Monday, May 31, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer's Colorful Life

I adore Lilly Pulitzer prints! I have a mini-collection of Lillys in my wardrobe because I just find her prints so outdoorsy, happy and fresh!

Well guess what, I just found out that Lilly is now available in Manila! Here's a primer on Lilly, in case you don't know by now, for your appreciation:

It all started with a juice stand in Palm Beach 50 years ago. Lilly, a young New York Socialite, had just eloped with Peter Pulitzer and settled in Palm Beach. Looking for a fun hobby, Lilly decided to open a juice stand featuring local citrus. Her business was a hit, but all the squeezing made a mess of her clothes, so Lilly designed a dress to camouflage the stains. The result: A comfortable sleeveless shift made of bright, colorful printed cotton in pink, green, yellow and orange–the Classic Shift.

Customers loved her dress and soon Lilly was selling more shifts than juice. She decided to stop squeezing and focus solely on selling her "Lillys." Before long, Jackie Kennedy began wearing Lillys. Then, of course, everyone wanted one and Lilly Pulitzer® became a fashion sensation. Throughout the '60s and '70s, the Lilly Pulitzer line was the uniform of the affluent at play. Lilly Pulitzer stores sprang up in favorite resort towns of the jet set and Lilly's pink and green colors became the banner of the resort lifestyle!

Lilly Pulitzer offers apparel for ladies, children and men, as well as ladies' shoes, accessories and gifts. There are currently 75 retailers in Lilly-loving communities around the country recognized as Lilly Pulitzer via Shops as well as upscale specialty shops, resorts and clubs nationwide. Lilly Pulitzer is also sold in major department stores, including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's, as well as upscale specialty shops and clubs nationwide. Its popularity continues to grow among those who knew it years ago and those who have just discovered its timeless fun.

This year, Lily Pulitzer is saving the planet one print at a time! This season’s Spring 2010 is inspired by all the colorful flora and fauna around us, Lily Pulitzer is dedicating their new collections to promoting a greener world. With prints featuring everything from ocean life, to plant life, to endangered wildlife, Lily Pulitzer is proving that you don't have to harm Mother Nature in order to wear it. Check out their latest Animal-inspired prints, supporting our friends at the World Wildlife Fund.

Lilly Pulitzer is exclusively distributed by Rustan’s Commercial Corporation and is available in Rustan’s Makati.

Banana Republic S/S 2010 Is All About Linens

On Her: Beaded Waist Patio Dress in White, Zurich Delicate Necklace in Gold, Mazzy Flip Flop in New Pewter. On Him: Linen Patch Pocket Item Blazer in Brown, Slim Fit Linen Shirt in White, Straight Denim in Indigo, Del Rey Sailing Loafer in Ebony

Beaded Linen Top in White, Nina Modern Tank in Flamingo Coral, Twist Skinny Belt in Cognac, Solid Tie Waist Short in White, Mazzy Flip Flop in New Pewter, Pisces Chain Link Bracelet in Gold

Linen Solid in Vintage Blue, Solid Pant in Light Grey

There's a reason why linens are called "gusot-mayaman" in the vernacular.  It's light, breathable, and even when it gets all rumpled, still looks fresh and unflustered by life's daily demands. I don't know, but to me, when I think of linen clothing, I think of perfectly coiffed mommies in crisp linen tops, stylish young women lounging by the beach, wearing flowy linen pants over their swimsuits, and those sporty yet sophisticated dudes who travel around the world looking for adventure - linen shirts rolled up with nary a thought, wrinkled to the hilt, it seems to have a life of its own. Hmmm, sort of like Samantha's Rikard, hahaha!

If you want to stock up on linens and things, especially in this heat, then head out to Banana Republic!

Girls! There are linen dresses in various styles that can transition easily from day to night with the right switch in accessories. One summer must-have accent is the Linen Wrap which can also be worn as a light beach cover-up. Made of a woven-blend of 54% linen/46% viscose, it is soft and airy to the touch.

Guys, Banana Republic's linen shirts come in a range of beautiful reds, ravishing oranges, vibrant blues and stunning greens. Now updated with a fit that’s more shaped to the body, these shirts come in vibrant plaids and refreshing solids that can be worn from weekend brunches to weddings at the beach.

Banana Republic is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Casual Clothing Specialists, Inc. (CCSI), a subsidiary of Stores Specialists, Inc., and is available at Greenbelt 5 and Rustan’s Department Store Makati.

Congratulations Sam & Minnie!

You won 4 tickets each to SATC2! Get all dolled up with your friends because there are prizes to watch out for and lots of photos to take! A Citibank representative will contact you on how to claim your tickets at Glorietta 4!

