Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Shoe Fairy

I love all things that's got to do with clothes and shoes. So when a movie comes along that tackles this as a "subject", i'm the number one sucker! Add to the fact that I adore HK, Korean and Taiwanese shows/films (I started in 1994, way before the chinovela and koreanovela craze hit our shores, because I found their fashion sense so quirky and the make-up really fantastic) then I need no prodding! To prove my point, I fought off jetlag just to catch the HK movie "The Shoe Fairy" during the long haul flight from YVR to HK!

I was not disappointed! It was a feast for the senses! Shoes, shoes, and more shoes!

According to the director Robin Lee , The Shoe Fairy is "a film about a little girl who cannot walk, who grows up listening to cruel fairytales about meeting witches, trading with witches, killing witches, etc. When the little girl grows up and gains a pair of feet, she becomes obsessed with buying shoes. If she can't buy more shoes, even the shoes start crying!"

Can you so relate? I betcha you do! Fashionistas are notorious for trading their soles for killer shoes!

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