Thursday, February 08, 2007


Another fashion icon as muse, this time its Millicent Rogers at Chaiken. According to "Jeff Mahshie, who co-designs the line with Julie Chaiken, explained that they chose Rogers as their starting point because of her "chic, nomadic lifestyle".

Now I do love Millicent Rogers, she was an individual, a glamorous one at that! And I have to admit, this collection moved me! Now I pretty much know how I'd like to look come autumn/winter '07!

This looks like a tougher Audrey H. with the slim cut pants and pointy pumps

I'm loving these loose cropped trousers and ribbon-neck tops

Loose pants again! Plus these look really good with those big ribboned tops!

I feel like breaking my self-imposed clothes shopping ban!!! Aaargghhh! (Honey, if you're reading this, I'm not serious! I promise I won't give in!!! Besides I pretty much have all these bottoms and jackets and cardigans...Hmmm, except for those ribbon-necked tops...heehee!)

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