Thanks to Raz, Eman & Amber for joining as well! You are all deserving of such a fabulous treat! I hope we could give all of you tickets, fortunately, there's always next time! Please watch out for more contests to come ok!

MFO & Citi =)

Blog Weekend Giveaway: MFO x Baby Mama Voting Begins!

Dearest Karla, Anon, Car, Nora, Pre-Pre, Louina, Kristina, Irene, Aileen, Jenny, Margate, Myra, Michelle, Pearlsha, Rye and Ann,

Thank you so much for your entries! You have no idea how inspiring your stories are. We can only hope for other moms and moms-to-be to read and learn from your experiences. You are such devoted mothers and I know your resoluteness to breastfeed will pay you such wonderful dividends not only now but in the years ahead.

I can honestly say we had such a blast reading your anecdotes. It's both touching and funny to see how far you'd go for the love of your children and breastfeeding!

I wish we can give each of you the prize, but since we can only have one winner, I strongly encourage you to spread the word to your family and friends to go to Facebook to vote for your entry so you can bring home the goodies!

To My Dear Readers,

Please support our "Breastfeeding and Proud of it Mommies" and join us in the electoral process!

Here's the --> Baby Mama Facebook page! Voting begins today and ends June 6, 2010.

We'll announce the winner by June 7, 2010! Good luck Mommies!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blog Weekend Giveaway: Tickets to the Advance Screening of Sex and The City 2 !

Girls! Listen up! Citibank and yours truly are giving 2 lucky readers 4 tickets each to the advance screening of Sex and the City 2 at Glorietta 4!

This means, you and 3 of your girl friends can do a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, get all dolled up and watch Sex and the City together!

Ok, so how does this go?

1. Visit and check out

2. From the website, check out your favorite thing to do with your girl friends (choose from DINING/SHOPPING/SPA & HEALTH/SPORTS/TRAVEL/OTHERS) and write a short anecdote on why.

3. Leave it as a comment in the comments section of this post, with your name and email address so we can easily reach you to get your contact numbers.

4. We will choose 2 winners (Yes! 2 winners!) who will win 4 tickets each to the advance screening of Sex and City 2 on June 1 (Tuesday, 7.30pm at the Glorietta 4, Cinema 2)!

Super fun right?! Ok, send your entries to me right away. We're only accepting entries until noon of May 31, 2010 (Philippine Time). We will announce the winner the same day!

*Contest is limited to Metro Manila residents only, or those who can personally pick up their tickets in Glorietta 4 from the Citibank Program Manager on screening day.

MFO x Baby Mama Entry #17: One Tough Mama at the Firing Range

(Picture: That's me being timed by the instructor.Oh, I got the highest score from among the trainees -- not bad for a lactating mom!)

The weirdest place I ever expressed milk in was at the Philippine Air Force Firing Range in Villamor Air Base. I was then employed in an office that required gun-training before I could be assigned my own gun. I could not go more than 4 hours without pumping. So after a few hours as a gun-slinging tough-guy, I had to retreat to the ladies room for nursing-mommy duties. The firing range apparently did not have many women users -- the ladies' room was dark (no working lights), dusty, and waterless. There wasn't even a door lock! I positioned myself near the door so no one could come in while I pumped. Thank goodness for baby wipes, alcohol and hand sanitizer. I must have used up an entire pack of each!


Friday, May 28, 2010

MFO x Baby Mama Entry #16: Everywhere, Thanks to the Kindness of Strangers

I've just about breastfed my daughter everywhere that I could think of. From public places such as airports, airplanes, taxis, buses, bus stations, restaurants, zoo, church to the private such a restroom in Greenbelt standing up, our own bathroom/toilet because Euna and I were alone the first few months of her life and I couldn't very well let her cry when all she needs from me is to feed her. But the craziest/weirdest for me among them wouldn't be where but how.

One Sunday we were in Market! Market! when Euna started fussing, I made a beeline for the breastfeeding station on the 3rd floor only to find out that it's closed. I found an ultrasound clinic nearby and asked if the breastfeeding station was closed (I thought whoever was looking after it must be on a break or something). Turns out they only operate Mondays to Saturdays. The good thing is that the woman manning the clinic (I think they were closed already for the day), realizing our need, offered the clinic's backroom so that Euna and I could get some privacy.

That wasn't the only time. The same thing also happened at David's Salon in Waltermart Makati while my husband was having his hair cut. We were waiting for him at the waiting area when Euna started getting fussy. I went to my husband while the hairdresser was still cutting away his hair and told him that I needed to feed Euna soon. The hairdresser, listening in to our conversation, offered the salon's facial room so that my daughter and I could get some privacy.

