Friday, August 31, 2007

The Buzz on Gossip Girl

I must admit, I am super looking forward to the September 19 premier of Gossip Girl, said to be the East Coast's answer to the OC. I seriously doubt this claim, and the O.C. creator Josh Schwartz, apparently thinks so too, as he tells The New York Observer -- “But they’re very different shows. Orange County is kind of a bubble. It’s a very sort of staid suburban enclave with a lot of new money. While these kids on the Upper East Side are incredibly well-traveled, well-read, worried about competing for their futures from the time they could get into the elite nursery school. There’s just a different level of pressure and focus on the future.”

If there's one thing this series has in common with the OC, it has got to boil down to the casts' wardrobe! Because for sure, a lot of us will be watching each episode to see what the girls and guys are wearing! And since the show is set in NYC, think of it as a younger "Sex and the City" yes?

When I first read this book from my sister's "library", I was just looking for something to read to kill time. You know, fluff between the ears. But I found myself hooked, and basically curious about what Serena, Blair, Nate, Dan and Jenny were up to next, if you know what I mean.

If you're curious about what Gossip Girl is all about, here's an excerpt from Sara Vilkomerson's article from The New York Observer:

The show takes some of the typical issues of high school—the backstabbing best friend, the pretty freshman girl who gets plied with liquor and taken advantage of by an upper-classman, the friction between angst-filled teenagers and parents dealing with divorce—and places them in a universe inhabited by a privileged few. The heady combination of the familiar mixed with the lusted-after moneyed unknown is intoxicating, fantastical and utterly riveting (helped along by the razor-sharp and almost absurd dialogue that made Mr. Schwartz famous: “You’ll never be more beautiful or thin or happy than you are right now. I just want you to make the most of it,” says one of the Gossip Girl’s mothers. A school dance demands couture; an after-school snack is a rustled up, off-menu grilled cheese with truffle oil. Parents are just as beautiful as their children, even if their private lives are elegant disasters. (“So my dad left her for another man,” shrugs one character. “She lost 15 pounds and got an eye-lift. It’s good for her.”) Instead of sneaking beers, the kids of Gossip Girl drink martinis at the New York Palace Hotel bar, like when Serena (who is living there while her town house is being renovated) and former bestie-turned-nemesis Blair meet to attempt a rapprochement (“I miss you. I just want things to go back the way they used to be. You know: walking to school together, dancing on tables at Bungalow, night-swimming at your mom’s country house”).

Interesting, scandalous, and quite fascinating don't you think?

(The show is based on Cecily von Ziegesar's best-selling series of the same title and narrated by Veronica Mars’ Kristin Bell, photos from

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Proposed Reading List

I'm so sorry for the intermittent postings. You see, I've been so busy lately that there's hardly time to write. I've been meaning to do this post since way back when but it really does take some time to do even a semblance of a book review. Yup! Book reviews on a couple of books I bought at Fully Booked two months back. These were a fun read and I think you'll enjoy these too!

Daily Candy A to Z: An Insider's Guide to the Sweet Life
Since I subscribe to Daily Candy's email updates and have tremendously enjoyed their quirky and witty writing style, I just knew this book would be worth buying. More than a hard copy version of my favorite site, it's like a constant reminder to always look at the bright and sweet side of life, because there's plenty of reasons to! So as not to reinvent the wheel, here's the teaser to the book:

Fat day? Passive aggressive family members? Debt the size of a rogue nation’s annual torture budget? You’re in need of some answers.

DailyCandy A to Z has plenty of deep thoughts and frivolous tips on how to make peace with your vices, look better (than your friends), pinch pennies (or splurge shamelessly), and do unto others (or do your ex-boyfriend).

You’ll laugh. (Hopefully.) You’ll cry. (Okay, probably not.) But your life will definitely be sweeter because of it.

Alligators, Old Mink and New Money
I've never had any issues with buying used clothing. For me, those ukay ukay stalls in Baguio are a godsend! I've bought a couple of skirts for about Php50 each and I never fail to get compliments when I wear them! I honestly believe that "one girl's trash is another girl's treasure" so to speak. I just boil the clothes and to me, that's as good as new! So when I saw this book, I could just so relate! This was quite a fun read for me! Apart from tips on vintage shopping, and a couple on how to clean and maintain vintage clothes, I enjoyed reading the author (a former fashion model and vintage store owner), Alison Houtte's profiles of her customers and her love affair with dressing up. The best parts for me of course were her adventures in shopping for the items themselves - going to estate sales and even a supermodel charity sale!

