Monday, January 15, 2007

Proenza Schouler for Target

Ok, I must admit the Behnaz line wasn't as great as I expected. Checked it out at Target 3 weeks back and the clothes weren't very "designer quality" like if you know what I mean. But who are we mere mortals to complain? You get what you give, and for $30 for a top by Behnaz, okay I concede. It is a pretty good deal! Sales wise, I think it did very well. They had a few items left hanging on the racks by the time January rolled by.

This February, Target and fashion fans have another line to gear up for! Proenza Schouler by Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough. Their fun fab clothes will be available starting February 1. Check out some of the looks below!

Are those palpitations I hear?

(Photos courtesy of the Target pressroom)


raissa said...

I will agree I wasnt so into the Behnaz line. It was just okay to me. oh I am liking the blazer, the yellow jacket and the salmon(?)shorts. Cant wait for February. Thanks for the heads up!

cd_mfo said...

You're welcome Raissa! Looks promising from the pictures alone! Please do let us know how the clothes are! I won't be able to check the line until I go back there to the States this May =)

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