Sunday, October 29, 2006

En Pointe

I'm a frustrated ballerina. Guess that's where the desire for ballerina flats takes root. Needless to say, wearing pointe shoes has been my biggest frustration, never mind that my little sister Nicole says its a pain to wear. How can it be a pain right? Watching those ballerinas on stage in their pink satin pointe shoes and tulle tutus just makes you think of fluffy marshmallows, beautiful princesses, benevolent fairy godmothers, sugar and spice, and everything nice....(Just between you and me though, one time, I sneaked into Nic's room and tried them on! Heehee! They hurt like hell, even with toe pads!)

So imagine my great joy when I saw this Calvin Klein knock-off...

...of the original Repettos.

Last July, I went to Gravity Pope, a shop carrying Repetto flats in Vancouver. I was seriously planning to get a pair but my fiance put some clarity into my glazed eyes, and sense into my muffled head when he told me it costs a quarter of my plane ticket already. That quickly got me back to reality! But when I saw these Calvin Klein ones the other day in the Nordstrom website, and at a quarter of the price of the original too, my oh my! I just couldn't contain my excitement! Hahaha! Can you even spot the diff? (Well of course apart from the obvious color and material used)

Now girls, by all means, join the club! I give you all the right to wear toe shoes! No need to wait for your ballet teacher to graduate you to en pointe. I'm sure you're toes are strong enough to wear these out for more serious shopping!

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Anonymous said...

I stopped by your site before. It's very interesting! When I was in Makati, I enjoyed seeing different men's and women's fashions. I admire fashion business because my sister worked in that business. Take care.

cd_mfo said...

Thanks for visiting again Scott! Your sister must be one happy chick doing something as fun and fabulous as fashion!

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