Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bottega Veneta

I just came back from a dinner with my grad school friends Alisa and Conci in Serendra this evening. Alisa, who recently graduated from Bocconi University's MAFED program in Milan, excitedly told us about her job interview with Bottega Veneta!!! They interviewed her for a business analyst position, based in the Italian capital of fashion!

Of course, after shrieks of happiness and ecstatic laughter, questions about employee discounts (estimated between 40% to 60%!), and other Gucci Group employee privileges, we pledged our prayers and wished her the best of luck! Alisa! You are in our prayers! We want what's best for you (and us! ehem ehem!)!

For some strange reason, Bottega Veneta has been in my sphere of thoughts these past couple of days. Some months back, Cons went to a Bottega launch in Greenbelt 4 and saw some exotic skinned bag that she wanted so bad, until she saw the price tag. Recently, one of my best friends received a small Bottega Veneta purse for Christmas and was she shocked to find out that the price of the item was enough for a downpayment for a car! (She incredulously told me about it, and what can I say! I'm sure it was a pleasant surprise! But oh boy! Where there more surprises in store after that! Anyway, that's for me to know and you to find out!) Then Alisa tells us about the job interview!

My friends and their shock and awe Bottega stories! I wonder what'll be mine like?


prettypower said...


i wish your friend all the luck! and yes, i too, am lusting over several Bottega bags... leather is just soooo buttery soft... but the price is just prohibitive!


cd_mfo said...

Thanks Ruby! The employee discount will surely help a lot! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

did you friend get the job?

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