Friday, January 27, 2017

Healthy Mango Banana Smoothie with Dutch Mill Delight

We love smoothies and shakes at home. It’s a hands down refreshing way to take in fruits and vegetables, and we love that we can add a host of delicious and nutritious ingredients like yogurt, almond milk, chia seeds, whey protein, flaxseed, peanut butter or honey to change the texture, boost the flavor or add variety to our usual smoothie recipes. 

A new discovery to our smoothie line-up of boosts is a tasty Probiotic: Dutch Mill Delight

From the same makers of my kids’ favorite Yoghurt Drink, Delight is a Probiotic drink that contains the duo active combination of Pro and Prebiotic fiber.

In addition to Probiotics, which are good bacteria that aid in digestion, Prebiotic fiber is a plant-based fiber that helps nourish good bacteria inside the tummy. When Probiotic and Prebiotic are combined, it produces longer living good bacteria (in other words, good bacteria will not die that easily in the tummy's harsh conditions!) which makes digestion better and absorbs nutrients faster.

It’s made with non-fat milk too, so it’s definitely guilt-free as well.

A Delicious Way to Enjoy Probiotics

I’ve always believed in taking Probiotics. Whether in capsule form, as a milk drink or as medicine in the event that somebody in the family suffers from diarrhea, Probiotics have become a staple in our everyday diet.

But it was only recently that it occurred to me to include Probiotics in our smoothies.

I’m sharing with you the first recipe I’ve come up with using Dutch Mill Delight, and it’s such a tasty addition, I should have thought of this sooner! One thing’s for sure, I’m coming up with more fruit combinations to add this to. I’m thinking an Orange Julius type of drink is next. But first up, Mango Banana! The fruits are readily available, in stores year round, not expensive, and loved by everyone in our household, it’s a guaranteed hit.

Delight-ful Mango Banana Smoothie


- 1 mango, with cheeks sliced, cut up and frozen
- 1 banana, sliced and frozen
- 1 cup of ice
- 1 100 ml bottle of Dutch Mill Delight


1. Pour Dutch Mill Delight into a blender and use it as the liquid base

2. Add the cut-up frozen fruits and blend.

I like freezing fruits beforehand because it lessens the need for ice, and it turns out into this delicious, chilly treat which is best enjoyed during hot, scorching days. 

3. Add some ice, and blend until smooth.

4. Enjoy!

I made Tepper try before I finished off my smoothie with bibingka and it was so refreshing, I was so happy with my merienda 

Dutch Mill Delight comes in 100ml bottles, with 5 bottles per pack at P40.00

It is available in major supermarkets in the Philippines and may be bought through their Delight ladies in Rizal, Manila, Taguig, and Quezon City.

For more about Dutch Mill Delight, visit Dutch Mill Delight PH on Facebook and follow @dutchmilldelight_ph on Instagram.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

MFO and Xavi’s Verdict On: Alaska Powdered Milk

I grew up drinking powdered milk, but my kids drink fresh cow’s milk from a carton, and have never really tried powdered milk ever. I thought it would be fun to have my son Xavi give it a try, like a taste experiment! 

How would he find it? Would he like it? Would he drink it again? Will he have a preference for powdered over fresh, or vise versa? Read on and watch what he has to say. 

The Product: Alaska Powdered Milk with Lakas Nutribuilders

The Promise: Alaska Powdered Milk Drink has 20 Essential Nutrients for growth, energy and mental alertness. Just what our children need to grow up healthy and happy.

Put to the Test: Watch the video here!

Passing the Verdict: If my kids liked it, so will yours! The general consensus seems to be that kids enjoy the delicious milky goodness of Alaska Powdered Milk. Watch and see!

Practical Tip: We all grew up knowing that drinking milk is good for us, because it has calcium to help kids grow taller and protein to make them stronger. But there’s more to milk than just that. Here’s some fun facts we can share with them to get them to gulp down their milk with no struggle.

- Milk helps them play longer by building strength, energy, and metabolism
Alaska contains protein that develops and grows the muscles they need to run, jump and play, as well as carbohydrates so they have the energy to go on all day. The best part is, drinking milk after a day of active play is a nutritious way to rehydrate.

- Learning is fun with better memory and learning abilities 
Because of the Choline and Magnesium in Alaska, their brain development and memory will get a boost. Plus, with improved eyesight they’ll get from Vitamin A, they’ll stay alert, and won’t miss every opportunity to learn.

