Tuesday, September 05, 2006

WAGs as Fashion Outcasts

The fashion scene is a lot like high school. You've got the Prom Queen (Kate, Sienna, et al), the sluts (Paris, Lindsay, haha), the rich girls (ie Vanessa & Victoria Traina, Lauren Bush), the quirky/artsy types (fashion designers/stylists - Betsey Johnson, Kate Spade, Patricia Fields), the intellectuals (Colin McDowell, Holly Brubach, Domenico de Sole, Tamara Mellon, Rose Marie Bravo -- either "serious" fashion journalists or the bottomline folks) the jocks (David Beckham & co), the bullies and rebels (Karl Lagerfeld & John Galliano -- he aint enfant-terrible for nothing) and the principal (Anna Wintour - who wields power over the whole fashion industry) and her discipline committee (Carine Roitfeld and a motley crew of editors out to whip the clueless masses into some semblance of fashionability).

But High Fashion High School ain't complete without the outcasts --- favorite punching bags, the focus of angsts, the ones poked fun at, what the "right crowd" will never touch even with a ten foot pole, the fashion equivalent of the untouchables (have I made my point enough?) --- aka the WAGs (wives and girlfriends of footballers). Leading the hapless pack is no one else but Posh Spice...Victoria Beckham!!!

Bullying has gone so bad that according to Clare Coulson of the Telegraph, "Designers are fighting to protect their brands from being endorsed by the 'wrong' sort of celebrity. As a group, no one has done more to kill off a handful of trends and labels than high-profile footballers' wives. Being WAGGED is now the greatest danger facing any new It-bag or hot label."

(Photo courtesy of the telegraph.co.uk)


Anonymous said...

But she was a pop star first before she married David. I'm not a Victoria fan but c'mon, she's not some farm girl or a freakin commoner who only had money and or had a taste of fame because she married a footballer. I don't think she belongs to that group.

cd_mfo said...

I actually like Posh Spice! How many pop stars back in the 90's would wear Gucci and actually look good in it right? But you know how the British press can be bullies. And well, some designers can be a bit territorial about their stuff too, like they have an idea of what sort of person would wear their clothes. Its just fascinating how the fashion industry can be like high school where they have to isolate a group to keep that semblance of exclusivity...

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