Thursday, September 21, 2006

Steady Edie

Edie Sedgwick, the original socialite/model/actress (and Andy Warhol's muse!), was the "bad girl" of her time -- think Paris Hilton now. She lived fast, partied hard and unfortunately died young at 28. Sienna Miller, the reel Edie in "Factory Girl", says this about her character (from, "I just think anybody who is that self-destructive is intriguing. She had a real light. She was vibrant and fascinating and kind of started a big movement in the '60s, and burned out because she was misguided and abused. [She] just had an interesting life. I just think she's a pretty tortured soul, but that's quite fascinating in a sick kind of way."

But as with all icons, she's still very much around. John Galliano obviously had her in mind when he came out with his fall 2005 collection for Christian Dior.

And these Edie-inspired looks have have been updated with ballet flats, skinny pants on the left, leggings on the right, and a pop of red!

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