surprise to me.  Because these things really do happen, and there really are bloggers and agencies who do such things. If the article is to be totally believed, what is most appalling above all is that things have reached a level of extortion. At this point, we can't really draw a conclusion since we are just hearing one side of the story, but it makes sense to be aware of what's happening - just so we all learn from this, both as bloggers and blog readers.

At one end of the spectrum, Marketman preaches against all forms of monetizing blogs.

My stance leans towards the points that Chuvaness raised here.

I said it before, and I'll say it again. There is nothing wrong from earning from a hobby.  But  money or perks shouldn't be the prime motivation for starting a blog. All the successful bloggers I know started their blogs out of a passion for whatever it is they blog about, and in sharing their discoveries. When companies discovered the power of blogs and agencies came into the picture, the dynamics changed and offers of compensation and freebies came knocking.

As bloggers, it is ultimately up to us to entertain such offers. You can go the way of Marketman and absolutely refuse. You can be a "palamunin" and accept anything and everything that comes your way, attend all the events, even the opening of an envelop. Or you can be practical, choose the middle ground and just deal with offers that make sense to you.

Now if you fall into the latter category, and offers for sponsorship, blog ads, product reviews, etc. present themselves, you may want to follow these personal guidelines I have set for myself :

- Don't be a sell out and blog or publish ads about anything and everything. You can say "No!", you know. Edit and choose the products, brands and labels you want to be affiliated  or associated with. Think of yourself as a brand. Would you want to be associated with just about anyone? Personally, I only blog about things I myself use, like, or am interested in, or as favors to friends. When I come across something that I think you guys would want to know, then I blog about it too. Bottom line, blog only if it means something to you or your readers.

- Don't go around expecting freebies and invites because you are a "blogger". Don't walk around with a sense of entitlement. I've heard of stories where bloggers ask for special treatment because they have a "blog". Nye. In the greater scheme of things, we are just bloggers. Sure, we have this little space in the internet where we say what we want and get some positive feedback, but we are not the almighty power. Have some perspective. 

- When you do get something, then be gracious. Don't be a diva and say, "Why just this? The other company gave me this, etc". Sadly, I hear that these things happen a lot, because of said sense of entitlement I suppose. Look, whatever you get, be grateful, always. If you don't get anything, hey, it doesn't mean you are less of a blogger. Do not measure your worth by the number of freebies you get.

- When companies come knocking, make sure that you still exercise editorial control over what comes out in your blog. You don't say something positive even if the product is less than ideal, just so they deal with you again.  Be honest and sincere. Say what you think, and if there's a point that needs to be raised, then say it. At the end of the day, it is your credibility and integrity at stake here. I would like to think people are smart enough to see through a paid post, or a post where a blogger raves about a product because she was provided a free sample (and of course she wants more free samples to come her way).  Honestly, intelligent readers find these sort of things a turn off. 

I suppose there will come a time when the dust will settle and people will simply gravitate towards the blogs they can trust and relate to. I hope blog readers reach a point where they see through the razzle and dazzle of bloggers who pose like a pro, get freebies and attend events. Really it's not all that. The way I see it, companies who value their reputation and the bloggers who are truly passionate about what they do make the effort to build relationships - with their readers, with the companies they deal with, and with their fellow bloggers.

No doubt, there is much to be learned from this whole experience. We all stand to benefit from this outrage. If we are smart about this and police our selves if not our ranks, then everyone comes out a winner - the bloggers keep their integrity, companies build real relationships with their customers, agencies operate without any suspicion of  malice and dirty dealings, the end consumers are presented with unbiased information from where they can form their own opinions.

I would like to end this post with a clip from a article entitled Marketing's New Rage: Brands Sponsoring Influential Bloggers, which I think should be considered in the way companies and agencies  approach blogging and bloggers:

David Lipman of the Lipman agency, whose many fashion clients include Diane von Furstenberg, David Yurman, Burberry, BCBG, Lord & Taylor and St. John, prefers to work with bloggers as editorial outlets rather than as advertising ones. “We’re in a multimedia world, and you need to communicate on all cylinders,” he said. “I think the best way of working with a blogger is to get them deep into a brand [and] let them understand the brand and what the brand is doing that moment.”

