Sunday, November 26, 2006

He Said What?

"Competition keeps you on your toes. Bench's main competitor at the moment, Chan says, is Zara." - page Q7 of the November 26, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Today is a sad day for Business Majors and MBA degree holders. You can market map and position your company or products accurately, but can you grow a retail empire comprised of "7 franchise outlets in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Guam, Riyadh, China, the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Canada and Palau, on top of 270 company-owned stores, 30 franchisees and 218 concessionaires in the Philippines." even without knowing a basic thing such as positioning your company based on customer segmentation and product line?

Bench founder Ben Chan believes that "Hard work pays, but you must also have luck". What can I say! He was definitely born lucky! Mr. Chan is proof that street smart business sense outclasses textbook theory hands down.


Conchita said...


Anonymous said...

how the hell can Bench be a competition to ZARA??? Zara is 5 times more fashionable than what bench offers. I don't even buy at any bench stores bec their stuff are just ... ulk.

prettypower said...

Say what??? Bench and ZARA???

Anonymous said...

Was he drunk when being interviewed?

Anonymous said...

I'd guess drunk and delusional?

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