Thursday, August 23, 2018

Perla for Your Whites, and Everything Else (Really!)

photo via Pinterest

When I first watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I found the heroine's dad, Gus Portokalos, to be a bit idiosyncratic, with his steadfast belief that Windex was the cure all for anything and everything "from psoriasis to poison ivy".

Well, lookie here, that sounds just like me, with Perla soap now, haha. I'm that person in the household who swears by Perla for practically everything.

Let me count the ways:
- hand soap
- laundry soap for kids' clothes and delicates
- as insecticide for my plants
- makeup brush cleaner
- anti-fungal, anti-bacterial soap for any skin condition - from rashes to itchy scalps

Friends have told me their parents swear by it as a soap for pimples and dandruff, and there are those who use Perla for washing their pets - from cats to horses!

I'm sure there's plenty more uses I have yet to discover, but bottomline is, I get you Gus. There truly are wonder products out there.

I was recently invited to attend an event at Harlan + Holden Dine at the Rockwell Glasshouse hosted by Perla and what do you know, they sent me home not just with more Perla soap for our household but style tips as well, from celebrity stylist, Sidney Yap.

Some of his tips:

- Know your body type, know your skin tone and don't box yourself into just one style. You can be a preppy goth, a sexy minimalist, a polished bohemian. Just do you.
- When wearing white, make sure they're crisp and clean. Even fast fashion can look expensive, when the clothes you wear look well taken cared of.
- Layering is one of his favorite styling tricks. Makes sense. They're not only practical in our warm outdoors, then freezing cold interiors kind of set-up in our homes, offices and malls, they also add dimension to an outfit.
- Borrow from the boys. The oversized jacket and white hoodie the models are wearing below were actually picked out from the men's section.
- Mix and match fabrics. Don't be afraid to wear tough leather with soft, feminine fabrics.
- Try to match metals. If the buttons in your jacket are stainless steel, wear silver metallic heels. Of course this is not a hard and fast rule, as rules are made to be broken.
- When wearing patterns, make sure to choose ones that don't overwhelm. If you are petite, choose smaller prints, while bigger women can choose bolder prints.

Incidentally, on August 25, 2018, Perla will be hosting an event where a few lucky women will get a full makeover and be models for a day at the #PerlaFashionShow where they will also get the chance to meet Perla brand ambassador Toni Gonzaga.

See? Amazing, what Perla can do for you!

About Perla
Perla is the Philippines' first and oldest brand of laundry soap and has been around since 1949, trusted by our mothers and grandmothers and made from the same original formulation for close to 70 years. Each bar is made from pure coconut oil sourced from Filipino farmers and other natural ingredients such as glycerin and lavender essential oil for scent so it's guaranteed gentle and hypoallergenic. 

For more about Perla, visit Perla Philippines on Facebook and Follow on Instagram.
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