Most of the time, he is not a fan of sponsorships, advertorials, product placement or giving away merchandise in exchange for coverage. “I find that disingenuous,” he said. “It loses integrity. I think that’s the whole point of the Internet — the freedom of it, the genuineness of it. It’s believable, it’s real, and that’s the best way to go about it. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. Otherwise, if you force feed it like that, and you pay for it — bloggers have to make a living — but if you pay for it, it becomes an advertorial. Advertorials are the lowest form of advertising.”

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Girl. by Band of Outsiders

Band of Outsiders had everything. But the Girl.

Well, here's what's out this Spring! Band of Outsiders' new line called, (you guessed it!), Girl.  Dear Scottie (Scott Sternberg, in case you didn't know) told that, "...after dressing men and tomboys, he just wanted to drape a dress for a woman." Hence, Girl is all about femininity, "Sugar and spice and all things nice" as he puts it. Well, I am liking this look:

And this one too:

Love the whites and the charming styling (gold oxfords! Love!). But I still have space in my heart for Boy.

Over and all, Band of Outsiders are still Insiders in my book! I can totally see me wearing all these, Girl, Boy, whatevs, Scott can do no wrong. 

PS - I wonder what line he's doing next. Girl. Boy. Bakla? Tomboy? Ehehehe, corny!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mama Moss

The girl just turned 37 yesterday (born: January 16, 1974), can you imagine? She's been in our consciousness more than half her life.

While checking out some of her pics over at Vogue UK, I just couldn't help but focus at the period when she was pregnant to the months after she gave birth because I think that was her at her most interesting. And while she didn't really get huge, it is amazing (well, not really, she's a model with  thin genes and the means, after all) how she really whittled down to size in a flash! Look:

August 2002 at St. Tropez...

October 2002, still carrying a bit of baby fat (she's human like you and me!), but as stylish as ever!

Then, tadaaa! April 2003, it's like she never carried a child in her womb. A Yummy Mummy indeed!

June 2003, as you can see, the Minnetonkas are still there, but the excess weight? Gone!

Just look at those thighs! I mean, huh, what thighs? They're barely there! But yeah, see how the birthday girl evolved from pregnant woman to hot mama over a span of just months no?

(For more of Kate Moss, check out: Vogue UK's Style File)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wanna Buy Watch?!

I have had big, bad, gold watches on my mind for years now, and while I would love to borrow Dear Hubby's massive gold watch for "wala lang" days, because his watch is the ultimate, I know he won't let me. Because even he can't seem to wear his watch out even on special occasions, so why me? Hahaha!
The gorgeous, blond Brazilian girls I would see at my FIT Continuing Education classes wore Swatch Full Blooded Unisex Watches, but I dunno, the style still didn't appeal that much to me. It was "pwede na", but didn't make my heart go thump thump thump:

So, when I saw the Nixon 42-20 Chrono, just today (I know. Where have I been hiding?!) I told myself, dizizit! 
Such a big, bad-ass, in-your-face gold watch. Without the big, bad, in-your-face price! Well, it's not that cheap at $450, but it's no $25,000 Rolex ala the Olsens!

So there, yeah, I found my good for everyday gold watch. I want you Nixon!

Friday, January 14, 2011

In Case You're Curious

Pat of 101 Grams of Eye Candy had this genius (and curious) idea of asking several of her favorite bloggers (yes, me included, heehee!), "Where do you blog from?"

Her blog was full of pretty things, (it ain't named eye candy for nothing!) and it seemed like a fun project so I happily said, "Yes!"

A few days later, I sent her some pictures with my answer by email, and she replied with a promise to send me a link to her post once it was up. Now, look at what she came up with!

