Monday, December 25, 2006

Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas everyone! Wish you all got the presents you wanted! But more than that "it" bag you've been drooling for or the latest cult denim that makes your butt look its best, I hope everyone enjoyed the fun, food, and festivities of the holiday season with your loved ones!

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Silver Spangled Slipper

The funniest thing happened on my way to BC. The past couple of days prior to leaving for my vacation, work was super hectic than usual -- I just didn't want to leave anything hanging. Suffice it to say, I waited until the night before my flight to pack my stuff. Last thing on my mind was to pack some warm slippers! Well, it is super cold here and did I suffer from freezing toes? You bet!

Luck was on my side even before I realized it! I bought a pair of black pumps for my sister and there was this "buy one get the 2nd pair at 50% off" thing going on at Nine West. Sayang the discount right? So I ended up getting this silver leather ballet flat for just $15!

I didn't really feel like buying it then but am I glad I did! This has got to be the comfiest, warmest, fabulous house slippers ever! Sigh! =)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Stealing from Little Old Ladies Ain't a Crime

I love old lady looks. I always get inspired by lolas dressed in vintage dresses with prim and proper hand bags to match. So when my sisters tell me that I look like a lola, with that weird look on their faces, I actually take that as a compliment! Mission accomplished! Hahaha!

So ok, I steal from little old ladies. But really, its not that bad! Trust me, there's no guilt feeling afterwards. So I coerce you to do so as well! Here's a granny item to steal (I promise I won't tell!). A long gray cardigan (from Topshop!).

While we are on the subject of lolas, I have to share with you this wonderful website called Lola y Maria. They carry items designed by young Latino designers, whose style would be best described as Lower East Side - indie with a dash of vintage. If you're not up for internet shopping, then visit the brick and mortar entity behind it! The boutique is located where else, but the Lower East side of NY!

Here's a dress I'd like to steal from their store! The Sophia dress by Vanessa Barrantes. Its like a cross breed of a sailor and an angel (if there was such a thing). Ethereal with a bit of edge to it! Nice!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

And Speaking of Highs...

Check out my high waisted jeans!!!



I realized though I need a thick, vintage looking belt to go with these jeans to make it look better, more "now". Here are my choices...decisions decisions!!!

Flintridge belt from Anthropologie
American Eagle Rhinestone Leather Belt
American Eagle Bloom Leather Belt
Topshop Vintage Leather Jeans Belt (really this is the name! Like they read my mind!)

Literal High Low

See those Prada knee high socks on Gemma Ward's gams? Those will set you back about Php5500
So if you want the look without the (knee)high price, go to Topshop instead. About Php600

Holiday Highs and Lows

I though of putting together a nice holiday outfit, with just the right mix of high and low! Splurge on the accessories and scrimp on the clothes! That's my philosophy! Hahaha!

Julie Sandlau Onyx Cluster Hoops
Topshop Frill Front Blouse
Topshop Suit Trouser
Jimmy Choo Margot Patent Pumps
Roberto Cavalli Leopard Print Clutch

With such fabulous accessories and up to the minute clothes, you'd be the star of the season! Well, of your office Christmas party maybe?

(photos courtesy of and net-a-porter .com)

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Reluctant Designer

Tina Gaudoin of The Sunday Times shares with us an interesting insight about dear MiuMiu, the lady behind Prada and the quirky cult brand named after her:

Some things we already know about Miuccia Prada: that she's a feminist, that she's smart as a whip, and she has a doctorate in political science from the University of Milan to prove it. That, as a former member of the Communist party, she reluctantly embraced fashion, beginning her career in 1978 when she took over the family luggage-making business and began creating humble black nylon backpacks bearing a brand name that many initially confused with Prado, the great Madrid museum. That, steadily and stealthily, without fanfare, celebrity appearances (or giving many interviews), and with her husband, Patrizio Bertelli, she built both a multibillion-dollar business and a reputation as fashion's greatest visionary. And yet, and yet… in 2004, with a level of self-deprecation that seemed to increase exponentially with the success of her business, she told The New Yorker, “I make clothes. It's silly. But it's my job.”

What a shock right? But the good thing is, fashion, like a persistent suitor, has charmed its way into her heart. Says Mrs. P (as Ms. Gaudoin referred to her), “Yes, very recently I have changed my mind about my work. I see now that there are different possibilities of contacting different people and finding out different things from all over the world. In the end I have found that it is not so bad.”

Not bad at all!!! As it is now, we're already blown away by the intelligence and humor evident in her designs. Imagine how else it could have been had her heart been set on fashion to start with! This lady is a genius I tell you! A genius!

Insider Trading

We've always been told that luxury designer goods are investment pieces. This is actually true in a sense. Designer bags, shoes, and clothing tend to last an absurdly long period of time. Such items are the kind that will last you a lifetime, heck maybe even longer!

However, ask any banker or wealth advisor and they'll tell you, that though luxury goods are nice to have, they don't generate income, and hence are not investments.

Well, now you can thumb your nose at them! You can say not at all! A lot of the high fashion companies are publicly listed and according to, the latest to join the list is Salvatore Ferragamo. You may not buy the shoes, but you can always sign up for shares!!! James Hurley, luxury goods analyst for Telsey Advisory Group, an independent research firm based in New York City is confident the Ferragamo family and investors alike will reap the benefits of an IPO*.

"You've got very a strong brand that has iconic products and heritage that can be leveraged on a global basis," he says. "For investors, that's appealing, because there is some value and security in owning a portion of a strong brand--you've got global growth prospects."

While you're at it, save some of your hard earned cash and prepare to splurge on Prada. According to WWD, Prada chief Patrizio Bertelli has pulled the plug on an initial public offering of the group four times, but now says he is looking at 2008 for a potential IPO of the luxury goods group.

While the less forward thinking fashionistas are stocking up their closets with the goodies, you're getting the goodies via stocking up on shares. Not to mention, monitoring your stocks won't be a much of a chore because you'll intuitively know if the current collection bodes well on your stock's performance!

You smart shopper you!

*IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, wherein a company first sells its shares to the public

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