Sunday, February 04, 2007

Mannish Trousers

Are we seeing a shift away from the skinnies? Although slim/skinny pants and stovepipes are still omnipresent on the runways, we're seeing quite a number of pant legs getting roomier, reminiscent of Dietrich...

Black satin trousers from Ruffian
Dove gray trousers from Ruffian
Gray belted trousers from Karen Walker
Black trousers from Yigal Azrouel
Tweed trousers from DKNY
Black trousers from DKNY
Dressed up gray trousers from Matthew Williamson

I wouldn't be surprised if we are being weaned away. Like I said, fashion is fleeting! Best to be prepared! And if you want to be in on a good deal, I saw black high-waisted belted Dietrichesque pants at Topshop Shangri-la! At 50% off! Just about Php1500. No one's touching them yet! Go ahead and set the trend! ;-)

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Jillsabs said...

thank god for roomy trousers! now i'm back in style again :p

Anonymous said...

and i already got a pair of loose trousers! i'm ready!!!

cd_mfo said...

Yup! Here we come in our wide-legged pants! Hahaha!

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