So creative! I love it!
Like I said, I wasn't the only one she asked. Pat's childhood friends (and my blogging friends too! Feeling close, hahaha!) Kris and Karrots were game for her virtual "show and tell" too!

And if you've always been curious as to where blogging celebrities blog from, that's part of Pat's series too! Rajo Laurel's chic and airy space was featured! And if you've always wanted to know where Cecile aka  Chuvaness blogs, well, take a peek here!

PS - Cheng, since you asked about house related ideas, maybe we can start off with these pics and eventually take it off from here! I'm into fixing up the home too, so that's a wonderful idea for blog posts! =) 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flare Up

Woohoo! Am I glad I have a collection of flared denims! Because look at what's flaring up for Spring:

Gap SS11

Elie Tahari SS11

Derek Lam SS11

I love the 70s cool girl vibe these looks are projecting. I am totally going take my cue from these looks and wear my flared denims with a white button down shirt and nude Chloe wedges.

How are you going to wear your flared denims?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Havaianas Says, Summer is a State of Mind

Since my SIL Les tells me they're expecting a snowstorm in NYC this week, here's a video for you folks living in the cooler climes! Well, this is handy dandy too for us peeps living in the tropics, because flip flops happen to be a year round staple. And hey, wouldn't you want to know what's new from Havaianas this year?

Ooooh ooohh! Did you see this (1:20 in the video)?

I just bought Berry a pair three weeks ago! Love this nautical little thing! When Berry lost half a pair of Havaianas some months back, I thought I was done buying fancy flipflops for her. Not until her feet can really hold on to her slippers, I said. But while browsing at All Flip Flops on Bonifacio High Street, I saw these and couldn't resist!

Now, back to you guys who are freezing your asses off. I know it is hard to get into a summer state of mind. But all the more reason to get into that mood I think! Just turn on the heater at home, put on some island music, wear shorts & a Hawaiian shirt or wrap yourself with a pareo, and mix yourself a pina colada (although personally, I prefer a mojito). Et voila, summer is at it's peak in your living room while gusty winds and freezing temperatures are raging outside!

Well, if it's any consolation, I am missing all the layering you are finding to be a chore now. I want to wear my boots, my leather jacket (heck even my goose down puffer jacket) and bust out my collection of scarves. I want to feel the cool crisp chill in the air, and the burst of warm air and joyful anticipation of what's waiting for me, as I step into A.P.C., Bird, Jumelle, Curve, Isabel Marant, Mick Margo,  J. Crew, Madewell, Bergdorfs or Barneys (I  just had to do a run through of my fave Manhattan/Brooklyn haunts, sob!). 

Strange that it feels absurd to turn the A/C on just to wear a thick coat at home. Guess that's why there is no such thing as a "winter state of mind".

Spring Cleaning

It was one of those "Awwwww" moments. While cleaning out and organizing our bookshelf at home, (which was such a hot mess, it was begging to be fixed)  I came across this book and as I opened it, this envelope tucked in between Marcel Proust's pages spilled out.

Then, a flashback: I remember Chico, Kaye and I walking around the West Village back in March 2008. We had just come from Chelsea (Loehmann's to be exact, where we scored  fantastic deals on shoes! Chico got Sam Edelman flats and I bought Sigerson Morrison sandals. I think Kaye was good and did not buy anything, imagine that!), and wanted to check out Biography Bookshop on Bleecker Street (where I bought said Proust book.  Biography isn't there anymore, it has since been replaced with MJ's Bookmarc). From across the street, we saw that there were people having their photos taken with a skunk through the windows of Marc Jacobs's store and of course, we had to have our photo taken:

I just had to scan this for posterity's sake. 2008 seems like a long time ago now. Chico was still single then, and engaged to be married to Jacob. Kaye was in NYC taking courses at culinary school, and Dear Hubby and I were married, but not yet blessed with Berry!