- Playtime becomes more fun with strong bones 
Broken bones and toothaches are no fun! Strong bones are needed for active play that they enjoy, and Alaska is a great source of Calcium, Vitamin D, and Phosphorous, which improves bone strength and density. At the same time, it can help protect their teeth between brushing, reducing the risk of tooth decay and weak gums caused by bacterial acids.

- Never miss a day of school with a strong immune system 

Avoid missing out on days of play and learning. Alaska powdered milk includes zinc for producing antibodies that fight infection and boost the body’s natural defenses.


• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Pouch) 33g
• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Pouch) 80g
• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Pouch) 300g
• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Pouch) 900g

• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Box) 150g
• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Box) 450g
• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Box) 700g

• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Tin) 1000g
• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Tin) 1800g

Points of Sale: Alaska Powdered Milk is available at leading supermarkets, groceries and sari-sari stores nationwide

Monday, January 23, 2017

Win an iPhone 7 at Watson's Big White Blowout!

Watsons is throwing a Big White Blowout for all the even-ing out, lightening and brightening products you need!

From whitening soaps, facial creams, body lotions, and deodorants to beauty supplements you can drink, Watson's just has about everything.

When you use your SM Advantage or BDO Rewards card for every PHP 500 purchase on whitening products at Watson's, you can even get a chance to win a brand-new iPhone 7. Make sure to look for the qualifier stickers on the products you buy.

The Watson's Big White Blowout runs approximately until mid-February 2017. Make sure to check with your store SAs on the exact promo period per product so you can stock up on your essentials and take full advantage of the sale. ;)

Saturday, January 14, 2017

MFO’s Verdict On: Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifier

I have had allergies for most of my life, and while I’ve kept it in check thanks to changes in diet (cracking down on gluten, dairy and eggs) and lifestyle (no pets, living with air purifiers in the room, vacuuming constantly, cleaning the A/C regularly, always having a constant supply of anti-histamines, etc.) I’m always still on the lookout for that wonder product that will deal with allergies and the sneezing and sniffles that come with it, once and for all. 

Add to the fact that we live along a very busy street, I’m constantly worried about the dust and fumes my family is exposed to on a daily basis. So you can just imagine how pleased I was when I discovered that my my holy grail of vacuums, bladeless fans and hair dryers aka Dyson had an air purifier like no other. Here’s my review: 

The Product: Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifier

The Promise: Removes 99.95% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. With a host of impressive features…

Put to The Test: I have to start off by saying I’ve never had warm fuzzy feelings about appliances until I came across Dyson. I remember first seeing a TV ad about Dyson’s ball vacuum and how it could niftily manuever itself across tight spots without the clunkiness of the typical square floor vacuums, and I was blown away. It made such an impression I wanted to own a Dyson. While I never bought the ball because it was beyond my budget then, I’ve aspired for the brand since. 

So yes, I’m biased to start with. We have the Dyson V6 Mattress handheld vacuum that can take out dust mites and leaves our pillows and mattresses smelling so clean and fresh, I’m already a believer. 

Of course, when we got the Pure Cool Link, I made attempts to keep my views objective, but given my background, excuse me if I sound too enthusiastic, haha. 

PORTABILITY – It’s quite compact, that it fits comfortably in the backseat of our sedan. It’s so light too, I carried it out of the store to the car without a sweat. Can’t say the same for our old purifier.

INSTALLATION – Such a breeze, after unboxing and reading the manual, it took less than a minute to clip on the tower to the base and plug it into a socket.

I literally just put the bladeless tower on top of the base and once it clicked, it was good to go

PURIFYING POWERS – Try sitting in front of the air purifier and you can already smell the difference in the air you breathe. It just feels fresher, so much different than having the electric fan on and having the same warm air in the room spewing out from the blades.

If you’re curious about how the filter looks like, here ya go:

This 360° Glass HEPA filter captures ultrafine particles (up to 0.1 microns) from the air including pollen, bacteria and pet dander. It does not have to be replaced until after 4000 hours of use, which translates to about 5.5 months of 24/7 use.

If you think it’s all in my head, well, because I linked our purifier to my phone, I could tell the change in air quality right on my phone screen. Check this out:

From FAIR at 2:24 PM to GOOD at 2:37 PM

COOLING – Our old air purifier spews air up, with no cooling involved. Our Pure Cool Link oscillates and circulates cool purified air across the room, so in a sense, it also works like an electric fan, shooting out a fresh breeze once it’s on. I also love the fact that it’s gentle and quiet. You won’t drown in hangin and the air that comes out is cool. Not like with electric fans where your hair gets into your face when it’s on full blast and how when its warm, it also spews out warm air.

