Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Message in a Bangle

Sigh, another bangle in my wish list. Wouldn't this look pretty with the Elsa Peretti bone cuff? The contrast in thickness and fluidity of the shape of each piece would be interesting to see.

I can't see the 3rd word exactly, but i'm guessing this bangle reads "POUR ETRE IRREMPLACABLE" or in English "TO BE IRREPLACEABLE". Now that's a nice mantra!

(photo of Chanel Message bangle courtesy of style.com)


prettypower said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh..i love that one!!!! i want one, in fact!

cd_mfo said...

Sigh, I know the feeling of wanting something so bad! This bracelet really is irreplaceable!

prettypower said...

shucks! true! true! gotta find a way to get one! hahaha! would you know if they're already available? US, Europe or even Asia?

cd_mfo said...

It would take a while to get to market. This bangle is from the S/S '07 collection, so the earliest it would hit the stores would be January 2007. I'm thinking this will be available in the Chanel boutiques worldwide! Yay!

prettypower said...

hmmm..i'm leaving january. will check out chanel in singapore.


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