Thursday, November 02, 2006


What's more troubling? Someone who doesn't bother to dress up, or someone who looks hopelessly tacky but thinks they've got their style vibe going?

I can stand indifference to fashion. Not everyone has the interest for it, the same way I couldn't care less about the latest gadgets or the hottest business venture (unless that involves clothes and accessories that is!) this side of town. I'm no art piece collector, nor do I have a passion for theatre. They're entertaining for sure, but I won't analyze brushstrokes or subplots for my amusement alone. In short, whatever floats your boat!

What riles me are people who think they're oh so fashionable. And when I mean fashionable, I mean they think they've achieved full, authentic fashionista status (ehem ehem like you and me who can: a) spot a designer's work from the draping of the fabric alone, or the whimsical detail they're known for, b) can tell from which season a particular trend sprung out, c) can pronounce the foreign label correctly, d) can match the designer to the label (to them, yes Balenciaga/Chanel/Lanvin are long gone), e) can tell by gut feel how to wear a piece of clothing and match an accessory to their outfit correctly, f) all of the above). Cut me some slack, I'm not being a bitch. I may have my own taste, but I respect people with their own personal style. So this rant piece is actually directed at those who think they'll make the style files of Vogue but actually look like sad, trying hard caricatures of those stars they're trying to emulate.

FV 1: Take this one girl for instance who insists on wearing the Sienna Miller boho look that she's oh so carefully put together from her tiangge collection. Now there's nothing wrong with wearing tiangge clothes, but when you're dressed head to toe in them, and you act like you thought of the boho look all by yourself, then there's a loose screw in there somewhere. Besides, doesn't she know Sienna's ditched that look when she saw every 10 year old on the High Street wearing a coin belt slung around the hip of their peasant skirt, uhm about a year ago?

FV 2: Then there's this other girl who's nearing the big 3-0 but thinks she's still in high school. Mini skirts, loud, colorful and tacky shoes bought from Mongkok, plus this season's trends worn all together at the same time. Cute look for a teenage girl, but fashion victimy on a woman. Hello! Paris Hilton has moved on from her tiered mini skirt and tank top days, shouldn't she be doing that too? Girl, I mean, woman! There's a huge difference between childlike and childish and you wouldn't want to be the latter I assure you! Ever heard of the term "nagmumurang kamatis"? That'll be you five years from now.

FVs 3&4: Oh oh! Here's an interesting pair of best buddies! They think they can get away with anything. Both wear 4 inch heels in the office (they adore those knock-off Louboutin Bruges but I doubt if they have an idea that they're wearing poor copies). But I betcha each one's nearing the 200 lbs. mark. (Isn't that a double disaster waiting to happen?) One loves wearing a wide belt cinched around her waist, just because its in to do so. Never mind that she's drawing attention to a barrel for a body. They both have huge boobs (which I am jealous of) but they're not doing them justice by wearing boleros two sizes too tight they look like they're about to burst. Three words for them: Dress to Flatter

FV 5: Money can't buy her class. Even if her Louis Vuittons are real, they still look fake, what with the long orange hair, acid washed jeans, platform boots, bleached skin by Ellen's, and her loudmouthed ways. (I saw her in a bank, transacting with the teller in a voice loud enough for everyone to know she had a dollar account there). Mama-san, you deserve that Yakuza of a husband!

FV 6: The greatest injustice of them all! Fashion victim as magazine editor. Yes, that's how clueless local media is here (some, not all!), that they can be duped by a man/woman who can't tell class from crass, and made him/her one of their own. Sad state this country's at. The politicians are making empty promises, the children are getting ignorant by the minute with the state of our educational system, our soldiers are struggling with insurgency because the defense and security budget is being siphoned off to the pork barrel fund, the man on the street has to contend with a smaller basket of goods for his peso's worth, and a publication appoints this person editor. Can't we do anything right here? They can't even get fashion right, and really, its not even an essential to the average person! What are we left with now? Garbage in, Garbage out! Darn!


Rain said...

Great thought.. Can't we at least get fashion right? It must be a sign of the times.

Anonymous said...

maybe you can take a picture of these people you are talking about and post it on here...haha!

cd_mfo said...

I would love to actually! But we don't want "objectionable content" in this blog now do we? Teehee

stylePOD said...

love this post! brave souls like us are a rare breed here in little 'ol manille :)

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