Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bull's Eye

Roberto Cavalli's stuff was never my sort of thing. After all, I'm more Kanye West than Beyonce! Hahaha! But yeah, I was never the type to go for the glamazon look, as I always tend to stick to my preppy roots. But the faithful follower of fashion that I am, I didn't skip his collection despite knowing he dressed the sexy bodacious types. I did my homework and was rewarded with a revelation! Fabulous toreador jackets! Now these are gonna be BIG I tell you, the way military and nautical jackets proved to be!

For the girly girls
For the glamorous divas
For the classicists
For the understatedly elegant swans

And as with all Milan know the drill!

Great detail on this bangle
Gold hoop earrings are coming on strong after Miranda's hoopfest in TDWP
Flat sandals from Mr. Cavalli? Yes! And classically great ones too!

My, he's got his waist cinchers tight!

Mr. Cavalli, I may never say adios after this!
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