What really strikes me among all these is the kindness of strangers. Normally, I'm used to indifference from people in big cities but when they see a child in need, these same strangers would go to lengths to satisfy/accommodate that need. Thank you for making life easier for us breastfeeding moms and breastfeeding children.

Hungry for the World

Baby Mama Contest ongoing! Please continue sending your entries to! Contest details --> here!

MFO x Baby Mama Entry #15: A Cubao X Event, In Front of Friends

At a Cubao X event, Luis and Yvette, friends I hadn't seen in ages, dropped in and we talked while I carried Sof in my arms. Only at the very last minute did they notice that I'd been breastfeeding her the whole time we were chatting. I've always been insecure about my boobs, but this was one of the rare times I was thankful for their inconspicuous size!


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MFO x Baby Mama Entry #14: Toilet with a Bout of LBM

This is embarassing but the weirdest place I've breastfed my baby, Sev Philip was in the CR, while I was sitting on the TOILET SEAT struggling from a very bad case of LBM (Loose Bowel Movement). He was just 10 days old then. I've been running to the CR often to relieve myself but at one point, my husband couldn't pacify him from crying very hard and I couldn't leave the toilet since I wasn't finished yet. We didn't have a choice but bring Sev inside and breastfeed him there.

When my son gets old and reads this, he will surely scream in utmost disgust!

Oh, for the love of Full Breastfeeding!


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MFO x Baby Mama Entry #13: The Beach

After 7 months of exclusively breastfeeding Franco, I've already become comfortable breastfeeding in public. But this was tested on his 8th month when we went out of town with friends.

We went on a trip to Montemar and like in all our trips, siyempre we brought Franco along with us. As soon as we arrived in Montemar, we went straight to the beach, leaving our stuff in the car (including the cooler where I packed my milk supply). After playing in the sand, Franco suddenly got hungry so I had no choice but to breastfeed him with just his lampin as cover! So right there, in the middle of a crowded beach (with a group people having their company teambuilding), sitting on a lounge chair with my feet touching the sand while chatting with our friends, I breastfed my hungry baby until he was satisfied :)


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MFO x Baby Mama Entry #12: Singapore's Night Safari

(Photo from

I guess the weirdest place that I breastfed my daughter was inside the tram in Singapore's Night Safari. After a very tiring day, because prior to the Night Safari ride we went first to Singapore Zoo. . . my baby was already so hungry. By the time we rode the tram, in the dark and creepy ride in the tram, I secretly breastfed her. It was so weird knowing that there were so many animals around and the tram was such a very open ride. But then again, who cares, I wouldn't let my baby go hungry!


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School is Cool with Hello Kitty

Drop by SM North EDSA this weekend and shop for back-to-school items while getting fun tips on how you can prepare for the coming school year!

Yup! This weekend, May 29 to May 30 at the The Block, SM North EDSA!

Brought to you by Gift Gate, Galileo Enrichment Learning Program and Breadtalk!

MFO x Baby Mama Entry #11: Everywhere, Even a Wedding

After more than 2 years of breastfeeding (and still going), I have breastfed in several regular and strange places - on a public beach, at weddings (before a wedding and during a wedding at Manila Cathedral)... the Legarda Mansion (La Cocina de Tita Moning), at the grocery, on the metro on the way to disney HK, while shopping in the mall and in a plane - several times!  I even have an entire blog post about nursing in public!  I've realized that Filipinos are more accepting of the fact that babies do need to it and have the right NOT to do eat in a toilet.  In fact, I've actually influenced my daughter to nurse her own "child"! :)

From Jenny Ong
Chronicles of a Nursing Mom -

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Berry Eats Pinkberry

It was so hot yesterday, we had to duck into a Pinkberry to escape the heat! My sister Nicole and I finished a medium cup each. Berry ate most of the fruit toppings!

See? Oh, hey! Check out Berry's hair! It's growing now! She looks like a grasshead. Hahaha!

Yum! I want more!

Ok Mom, let's go now! I'm full! And I want to go to Sephora!

More Photo Ops: HP x SATC2 Media Event + Pre-Screening

Ok, just had to share these photos! I was like a giddy fan there, Myrza and I just had to walk up to these industry legends, introduce ourselves and ask to have photos taken with them! Thanks for being my photographer Myrza! Heehee!

With Vivienne Tam. She's so delicate and soft spoken, it belies how much strength and passion she has for design! She was super warm, with no airs at all. I was pleasantly surprised at how a designer this big can be so approachable! She really played an instrumental role in making netbooks look so stylish. HP said she pushed the envelope and made the impossible in computer design possible! The handy size, the rounded edges and the Chinese snuff box finish of her digital clutches (or netbooks as we know it) were the realization of her thoughtful vision.