Fashion Babylon
Now this book just jumped out from the shelves because there were so many on stock that I just couldn't help but notice! So I picked up a book, read the back cover and was hooked when I read this sentence: "It explains how the fashion business works - the mark-ups and the come-downs, the fabulous extremens and the shoddy short-cuts." Now I want to know all about that of course! And I wasn't disappointed! Here are a couple of "industry secrets" I'd like to share with you just to get a taste of what this book is all about...

On joining the fashion bandwagon:
"As a small company, it is important to get a few items that are similar to what the fashion pack are hailing as the trends for the season - a Russian-inspired skirt here, an Edwardian-meets-modern-looking shirt there, a sharp jacketm a silver coat. If everyone elses is going red and you're the only one inisisting on turquoise then you won't make the pages of the round-ups at the end of the season. Those 'essentail things for summer/autumn/winter" sections that grace the front pages of the glossies are bread and butter to us new kids on the block."

On large labels' designer showrooms and the buying process:
"They sell out of permanent showrooms or warehouses in town. For the next five days after each of the London, New York, Paris and Milan fashion weeks buyers from the likes of Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman's will all turn up to sexed-up warehouses to view, choose and purchase the clothes...With so much money at stake, the warehouse/showroom set-up is extremely professional, manned by about fifteen to twenty sales staff. The buyers turn up at their allotted time and are walked around the showroom with a clipboard. Each of them is given markers or plastic discs in their own particular colour so that their choices can easily be seen. They are checked in by a sales rep when they arrive and their last order is called up on the computer. They are logged in and their budget is agreed in advance...Occasionally some buyers need to see the clothes on a model, and there is a coterie of stick-thin smiley girls sitting around in thongs backstage, waiting to see if Harvey Nichols wants a quick reminder of that Marc Jacobs skirt before she makes up her mind."

On Net-a-porter's pulse on the market (let's keep this our little secret ok?-MFO):
"If you're not listed on Net-a-porter you aren't really in the fashion business, so to do well on their site was a real affirmation that we were on the right track. They are extremely discerning buyers. They know how to pick the piece or It dress or bag of the season. They have a sharp staff who know their stuff and always seem to pick off the cream of the crop. Your Roland Mouret Galaxy dress, your Luella Bartley Giselle bag, your Stella McCartney over-the-knee plastic boots - Net-a-porter have always picked them and have always ordered more of them than anything else. These key items then fly off the website in one afternoon."

On pricing and mark-ups (this will leave you gasping for air-MFO):
But fashion is all about mark-up, and the great thing about mark-ups is that if you have your own shop your cash flow improves no end. Shops mark designer clothes by multiplying by 2.9, so a skirt that we sell to the shop for £100 is sold by the shop for £290. The shop, therefore, makes more money on a garment than the designer. The skirt costs me £30 to produce, so if I sell it in my own shop for £290 then I am amking £260 profit (minus overheads), as opposed to the £70 I make when I sell to another store...It is even worse if you sell to the States. They mark-up by a factor of 3.1, making even more money for themselves. The argument is they take all the risks so they should make the money."

And all these juicy tidbits I got without going past page 50 of the book! I leave the rest for you to discover! In case you're wondering if there is some truth to these stories, the author, Imogen Edwards-Jones wrote this tell-all book with the help of Anonymous - actually, a collection of high-profile insiders from the fashion industry. Quite a page-turner for me really!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fashion Features from Life & Style Magazine

Here's a selection of the fashion features from Life & Style Weekly's September 10 issue, out on newsstands now! (Click on each image to enlarge)

FLOOR LENGTH—Saunter down the streets in the most gorgeous floor length dresses. Life & Style found the best matches to Lauren Conrad, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mischa Barton, Maria Menounos, Jessica Simpson, Cynthia Vincent, and Ashley Tisdale’s super-long dresses.

CARRY-ALL—This weekend, pack up for a quick getaway! New star-worthy luggage ideal for traveling in style! Just ask Kristin Cavallari who chose a vibrant red rolling bag for her trip to Las Vegas!

WEEKDAY WEAR—Life & Style showcases the five hottest looks of the week—as modeled by Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell, Hayden Panettiere, Teri Hatcher, Carmen Electra and Ashley Tisdale.

