Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Kylie Collection

I love Kylie! The Locomotion was great, but it was Spinning Around and Can't Get You Out Of My Head that sealed the deal for me. Hearing her music just makes you want to stand up and dance! She isn't exactly my style icon since her sexy look is not my kind of thing (I'm quite conservative, so hotpants will never find their way to my closet), but hey it works for her! One thing's for sure though! I want to look like that when I get to her age! I mean, how does she do it? How can she look this good right after chemo?(If this was me, I'd probably look like i just got out of Auschwitz.)

It seems that the folks at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London are enamored as well. According to the Telegraph, "She has been a soap star, a pop princess and, for much of her career, the quintessence of a manufactured entertainer. Somewhat surprisingly, the Victoria & Albert Museum has decided to dedicate an entire exhibition next year to Kylie Minogue. Kylie: The Exhibition will feature 200 of the performer's costumes, accessories, photographs and awards, including the gold-coloured hotpants she wore in the video for her first No 1 single for 10 years, Spinning Around, in 2000."

If I happened to be in London I would definitely go and check this exhibit out. Don't worry about me. Those gold hotpants can stay there under the watchful eyes of the museum guards.

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