Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm Marrying a Black Eyed Pea

My Dear Fiance once asked me how come I never write about him here in my blog. I told him, "But I've mentioned you a couple of times Hon!". Well, apparently, a cameo in my blog was not enough for him. He wanted a posting starring him! Yes, even if this is a fashion blog! But because my Honey is such a sweetie and is a reformed "bad boy*" I dedicate this post to him!

*(He was once so against my obsession with Lacoste Canicule rib polo shirts until one day, out of the blue, he said "Okay lang naman mag shopping ka eh, basta classics yung bibilhin mo, like yung mga Lacoste mo." Awww, I was so proud of him that very moment. Another time, when Havaianas first came out the market, he was shocked to find out that rubber slippers could cost that much. While I was buying a pair, he looked troubled and was giving me bad looks, but I could not be dissuaded. I went ahead and bought it. As I explained that these were no ordinary slippers, that it came from Brazil and that the rubber was very soft, he said "Magdadala ako ng Spartan sa Brazil, ibebenta ko dun ng ganyan ka-mahal din!". A couple of months later, he was like a major proponent of Havaianas and thought that it would make a perfect gift for our sisters and moms!)

See, in spite of his initial resistance, my Honey has turned out to be an open minded and supportive partner in my shopping endeavors!

So here's to you Honey! Because fashionistas like me end up marrying rock stars or pop stars, what can I say, we really do make a perfect pair! I'm proud to announce to everyone I'm marrying a Black Eyed Pea!!!

(Photo courtesy of Jason Co)

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