Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Kikay Mints

I found the most fabulous, most kikay mints in the world! I was on a random errand at Watsons with my friend Carissa when we stumbled upon Little i mints - that are just so cute and so prettily packaged that between Carissa and I, we spent over a thousand pesos on mints alone! We got it as small Valentine’s Day tokens for ourselves, our sisters and moms. It was a teeny tiny present but they absolutely loved it!

This “original sleek, sexy, mirrored tin” are premium sugar-free breath mints made in Canada. For those diet divas, not to worry, as these are sweetened with Splenda. According to the company website “This trendy treat and fashion accessory launched Little i Confections worldwide. The patented tin slides open to reveal a handy little mirror-perfect for lip gloss, teeth and makeup checks. Pop a sugar-free mint and sneak a peek without anyone suspecting. In seconds flat, you’re home free with fresh breath and a sexy smile.”

There are various products to choose from, but its the Personality line that are just so fun! With labels like Cute, Hottie, Flirt, Spoiled Rotten, and High Maintenance to choose from, all you girls out there can instantly make a statement with mints alone!

For the cute and perky girl-next-door type who's got every boy in the village staring at her with puppy dog eyes
For the smoldering siren, "Keep your breath kissably fresh morning, noon, and all night long!"
A chick's secret weapon: "Reapply your lip gloss on the sly, because every flirt needs to practice her tease now and then!"
"For fashionistas, princesses, princess-wannabes and anyone else who requires extra attention!" (There must be a lot of this breed out there - High Maintenance is Little i Confections´ top-selling Personality Series peppermint)
For the pampered diva, or "those who have it all and still want more". With the flash of this mint, "let all your boyfriends know how you deserve to be treated, especially on first dates!"

Little i confections are sold in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, Hong Kong, Sydney and other major cities around the world. The patented Mirror Mints are available through Sephora, La Senza, La Grande Epicerie of Paris, Harrod’s, Harvey Nichols, Bath & Body Works, Kitson, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Fred Segal, Caesar’s Palace, Wynn Las Vegas, Hallmark stores, Border’s Books and many other fine retailers.

Priced at Php99 per tin, its a bit pricey for breath mints, but a small price to pay for a multi-tasking mint that doubles as a fun accessory!

(Photos courtesy of Littlei.com, posted in kikay.exchange.ph)

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