Saturday, September 23, 2006

The New Breed of Style Stars

Those with business degrees but with a passion for fashion need not despair if they find themselves in a different industry. Its never too late to answer to the calling of their style siren. My friend Alisa is definitely on the right track here. She's currently taking her MAFED in Bocconi University in Milan, and graduating this December! (Can we all just hitch on to your star? Hahaha!)

According to Marion Hume of Time magazine "Fashion designers may get all the glory, but they don't necessarily pull the strings anymore. In today's global luxury business, the key to success is not only the talent but also how to manage it".

Here's an excerpt from the article:

ONCE UPON A TIME, FASHION WAS A BUSINESS defined solely by creative talent. A bubble skirt, a padlocked handbag or any other commercial success was attributed to the "artiste" who sketched out his or her dreams and somehow, with just a hemline or a dangly tchotchke, was able to seize the zeitgeist and magically send millions of cash registers ringing. Every six months, newspapers and fashion journals would feature quaint headlines announcing the dictates of those creative types -- PARIS SAYS PANTS! Nobody paid much attention to the anxious number crunchers in the back offices studiously poring over sales estimates and marketing budgets.

That was then.

Continue reading all about the rising stars in fashion here:,9171,1533542,00.html.


stylePOD said...

this is a concern for me too. I graduated from Polimoda in Florence with an MA in merchandising and management and frankly, that's pretty useless here in the 3rd world. I'm not a designer and I can't sew to save my life, so business is the only way for me to pursue my passion. Unfortunately, the retail business here isn't exactly promising and doesn't leave a lot of room for creativity.

Alrighty, just venting!

cd_mfo said...

Dear FD, you are a style star in the making! Don't you worry! It will take a while here in good 'ol Manille for the fashion folk to appreciate your education and expertise (sigh, as always is the case) but your time will come! Our time will come I just know it hehe! Lucky you, you have that MA in merchandising and management under your belt =) Congratulations for following your passion! I chickened out and took an MBA to give me a semblance of normalcy! But I'd trade an arm for the chance to study in any of the fashion capitals of the world. Teehee!

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