Thursday, December 07, 2006

Stealing from Little Old Ladies Ain't a Crime

I love old lady looks. I always get inspired by lolas dressed in vintage dresses with prim and proper hand bags to match. So when my sisters tell me that I look like a lola, with that weird look on their faces, I actually take that as a compliment! Mission accomplished! Hahaha!

So ok, I steal from little old ladies. But really, its not that bad! Trust me, there's no guilt feeling afterwards. So I coerce you to do so as well! Here's a granny item to steal (I promise I won't tell!). A long gray cardigan (from Topshop!).

While we are on the subject of lolas, I have to share with you this wonderful website called Lola y Maria. They carry items designed by young Latino designers, whose style would be best described as Lower East Side - indie with a dash of vintage. If you're not up for internet shopping, then visit the brick and mortar entity behind it! The boutique is located where else, but the Lower East side of NY!

Here's a dress I'd like to steal from their store! The Sophia dress by Vanessa Barrantes. Its like a cross breed of a sailor and an angel (if there was such a thing). Ethereal with a bit of edge to it! Nice!


Conchita said...

So not like a lola at all!

Anonymous said...

hi tin :)

would you like to write for kikay exchange? i really need contributors :)

Anonymous said...

very chic site.. i'll keep coming back! :)

cd_mfo said...

Thanks eyebrowse! Now that I'm back from my vacation, I'll make it a point to have new posts to share on a regular basis =)

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