Friday, October 20, 2006

Sharing My Shopping List

Currently, I only have two things (technically) in my shopping list that I'd like to share with you (yes, I sent a "moment-of-weakness" email to my sister. The ballet flats have been ordered so that one's off my hands now!):

1. SK-II Facial Treatment Clear lotion (third from left) and

Facial Treatment Essence
The above does not even qualify as a "want" as these are more of a commodity right? You see, at my age, I realized I ought to start taking care of my skin. Historically, I scrimp on facial care products. I think of Cetaphil as a luxury. Heck, I used Eskinol for the longest time everytime I would run out of my dermatologist-supplied toner. Up until 2 months ago that is, when I had an awakening in the HK airport. After a 12 hour plane ride, I stepped into the ladies washroom to fix my hair. While brushing absently in front of the mirror, I was shocked not to see my reflection, but my pores staring right back at me!

So I dashed straight to the cosmetics area and bought a bottle of SK-II's Facial Treatment Clear lotion. Guess what! In a week's time, all my pores shrunk in size. I'm happy to say that my skin now looks amazingly fresh and renewed! And to think I'm just in the cleansing process! That's why I'm excited to see how using an additional product in the line will work for me.

Good thing I have skin fanatics for friends, who have long espoused the merits of SK-II, a legendary Japanese skincare line. I can still remember the first time I heard about this product. Alisa was reading the Asian Wall Street Journal intently, thereafter excitedly showing me the report that P&G bought SK-II. All the while, I thought she was monitoring her stocks or something important like that. Apparently to her, it really was breaking news! That meant with the backing of P&G, the line would be more accessible to millions of women out there looking for the fountain of youth.

SK-II has a very interesting history. The age-defying ingredient in the products was discovered, according to, by "a Japanese monk who visited a sake brewery in Kobe. He was surprised to discover that the brewery workers had extraordinary soft and youthful hands. Even an elderly man with pronounced wrinkles on his face possessed the silky smooth hands of a young boy. This observation encouraged the monk to conduct a series of experiments. He eventually discovered a clear, nutrient-rich liquid that could be extracted during the yeast fermentation process. He shared his findings with a group of skincare scientists, who became equally excited by the potential of his discovery." And the rest as they say, is the stuff that legends are made of!

2. Hermes Twilly

I just had my hair cut and I'd like to invest in a nice headband that will set off my bangs! Hahaha! As the Hermes scarf loving Miranda Priestley would say, "That's all"!

Now enough about me, how about you? Care to share your shopping list too?

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