Sunday, November 05, 2017

My 28 Day Skin Care Challenge + The Reveal

A few months ago, I was asked to participate in a skin care challenge. 

Now, anybody who knows me knows I am a skin care fanatic. I do have my favorite, tried and tested brands and products that I have used for a decade or so now, but I’m always up for trying something new. The same way makeup enthusiasts are always game to try a new brand of makeup maybe. 

The deal was, I had to use two mystery products – an essence and a moisturizer for 28 days on one side of my face only, keeping one side untreated.

Based on the packaging, I kind of had an idea as to what these were, but I couldn’t get a confirmation from the challengers no matter how hard I tried to pry, heehee 

Rather than being worried about leaving one side of my face untreated, I got excited and I found myself up for the challenge. I was curious to know how my untreated skin would hold up if I left it to the ravages of nature.

Because we were asked to journal the changes in our skin, I managed to chronicle the experience and I’m sharing it here with you. To manage expectations, I have to share that I have combination skin and my main problem is skin texture. I have some rough patches due to dryness and have some bumps on the oilier section of my face like my forehead. I have brown spots on my face due to sun exposure. My pores, wrinkles and skin tone is pretty much normal.

Day 1

Understandably, there is no difference in terms of difference in texture, pore size, skin tone, and wrinkles between the treated and untreated side. What I do notice is that my skin feels hydrated, moisturized, soft and smooth. I like that the essence and moisturizer (even if rich and thick) have a non-greasy feel.

Day 7 

After using the product for a week, I compared the size of my pores, color, wrinkles and the overall skin texture and there is no visible difference at this point.

I have noticed though that the rough patches on the treated side of my face has softened considerably. The untreated side has a slightly tight feeling and nothing changed for the rough patches on the untreated side. Also, the treated side feels more supple and plumper.

In terms of product, the treated side feels like it is covered in a barely traceable film that feels like moisture is locked in on that side. I also like that the products are:

- Not greasy
- Absorbs well and dries reasonably fast
- I don’t need to use a lot
- Skin feels nice and soft after use
- Skin feel moisturized and plump in the morning
- I get the same effect from the luxury skin care products I use

Day 14

 no makeup, just skin care 

After two weeks, I am happy to share that rough spots have practically disappeared and the treated side feels plumper. 

I like that the products are not greasy and don’t make me break out. Plus, I don’t have to use a lot yet face feels moisturized. 

If there is one thing that bothers me about the products, I find that the fragrance can be a bit strong, although it disappears after I apply on my face. 

I look forward to applying the serum and moisturizing cream after I wash my face in the morning and before I go to bed. It makes me happy applying it. I feel like I’m taking good care of my skin.

Day 28

In 28 days, rough spots have disappeared and my skin feels smoother to the touch. The treated side seems plumper, and more moisturized. I also think it looks firmer and more taut than the untreated side. When I look at my jawline on the left, it seems to have started to sag whereas the treated side looks sharper and even on the mirror.

Overall, I’m very pleased with how this experiment turned out. I’m used to using luxury skin care products and I’m both relieved and excited about the fact that my skin can work with and benefit from a product that isn’t as expensive as what I am used to.

I would be happy to recommend the product to friends. It’s a great product that feels like that of a luxury skincare brand but does not cost as much.

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