Friday, October 06, 2006

Who Colors Your World?

Remember that scene in TDWP where Andy Sachs snorted out a guffaw after the stylist presented Miranda with two blue belts while accesorizing a red tulle confection reminiscent of Lacroix during the run through, and declared it "so different?"?

Just as Miranda dressed Andy down with a scathing but accurate rundown of the history of that color (cerulean actually) on those "stuff", fact was not farther from fiction. There really is a science and a history to each "color of the season".

Here's how it goes. The Color Association of the United States, one of three main color-forecasting groups, along with Pantone Color Institute and the Color Marketing Group, according to the Seattle Times "are made up of professionals from industries including automotive, home, fashion and others who regularly develop predictions and choose colors and palettes a year or two in advance".

The pipeline then works this way, "You see colors happening in high-end manufacture. You're going to see it in Target in less than a year and continuing into Wal-Mart and Kmart."

That explains how cerulean blue trickled down to the masses, originating from couture creations, eventually filtering down to Andy's polyblend sweater from Casual Corner. Now, if you're wondering why there's lot of yellow in the 2007 Spring Collections (from New York to Paris), you know who really colors your world!

Versace S/S 07
Andrew Gn S/S 07
Ungaro S/S 07
Valentino S/S 07

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