(Courtesy of Freud Communications, Inc.)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Jodhpurs For Sale! (Horse Not Included)

According to Amanda Harlech, Kaiser Karl's muse "...coming up, I think it's jodhpurs and a tiny jacket, so dig out your tiny jacket and wear it with some breeches, and wrap a scarf round and you've got a look - and you can do it yourself now, before the things come into the shops."

And I would have to agree. Because jodhpurs found their way out of equestrian shops and into retail stores when Balenciaga's Nicolas Ghesquière decided it was about time for Fall 2007:

Demand for jodhpurs has been so phenomenal, Imogen Fox of The Guardian reports that Harvey Nichols and Selfridges both have waiting lists for jodhpurs that cost hundreds of pounds. At Harvey Nicks, every single one of the store's £645 Balenciaga trousers are reported to "go straight to the personal shopping department, bypassing the shop floor entirely!"

The good news is, The Gap and Diesel are said to have their own versions for those with budget constraints! Whoopee!

Hmmm, I can't help but think if this look was inspired by this photo? I tell you! Charlie's Angels were really on to something!

P.S. Keep your eye out on tennis whites (on the right) as well! Vogue's heavyweight September issue featured tennis outfits as worn by today's tennis greats!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

- Designer-fit denims at a fraction of the price? Sure! Because it's from Old Navy!

- Who knew that luxury houses who once thrived on the patronage of royalty, now rely on the "masses" for their survival? The Telegraph has the extract from Dana Thomas's new book Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster...

- Talk about dream jobs! My kind of dream job! This fashion muse is not only well paid, she even gets a permanent suite at the Paris Ritz with her own books, scented candles and sheets, stored for her in her suite. Same suite where she keeps most of her couture clothes! Read about Amanda Harlech, Karl Lagerfeld's muse, or in her own words, the "sounding board, or a wall against which Lagerfeld bounces his ideas"; her boudoir filled with rails of fabulous Galliano, Chanel and vintage dresses, drawers full of Manolo shoes, and antique kimonos, and her fabulous job description in this story from The Observer...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fashion Features from Life & Style Weekly

Here's a selection of the fashion features from Life & Style Weekly's September 3 issue, out on newsstands now! (Click on each image to enlarge)

GRAB BAG—Every star seems to have the hottest, hard-to-find bag. Life & Style found 10 great bags—inspired by Lauren Conrad’s side-slug hobo, Eva Longoria’s structured satchel, and Angelina Jolie’s roomy shoulder bag, to Cameron Diaz’ glitzy carryall and J.Lo’s pewter hue bag—that look just as great as the stars’…maybe better!

ALL HEELED—After Sarah Jessica Parker complained she “destroyed [her] body by running and dancing in heels,” Life & Style found 6 pairs of cute, cushy, comfy heels perfect for sprinting through NYC!

HULA HOOP— Life & Style highlights 9 pairs of hoops earrings to glam up any outfit and attract attention.

WEEKDAY WEAR—Life & Style showcases the five hottest looks of the week—as modeled by J.Lo, Eva Longoria, Nicky Hilton, Carmen Electra and Hilary Swank.

(Courtesy of Freud Communications, Inc.)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2008

Summer is nearing its end here on the East Coast. There's that cold nip in the air which pretty much signals the need to store my sandals and bring out the sweaters! Boohoo! Which reminds me, time to resurrect my best finds for Fall 2007 from Marni, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Etro, Alberta Ferretti, Burberry (I just came from a sample sale last Saturday and they were selling bright colored trenches in acid colors for only $200+, leather bragbooks, golfers scorebooks and other small leather accessories for $19! No kidding!), Pringle of Scotland, Cavalli, Armani, D&G, Malandrino, Elie Tahari (which has an outlet store very near where Hubby and I live!), Duro Olowu, Biba, Aquascutum, Tory Burch, DKNY, Temperley, DVF, Monique Lhuillier, Chaiken, Betsey Johnson, Behnaz Sarafpour, Adam + Eve and 3.1 Phillip Lim. Yes! There's more than plenty of droolworthy pieces I can guarantee you! Best of all, the Pantone Color Report for Fall 2007 is there to help you pick out the colors for the coming season! Enjoy!

