Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ye olden times

I love love love Alexander McQueen and his shoes!!! I still covet those gladiator sandals from last season...

But theres no point looking back when the future is so bright and promising!!! His fall/winter shoes are making me go gaga! I love em!!! Here's something I would call the gladiator boot for those who missed out on the gladiator sandal!!!

Now check out these boots that remind me of something Mary Poppins would wear...

Didn't I say so???

But if a pointy toe lace up is more your thing, hmmm, something like what Miss Minchin (remember the head mistress of the boarding school The Little Princess went to?) would probably wear underneath that staid and drab black dress of hers (naughty!), then dear old Alex has something for you as well!

Gorgeous ain't it?

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