Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"If I was a Rich Girl"

I'd build myself a diamond "collection"!

Let's dream a little. Say, I had tons of property; a trust fund that would assure me and my grandchildren's children a comfortable life; reliable, capable and professional managers to run the family corporation; and to top it all, my investments are just raking it in. What would I do?

Buy jewelry. See, I hardly own jewelry. For me, its not an essential. I have a few basic pieces but that's it. So if I had extra money, then I'd go get iced. But I wouldn't buy the ostentatious ones that are just screaming for attention. I really have simple taste. I mean what's the point of buying fantastic stones I would hardly wear, and if I did, I still wouldn't because I'd be dead scared of losing them?! So I'd rather go for these understated, elegant, classic and wearable ones that are ok to wear for everyday, and would still leave me with a lot more dough to pass on to the nth generation:

Daywear: Tiffany diamond studs, for pierced ears. Round brilliant diamonds, carat total weight .94, color grade D, clarity grade VVS1. Set in platinum. This item comes with a Tiffany Diamond Certificate.$12,400

Evening Wear: Shared Prong hoop earrings, for pierced ears. Platinum; round brilliant diamonds, carat total weight 1.60, color grade G, clarity grade VS. $6,800

Fun Wear: Tiffany Bubbles ring. Platinum; round brilliant diamond, color grade G, clarity grade VS. $9,000

Just Because I'm Me Wear (Stands for my Nickname and dear Tiff): Tiffany Letters "T" pendant. Round brilliant diamonds, carat total weight .12, color grade G, clarity grade VS; platinum. 16" long.$1,950

Yup, this is it. If "I've had all the money in the world", these are all the jewelry I'm buying. I'd be satisfied and still be a super rich "wealthy girl". "My cash flow will never ever end" because I only spent a tip of the "ice"berg. Hahaha!

(photos courtesy of, inspiration for this post courtesy of Gwen Stefani)


Rain said...

You have excellent taste.

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Rain! =)

Anonymous said...

diamonds are a girl's best friend..

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