With Fern Mallis of Fern Mallis LLC and prior to that IMG. Dear readers, she is THE person who started NY Fashion Week! She's a visionaire and a force in the fashion industry! I was and still am in awe of her! And she is just the nicest lady! I love her! Story goes that the designers used to show all over NY during Fashion/Market Week. Michael Kors was showing in a blank, empty loft, and because the music was playing so loud, bits of plaster started falling onto the models. She said Naomi, Cindy and all the "one-names" just walked on like nothing happened, they were such pros. After that, she thought New York needed a safe place to hold shows. Funny that the first ever NY Fashion Week happened in Millennium Hotel, the same hotel where this presscon was held! That was in 1993, before NY Fashion Week became associated with Bryant Park. This coming Fashion Week and thereon, it's going to be at the Lincoln Center on the Upper West Side! Don't say I didn't remind you!

With Tracey Trachta, Executive Director of Global Marketing, Personal Systems Group of HP. Speaking as a former marketing manager (yep, that's what I did before I focused on family and my writing), all I can say is OMG! This lady is a genius! 60% of internet users are women, and women actually influence and/or 70% of consumer electronic purchases. Sensing how critical the female market is to their business, she is the one responsible for promoting computers to women. So if you were one of those women who suddenly needed a netbook/digital clutch in your life, just absolutely had to have one, especially after seeing the HP x Vivienne Tam editions, she's the one to blame! Heehee!

Ok, that's it! Again, watch out for my column On the Radar! In the meantime, wait for SATC2 to show and tell me what you think of the movie once you see it ok!

HP x SATC2: No Spoilers! Just a Sneak Peek!

It's practically impossible for SATC's fans to not know that the movie they've all been waiting for is premiering today, May 27 (for folks back home in Manila, you'll have to wait until June 2).

And even if you don't care about SATC, here in New York, there are billboards of SATC2 galore, it's impossible to ignore!

These two billboards were just a block away from each other!

What most of you don't know is that a couple of HP's Spring 2010 Collection of netbooks, notebooks & PCs will debut on Sex & The City 2! Can you spot the HPs?

I was part of a group of bloggers and lifestyle journalists from various countries who were treated to the SATC experience via HP showcases and fashion installations. Of course, we got to attend the pre-screening of Sex & The City 2 too (showing May 27 in the US and June 2 in Manila) at Paris Theatre! 

Here's a sneak peek via photos. Read the full story On The Radar!

Because HP x SATC2 is all about technology and style, the media kit came neatly packaged in this blinged out USB flash (literally!) drive.

 We got to have souvenir photos taken by this spherical camera! It's like a giant webcam no?

Here's how mine looked like!

Now with Myrza of and Maggie of Elle Hongkong

Of course there were plenty of eye and techie candy with HP + fashion showcases to ogle at!
Vivienne Tam "Boutique"

HP x Vivienne Tam Butterfly Lovers

The digital clutch that started it all! HP x Vivienne Tam Peonies

Project Runway Design Experience

Priscilla of Boston Bridal Experience. Priscilla of Boston partnered with HP in developing technology that would allow a bride to cut down her wedding gown shopping time from 1.5 hours to 30 minutes via a program that would filter gowns based on variables (ie price, cut, fabric). A bride can also see how a gown moves on screen before actually trying it on!

A showcase of HP's Spring 2010 Collection

There's a netbook/digital clutch to suit every taste and personality:

Of course, the highlight of the media event was the design panel discussion facilitated by Tracey Trachta, Executive Director of Global Marketing of HP. The panel included Fern Mallis (formerly of IMG), Kimberly Minor (Priscilla of Boston), Project Runway's Emilio Sosa, Vivienne Tam, and Sandie Cheng (senior industrial designer of HP). What they talked about? It's On the Radar!

And yes, yes, I saw the movie in Paris Theatre! Such a cheap thrill to watch the movie right here in Manhattan. You know, seeing it on screen and then stepping out of Paris Theatre with Bergdorf on my right and the Plaza right across!

Plus, lots of treats from HP to munch on! Yeah, I'm low maintenance like that!

Plenty of models, socialites (Olivia Palermo!), designers and industry bigwigs attended the pre-screening too, so that was fun. Oh! And I saw Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner walk out of the movie midway (yeah, I saw them, they were just a few seats in front of me). And here's a geeky techie trivia. While HP partnered with the producers of SATC, Carrie still used her Mac in the movie.

But like I said, I'm saving all the juicy bits and will do the storytelling on The Radar! Watch out for it ok!
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