On the farther end of the fashion spectrum, here's the schedule for fashion week Spring/Summer 2008 from

Tokyo Men's & Women's Aug. 29 - Sept. 5 2007
New York Men's & Women's Sept. 5 - Sept. 12 2007
London Women's Sept. 15 - Sept. 20 2007
Milan Women's Sept. 22 - Sept. 29 2007
Paris Women's Sept. 30 - Oct. 7 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What Women Want Part III: Here Comes the Rain Again Guys!

Windbreakers and denim jackets aren't the only sort of jackets you can wear during rainy or chilly days. There's plenty of choices out there!

For the athletic types, how about a sporty retro style jacket, such as from D Squared?

Now, for the cool, laidback kind of guy, I suggest an army uniform inspired jacket from Etro...

I know that for the man about town, nothing evokes quiet sophistication the way Armani does:

But if you're a hardcore prepster, Paul Smith's sportcoats just stand out from the rest!

Now for those who really want to get picked out from the crowd, nothing cuts it like a red jacket such as this one from Moschino!

Before I end this post, here's a tutorial on the difference between a sportcoat and a suitjacket, as shared by a knowledgeable reader of this blog. Very informative! This is too good to be kept in the comments section!

"...the differences between a suit (or what the classicists label a "lounge suit") and an sport/odd jacket/odd trouser ensemble would primarily be the context in which either is worn. A lounge suit would be more appropriate for business settings while an odd jacket/trouser ensemble would be more suitable (no pun intended) for a more casual environment. Moreover, lounge suit jacket material would usually consist of worsted or woolen cloth (wool or cotton) in solids and stripes (of all kinds) while odd jacket materials would involve (as you had written) either tweeds (of all types) and heavier worsteds/woolens (in perhaps either hopsack or serge finish) for fall/winter or linens and cottons for spring/summer. Seersucker, at least traditionally I believe, is ususally suiting material but I myself see nothing wrong in using it as odd jacket material. Also, in keeping with its more casual feel, a sportcoat would usually have patch pockets (instead of flapped or wedged pockets) and, if you're a traditionalist, two instead of four sleeve buttons. Other features--such as lapels (peaked or notched), vents (side, center or none) or single or double breasted--I don't believe to be exclusive to either. (The leather elbow patches seem to me, at least, to be a bit contrived, as the real purpose of patches is to cover wear on a worn jacket in the face of a lack of the same jacket material). So it's a matter of context, material and make."

(Photos courtesy of GQ

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Nic!

Our baby sister is no longer a baby!

Here's to my Teen Voguette! My source of teenybopper fashion! I wish you the courage to follow your dreams, the fuel to ignite your imagination and the faith to believe that everything is possible! You have everything you need to succeed in life! Stay focused and grab every opportunity that comes your way! Happy 18th Birthday Nic! God Bless you! We love you!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fashion Tips from Life & Style Magazine

Life & Style Weekly's newest issue (August 27) just hit newsstands and here's the hottest celebrity fashion news from them! (Click on each image to enlarge)

On wide legged jeans...

the hottest selling bracelets...

and geometric rings!

(Courtesy of Freud Communications, Inc.)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Birthday Blog! MFO Turns 1 Today!

Happy Birthday to us! Yup! One year ago today, I put up this blog to keep me busy back home while hubby was in Cambridge, MA taking up further studies in law. It also served as an outlet for me to document my observations and obsessions about stuff I liked, in the hopes that talking about it would satiate my urge to buy it! Which in a way worked! Hehehe! Its just a happy coincidence that in the course of keeping me occupied, it also entertained and informed my fabulous fashionista readers as well! Thanks to you guys, my fixation with fashion doesn't seem so frivolous anymore because I feel so useful when you ask me for advice and request for posts on stuff you'd like me to feature! It also makes me so happy when you tell me you enjoy reading my posts!

Looking back, I never expected that MFO would evolve into what it is now. What started as rambling musings turned into an advice column/recognizable shopping blog. What's best, in one year, I gained a lot of online friends and quite a following across the world! Not bad, not bad at all! I hope you continue to stay with me as I start a new chapter and a new year for this blog! Because I can guarantee you that there are more exciting things to come! I just know!

As I look out the window now to a fantastic view of the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline from our apartment, I advise you to gear up for a fun ride because I'm taking you with me on another adventure as we take on the streets of Manhattan --Fifth and Seventh Avenues especially!

That is, when I'm not running errands or cleaning house! Hahaha!

(Fashionista cake toppers from

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I've Been Tagged by Ruby!

