Monday, October 02, 2006

The Perfect Storm(boots)

Sue us for insensitivity, but the whole time the typhoon was raging outside, my sisters and I were thinking that the best thing to have on a rainy day such as then was rainboots!

Now come on, admit it! You wouldn't be afraid to venture out in the rain if you had these on now wouldn't you? Come clean and tell me you're as shallow as a puddle too!

Cute and cheap, $19.95 at
Gabriella Rocha, $60 at
The original Wellington boots from the Hunter Boot Company of Scotland, $89
Kate Spade, $154 from
Emilio Pucci, $154 at

If wellies look too tough and heavy for you, then here's something that's more horsey than the garden variety type...

Tamara Henriques equestrianne rainboots, $118 at Olive and Bette'


Anonymous said...

wow! nice boots! i saw a local site as that has the same stuff being sold online. check out !!!

cd_mfo said...

Oh yes, I've heard about plueys! Reasonable prices too! Thanks for the tip! =)

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