My daughter also knows that while quiet, the air that comes out is strong enough to dry her nails quickly. Too funny.

AESTHETICALLY SPEAKING – For this alone, nothing beats a Dyson. Sleek and well-designed, it just elevates the look of the room. Just spot the difference in these photos:

SAFETY – I have 3 kids all under 7 so safety is always a consideration in our household. With the Pure Cool Link, I can rest easy knowing that my kids can stick their hand in and I don’t have to deal with bloody fingers. There’s also no vents where they can drop balled up bits of paper or some tiny objects the way they would with our old purifier.

Passing the Verdict: I’m pretty much chuffed with myself that I’ve found IT. The wonder product I’ve been looking for. I need not look further after all because hello, Dyson, like that needs an explanation.

The only thing keeping me from putting one in every room right now really is the price. At over Php40,000 a piece, it’s a luxury that while justified, needs to be put into my 2017 household budget.

Practical Tip: I’m estimating that I need 2 more Pure Cool Link Purifiers, so for now, I’ll have to move our current one from room to room. Which is not really that big of a deal because it’s so light, I can carry it myself from downstairs to the rooms upstairs.

Also, it’s the only thing that can effectively take away the smell of cooking and ulam in just a few minutes of running it. No need to mask scents with fragrance sprays if you suddenly have visitors coming and you just had danggit or daing for breakfast. Super galing.

Price: Php42,500

Point of Sale: Available at the Dyson Concept Store in Greenbelt 5, and Dyson activation stalls in Greenhills Promenade, Century City Mall. Also at True Value, Rustans, SM Appliance Center, Abenson, Anson’s, Robinsons Appliances and Landmark.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

A Whole New You at Rustan's

Whether it’s committing to a healthier lifestyle or taking better care of our selves, there’s no better time than now to get started! Helping everyone to jumpstart their journey to wellness, Rustan’s launches its “A Whole New You” campaign this January.

Sample healthy and beverages and get discounts on Klean Kanteen:

Enjoy fruit and vegetable shakes at home, whatever your budget is. From the affordable Magic Bullet to the premium Vitamix, Rustans has it in store:

I got to watch this Grayns demo and I loved it!

I often see this "rice cooker that takes the sugar out of rice" pop out on my Facebook feed but I thought it was just one of those concept products that have yet to be produced.

It takes 45 minutes for the rice to cook in it, but in fairness, the taste wasn't drastically different.

I got to try the rice cooked in a Grayns rice cooker and apart from taking out the sugar, it also made the brown rice come out fluffier and softer than it would if it was cooked in a conventional rice cooker. Same for the white rice. But I was really impressed at how it made eating brown rice less of a sacrifice

But at Php27k for this, the Lolo beside me who did a taste test said magka-diabetes na lang daw sya, haha. Although hey, if you're serious about keeping your blood sugar and diet in check, this comes out cheaper than spending for insulin shots and diet delivery meals.

The health and wellness fair happens across all Rustan’s stores and The Beauty Source branches from January 20 to 31, 2017.

Participating beauty brands include Neal’s Yard Remedies, Acca Kappa, Murad, Clarins and L'Occitane.

For the Home, look out for Bugatti and the Philips Airfryer as well.

Capping off the month at Rustan’s Makati is an event hosted by Heart2Heart, founded by the Queen of Hearts, Rica De Jesus. Rica celebrates a decade of love, friendship, food and fun as she hosts a relaxing day for wellness with its Facial Mist Bar by Sisley, and Areum, nail bar by O.P.I. and Deborah Lippmann, hairstyling by Phyto in partnership with Dyson, Murad’s wellness bar and youthcam, Neal’s Yard Remedies’s Organic Aromatherapy, healthy cooking by Russel Hobbs, Gelato Bar by Nemox, and juicing bar by Vitamix, NutriBullet, Breville, Matstone, Kuvings, and Hurom. Of course, Rica will also surprise guests with “hearted” treats from Baylis and Harding, Acca Kappa, L’Occitane, Laura Mercier, jane iredale, and Clarins.

From self-care to home care, healthy skin to healthy eating, discover wonderful ways to celebrate unique beauty and the journey to wellness with Rustan’s.

For the complete schedule of activities, visit
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