Friday, January 26, 2007

I Am Who I Am and Why I Sleep in Style

My mom believes she is a very practical person. As much as she thinks my obsession with fashion is a waste of time, money and effort, I can't help but think she is somehow instrumental in shaping my world views. I am who I am, because directly or indirectly, she conditioned me to behave and act this way.

Take these instances for example:

When we were growing up, my mom would dress us up in tights with skirts and dresses/overalls or pants every single day if she can help it. Even if we had no place to go. Why? Because she says that we have to protect our knees and legs from getting scratched! Of course when I was old enough to think for myself, I preferred running around in shorts and slippers like the rest of the kids, and go barefoot at home just to freak her out. But wearing pants, and tights to protect my legs? Actually, it makes perfect sense to me now!

I was seven when I first stepped into a K-Mart. I was amazed at all the stuff in that place. Everything was imported! (hahaha) At that age, the first thing that I went straight for was the clothes section. I saw a cool shirt with a matching visor and told my mom I wanted that one! She was appalled at the thought of buying clothes in K-Mart and vehemently said no! But I got my way after I threw a tantrum, and my sister Trina decided she wanted the same item in red, and joined in the ruckus! Looking back, I realized the reason for her disapproval. My mom says that its better to have a few quality clothes and shoes than a lot of cheap, trendy items flooding the closet. She calls it "investment dressing". Fast forward to now, and me and my predisposition to expensive stuff (quality doesn't come cheap) is cause for her consternation.

My sibs and I used to complain that there's always no food in the house. I mean yeah, the refrigerator may have meat, eggs and vegetables. The fruit bowl full of mangoes, oranges and bananas. The pantry stocked with pretzels, trail mix and granola bars (my mom's concept of junk food); but where are the potato chips? The chocolates? The cakes? The donuts? That's what we mean by food! You'd expect a maternal woman to say, "Kids, junk food isn't healthy, it won't do your body good!". You know what she answers back? "Pasalamat kayo walang ganyang pagkain dito! Kundi matataba na kayo lahat! Kaya kayo payat dahil sa akin!" ("Thank me for not buying junk food! If I did, you'd all be fat! I am the reason why you are all skinny!")

My mom always tells us to put on nice underwear (in case you get into an accident) and sleepwear (in case you have to dash out of the house if ever there's a fire). She believes one always has to look presentable, at all friggin' times! But unlike my brother who manages to cling onto his favorite holey shirts, us girls are resigned to the fact that yes, we always have to look neat to avoid being the target of our mom's tirades. I have taken this to heart, and I make it a point to look nice even when I sleep. I have a vast collection of pretty pajamas, mostly ones I make for myself. I choose the prints and have my seamstress make me sets and sets for me to admire, and doze off in of course!

I realized though that I am one of the very few people who behave this way. While some people may look presentable, even kikay outside the house, they love wearing ratty stuff at home! Their oldest, most threadbare house clothes! That's why I have an affinity with girls and guys who get excited about a silly thing as nice pajamas! They are the ones who live and breath style - even in the privacy of their rooms. While there are an enlightened few who believe in the importance of sleeping in style, the concept of fashionable sleepwear here in the Philippines is still unchartered territory.

But I appeal to those who are not yet converts! There is a world to discover out there! Join me and my fellow believers in our journey to dreamland!

Isn't this collage of items from enough to set your heart and mind racing at the possibilities? Love it! Love it! Love it!

Nick & Nora® Midnight Snacker Blue Flannel Pajama

Nick & Nora® Circus, Circus Original Luxury Red Flannel Pajama

The Cat's Pajamas Geisha Print Capri Set PJs

The Cat's Pajamas Heels and Handbags Poplin PJs

The Cat's Pajamas Sushi Fannel Sleep Shirt

Incidentally, The Cat's Pajamas was founded by college friends Jenny and Lynn, who graduated from Stanford University (with degrees in sociology and american studies) mind you!

Now here are some sleepwear possibilities from Frankie & Johnny!

Frankie & Johnny Fairy Tale Wedding Print

Frankie & Johnny Apple Orchard Print

Frankie & Johnny Sleepy Sheep Print

CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I WANT THEM ALL!!! Heehee! If you'd like some nice sleepwear here in Manila, I suggest you check out Women's Secret, Rustans (they carry Natori and a private label sleepwear line) and the Ruth & Esther boutique in City Golf Plaza Ortigas -- the shop stocks pajamas I designed myself ;-)

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Jillsabs said...

great sleepwear!

maybe we can feature your own line in kikay exchange :)

prettypower said...


do you make shorts (with draw strings) and tank tops? I prefer those over jammies.. please email me at


cd_mfo said...

Thanks Jill! Sure that'll be cool!

Hi Ruby! I happen to make those too! I'll email you! Thanks!

prettypower said...

Oh please do..i love them! can you attach photos? can i just order from you? i'm just in astoria. :D

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