Today, Chico and Jacob are now the proud and beaming parents of bouncing baby Jet. Kaye has visited us once here in Singapore, and continues to educate us on the best places to go to for brunch in this little island we now call our home base.  Months after this photo was taken, of course, as you all know by now, we got pregnant and warmly welcomed Berry into our lives!

Time flies. New York feels like a lifetime away now. Must. Visit. Soon. Hopefully this Spring 2011 =)

P.S. - Oooohhh, I just realized, this is my first post using my new camera! I actually had it for a while now, but only started using it this December. Thanks for all your camera inputs btw! I got the Lumix LX5 (from Amazon - still much cheaper getting it in the US than buying it here in Singapore) and it does take great pictures. I am not totally happy with the crispness of the pictures though, I am still having a lola moment trying to figure out this contraption, hahaha!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

What is Chic?

In Manila, over the holidays, I was reunited with one of my favorite books of all time: A Guide to Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux. It was just gathering dust in a bookshelf in my old room, and I thought it was time that we spent time together, as we often did before.

I brought it back with me to Singapore and as I was reading it, I thought I'd share with you the author's thoughts on what is chic. Especially now that the term is being used so loosely these days, I am afraid it may lose its true meaning.


The essence of casual refinement, chic is a little less studied than elegance and a little more intellectual. It is an inborn quality of certain individuals, who are sometime unaware that they possess it. Chic is only perceptible to those who have already acquired a certain degree of civilization and culture and who have in addition both the leisure time to devote to improving their appearance and the desire to be part of a particular kind of elite, which might be called the "aristocracy of external appearance". It is a gift of the gods and has no relationship to beauty nor to wealth. One baby in its crib may have chic, while another doesn't.

Perhaps the best way to describe this quality is by giving some examples:

The Kennedy family had chic; but the Truman family didn't.

The late Princess Diana had chic; but Princess Margaret didn't.

Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo had chic; but Rita Hayworh and Elizabeth Taylor, in spite of their beauty, their sumptuous clothes and jewels, did not.

In order to increase your chances of acquiring chic when it is lacking, the first requirement is to be aware that you do not possess it. You can then entrust to experienced specialists the responsibility if changing your silhoutte, coiffure, make-up, gestures, and wardrobe. Know at least your general type: sporty and casual, or doll-like and exquisite. Study all the fashion magazines. Try to find in real life a woman who is a good example of the same type as you, and whose chic is widely recognized; carefully analyze her manner of dress and behavior in order to retain what can be copied. This is perhaps not an infallible formula for acquiring chic, but it is still the best I know.

Besides, if you are aware of your lack of chic, the battle is half won, because the only really hopeless case is the woman who hasn't the faintest idea of what is chic and what is not.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Denims Go Dropping

Drop Crotch-ing actually. Remember my post on G-Star Raw's tapered denims?

Well, AllSaints has their own version of those called the NFL Kick (and sold out too! Ha!), check it out, yo:

I'm digging it. Are you liking it? Would you wear denims like these?

DwellStudio Home & Baby End of Season Sale!

Now is the time to stock up on DwellStudio! I love their duvet covers, bed sheets and storage bins, and I think I'll be getting some more now that they're on sale. Plus, their baby stuff are so adorbs! Perfect for gift giving! Wah, and after the holidays too! Maybe for the next occasion? Baby Shower? Christening? Just because?! =)

DwellStudio Home and Table End of Season Sale

- January 1-31, 2011
- up to 40% off on all items
- available in Rustan's Makati and Rustan's Shangri-la

DwellStudio Baby End of Season Sale

- January 7 - February 15, 2011
- up to 30% off on all items
- available in Rustan's Makati, Rustan's Shangri-la, Rustan's Alabang, Rustan's Cebu, and Baby & Beyond along P. Guevarra Street, San Juan

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

AllSaints is Adorbs

My friend Sarj says she will dress up her kid in AllSaints. I can see why. I'd do the same thing. Let these pegs be a reminder and a reference for when Berry is bigger. =)
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