Thursday, April 30, 2009

Neutral Territory

I have forever been in love with neutrals. From shoes to sandals, belts (a), (b), (c) and clothing.

I've been told I need to put more color into my wardrobe. And while those Kate Spade and J. Crew ads have their appeal, heck, I am even tempted to have a family photo shoot like Design Mom's when Berry comes out, I don't think I will ever veer away from my beloved whites, blacks, greys, khakis, navies and nudes. Sure, I have a sprinkling of red, pink, yellow and green pieces but still, neutrals rule. I guess this has to do with the fact that neutrals are so practical as they go with everything, I don't mind spending a lot on one piece because I know it will go miles style wise. Nudes, taupes and greys mixed with blush are so fresh, while whites, khakis, navies and blacks always look crisp. Mix neutrals together and the effect is easy on the eyes. Not to mention, timeless.

This season, neutrals are hotter than ever. And while there is a dearth of color in my closet, it would be hard to resist adding more neutrals when there are pieces such as these from net-a-porter for inspiration!

Plus every girl needs at least one great pair of neutral...


ballet flats...




and heels!

Oh, and don't forget accessories and an amazing bag to throw into the mix!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

32 Weeks

Berry is getting bigger! I get surprised myself when she kicks. Where'd this wee one get all that power?

At 32 weeks, I still haven't bought maternity clothes. This shirtdress from MUJI just happened to be long and loose and so Japanese-y, just like in the Japanese magazines and websites where they wear this with loose leggings/denims/trousers and clogs. Which I adore! Now if only I can remember this one particular site so I can show you.

Plus, again I can still wear this after I give birth, so it's money well spent. There's another tunic top at MUJI that I wanted, made out of organic cotton but I could only buy one. I really don't want to spend on clothes, as I've spent my budget on stuff for our home like good candles, and a nice woven basket for our magazines scattered about - talk about nesting!

We're getting Berry's crib and stroller/car seat (hand me downs from friends, which is a practical thing to do given that kids grow so fast!) soon and we are just so grateful to all our family and friends who've sent clothes, baby shoes and other baby stuff for Berry! She has enough clothes to last her a whole year, no kidding! I think the best thing about having a baby girl is that girls are such a joy to dress up! Just like a live doll! Heehee! Dear Hubby and I actually have to stop ourselves when we see something cute because we remember the mountain of clothes we have at home, all for Berry! I swear, this little one has more clothes and things than I do, I don't even know where we can keep them! Our guest room is practically filled with her things now. I can just imagine how she will take over our life when she arrives!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Audrey Marathon

Now that I am at 32 weeks, I've been staying at home more and more. For one, it's hard to waddle around the city, and I just can't seem to walk as fast as I used to. I am so obviously pregnant these days that people are now giving up their seats for me. Yesterday, an elderly man on the subway had his hands in front of my belly, as if preparing to catch me as I balanced myself by the door as the train approached my stop. I guess I do look like I am about to burst by now, haha! Driving can be a challenge too, I had to move the seat farther back so that Berry doesn't bump into the steering wheel!

So when I am not out running important errands, I'm usually at home - in the kitchen, cooking or baking, or in front of the TV watching movies from Netflix. The past couple of days, I've been queing Audrey Hepburn movies, to Dear Hubby's consternation, haha! So I have been under strict orders to watch it asap, while he is at work so he can get to his movies queue right away! Audrey Hepburn movies are my idea of a chick flick - the fashion! the romance! the singing and dancing! And I'm sharing my love for Audrey with Berry as early as I can, so that she grows up as gorgeous, elegant, stylish and timeless as Audrey too!

Of course, with nothing else better to do, I took some screenshots of some looks from two of Audrey's movies to share with you! The fashion is just so inspiring, sigh!

How To Steal A Million (a fashion extravaganza with clothes from Givenchy and accessories from Cartier!)

What is it with Audrey and eye masks? I'm loving her Nicole Bonnet "in disguise" look here, as she discussed their successful museum heist at the Ritz:

I think she is the only person ever who can get away with that sort of look without looking absurd!

Now this look is just so chic and timeless, I love how she wears her scarf two ways:

My Fair Lady

I've seen this so many times, but I just love watching this over and over! I especially love her gown here. I actually toyed with the idea of having my wedding gown patterned after her gown here, but I don't think I can get away with all that sparkly bits without looking like a tacky Reyna Elena wannabe heehee:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sweat It Out

It has been pounded on our heads that girls should never be caught dead in grey sweats. It has been described as unflattering, sloppy, lazy...

But how come Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang make it look so darn good?

(Photos from and

Friday, April 24, 2009

Levi's FW09 Press Preview

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the FW09 press preview by the pretty and preggy Melissa Ladines Mejia of Levi's Women's Publicity here in New York. It was great meeting a fellow Filipina (although she grew up here) and it was very sweet of her to invite me to the press event, so we can all see what's in store for the coming season. At the rate we're going FW08 hasn't really left the East Coast yet so these looks are still very much season appropriate! (Although it's getting warmer this weekend, let's see if winter will spring a surprise attack yet again!) Then again, when did jeans ever go out of fashion? Never!

They had all of FW09's jeans out for the press to check out and give them an idea of what to pull-out and feature!

There were models and mannequins to show us how to put it all together...

Looks like the silhouettes (boyfriend, skinny, etc) and washes (dark, destroyed, acid wash, etc) that are hot now are still going to stick around till next season! Thank goodness for that!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today is Earth Day

What have you been doing for this planet we call home? I have to admit, I still have much to do to lessen my carbon footprint, but I do segregate my trash, buy organic and earth friendly products as much as possible, and use reusable shopping totes when I shop! Which reminds me, I am planning to clean out my closet and put things on sale, I hope some of you would adopt my rarely or barely used shoes and other articles of clothing. Hey, that's recycling too!!!

If possible I would do all my shopping at Green Depot where everything in store is eco-friendly. In the meantime, we can all start doing our share by using reusable totes, since Envirosax has something special for Earth Day...

What's big, blue and green, and our responsibility? The Planet of course; and these new bags will be a groovy addition to your green lifestyle. Produced under license with Planet Green (TM), these five new designs feature contemporary geometrics in fresh hues of green, aqua and white.

Baggu on the other hand is giving away 200 Baggu Bags at the Bedford L stop in Brooklyn! They'll be there from 1:30 pm until supplies last! Yay Baggu!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Swim With Marc!

Here are a couple of reasons why we should be happy about the summer heat, thanks to Marc by Marc Jacobs' recently released swimwear line!

I may be too old for some of the prints and styles, but these are just too adorable to pass up! I'm loving the ruffled ditsy print bandeau top, the cutaway and asymmetric maillots and the striped and Little Miss Marc cover-ups! Eep! Sooo cute!!!

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