I've been tagged, so here goes!!!

You share 8 things that your readers don't know about you. then at the end you tag 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going.

* each blogger must post these rules first.
* each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* at the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
* don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

1. I married the love of my life because my mom told me to pray the 9 week Novena to St. Joseph (Prayer for a Good Husband). I didn't know where to get one, but my friend Gina suddenly emailed me a copy, without me asking! Funny that dear hubby (then suitor, hehehe) had been asking me out for the longest time, but my weekends were already booked for family trips. Then he had the fabulous idea of going out for dinner on a Sunday night. Our first date happened on a Sunday, the first week of my Novena! When he rang the doorbell, my thought bubble was, "This is the man I'm going marry!". I instantly knew, just like that!

2. I started picking out my own clothes when I was 2 years old. I still remember it like yesterday. If I didn't like the outfit prepared for me, I would go to my three chest drawer and ask my mom to pick out what I wanted to wear! One time, I told her I wanted to dress up like Wonder Woman so she made me wear my underwear and wrapped a silk scarf around my neck so it looked like a cape. Then we went to the terrace and I stood up on a chair and asked to have my picture taken. The thing is we forgot that I had to wear a tube top! So if you see that picture now, our version of Wonder Woman was topless! Hahaha!

3. I lived in Leavenworth, Kansas for a year. Not inside the federal penitentiary silly! My dad studied in Fort Leavenworth's Command and General Staff College and the whole family got to tag along with him! I was in 9th grade at the time and it felt like being in the middle of a Sweet Valley High story! Seriously! I saw for myself that those storybook high school cliques really do exist - you got the peppy cheerleaders and the dumb jocks, the band geeks, the rockers in their Metallica band tees and flannel shirts, the student council achievers, the special ed kids who all go to school together in the special ed bus, and the hick kids who get dropped by pick-ups trucks filled with picks and hoes (yeah, Kansas is farm country after all)! Speaking of picks, I also knew how it felt like to be picked last for the team in PE class! Boohoo! (Understandable though, who would pick the short, skinny Asian girl for their basketball team? I wouldn't too! Hahaha!)

4. If I could turn back time, I wouldn't have spent my summers in college bumming in London. And when I mean bumming, I mean literally walking the streets from morning till night. I would visit Harrods and Harvey Nichols at least every other day, Covent Garden once a week, Oxford Street, Bond Street and all the other spots in between, kill time walking up and down Kensington High Street or watching people at Kensington Park (hoping to catch a glimpse of Princess Diana and the princes since our driver in London, Kuya Pilo, claimed that he would see them often in the vicinity of Kensington Palace) while waiting for my dad to finish his day at the Philippine Embassy at 9A Palace Green. I should have taken up short courses in fashion or something useful. Note to the young: Make productive use of your time and think of your free time as a chance to hone your skills so you can build up your resume! There's plenty of talented people out there and you have to be able to set yourself apart! All I got out of my bum in London days is the right to claim that I know all the routes to the shopping districts like the back of my hand. Tsk tsk! Then again, the experience also honed and refined my taste, and I continuously developed an eye for great finds. Very useful for this shopping blog right? ;-)

5. I lived a portion of my life surrounded by guns, grenade launchers, bodyguards and bomb sniffing dogs. No kidding! It was a regular thing to wake up in the morning and see a couple of K9s sniffing my mom's orchids and the bushes on our front and back yard. (But those dogs are pretty cool. They let you pet them as long as their handler holds the leash hahaha). Its not that we're into guns, goons and gold. My dad was in the military and a security detail was part of the package. That also included target shooting lessons for us kids (Yes, I can shoot a .45 calibre handgun and hit the target 40 meters away. I've also tried using an Uzi submachine gun, not my kind of thing, I'd rather stick to zooming in on Target-the store, hahaha!). Of course, when he retired, then it was sort of back to reality! Thank goodness for that! That kind of life is not for everyone!

6. I always get what I want. When I focus my mind on something, I really do get it. God has blessed me infinitely by granting my heart's desires. Sometimes, it may not be exactly how I wanted it, but He has a way of giving it to me in His own time and way. All I can say is, He definitely has a sense of humor! I have lists I made a couple of years ago and everything that I put there has happened already! Which reminds me, time to draw up a new, improved and more challenging list!!!

7. I love to write! When I have to write an article for a publication, it doesn't feel like work at all! It pays a paltry sum, but the feeling of pride and satisfaction when I see it on print is worth it! I especially love it when people tell me they've read this or that article I wrote and that they enjoyed it! I honestly do not expect people to remember my written work, so when they do, its a whole lot of fun for me!

8. My parents have saved a lot of money on my college and graduate education. I studied Business Economics in UP Diliman which makes me an Iskolar ng Bayan. I then took up my MBA with a Double Major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship in AIM - that's the Asian Institute of Management in Makati, where I was a scholar as well! Lucky me huh?! =)

I tag:
- Lorraine
- Leslie
- Conci
- Chap
- Belle
- Chico
- Raissa
- CJ

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Open W I D E !!!

I was surfing through my favorite site net-a-porter and I must say that 70s style jeans are back in a big (and wide) way just like I knew it would back in October 2006 and April 2007!

If you are on the look-out for wide legged jeans, Citizens of Humanity (Faye Wide Leg Jeans)...

Seven for all Mankind (Ivy Pant in Yosemite)...

and 18th Amendment (Colbert High Waisted Flared Jeans)...
...(why do these cult labels have such out-of-this-world names?) have some pretty nice ones.

I actually saw wide legged 7s for kids (if you're petite, the bigger kids sizes would fit just fine!) at Filene's Basement in Boston for $89.99 a pair. The Paper Denim & Cloth ones were only $49.99 at TJ Maxx! So there are some great bargain buys out there if you keep your eyes open!

But why should you look further when trusty Topshop still has the K jean? I suggest you check this one out!!!

I swear these wide legged jeans helped turn the original Charlie's Angels into fashion icons (in my book that is)!

(Photos courtesy of, and )

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Busy Bee

Give me a couple of days and I'll be back with my posts! Just been so jetlagged and busy all at the same time!

Btw, as soon as I cleared customs, my hubby met me at the arrivals gate and surprised me with the September issue of Teen Vogue! He told me he was so embarassed to buy it, but knew I'd love it! Which I super did! What a treat from my sweetie! Super thanks Hon! =)

Thanks to dear hubby, I will share with you the goodies I find there! Unfortunately, that might take time since I haven't really gotten around to reading it. I've been busy with issues of Architectural Digest and catalogues of Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel! Yes, hubby and I are setting up our first home! Woohoo! This is so much like playing house, but with real furniture and houseware! Tiring and time consuming but loads and loads of fun!

P.S. Btw, the Libertine for Target collection must have done well. Didn't see all the good stuff I saw online! Limited sizes available too! The remaining items though weren't that great. The fabrics looked "cheap" in my opinion. Then again, maybe that's why those were the only stock left. Can't say at this point though if Libertine's stuff for Target are as good a deal as I tend to expect! I've only been to one store! Stay tuned!

(You like the Busy Bee baby shoes in the photo above? Its by The Peridot Company Hong Kong. Cute huh!)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Tart Tartan

I know I've been raving about Longchamps lately, but see here's the crazy cool Longchamp Le Pliage bag I've been telling you about in a previous post that revived my fanaticism!

This charming carryall is a collaboration between Me Company, the "cutting edge graphics team behind some of Bjork's trippy album covers" and of course, the classic French accessory house!

(From the August 2007 issue of Teen Vogue)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'd Like to Add His Initial to My Monogram...

So goes the the line from one of my mom's favorite songs "Someone to Watch Over Me". Its such a shame though that not a lot of people have their personal items monogrammed these days! Thanks to Gladys who told me about monogrammed bags from Longchamp, maybe its time for a revival! With your bags at least!

Check out the Longchamp online store and get your own customized and monogrammed bag in four easy steps!

1. Select the size of your Pliage (purse, clutch bag, xsmall, small, medium, large)
2. Select the length of the handles for your bag


3. Select a color for the canvas and the stripe and select metallic accessories finishing (golden, nickel or bronze)
4. Select options for embossing ($6.50), embroidery ($13.00) and/or a message to accompany your gift ($3.90).

With 4000 possible combinations and with your own initials at that, there's little or no risk of running into someone with the exact same bag as your own! Super fun right?

And special too! The Le Pliage® bags on sale via the Longchamp e-boutique are made individually, on order, in a workshop dedicated to the production of these products, within their main production unit located in Segré, in the Maine-et-Loire region of France.

(Photos courtesy of
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