Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Eccentric Aunt and the Young Sophisticate

John Galliano, no doubt, has a thing for theatrics. The imagery, the artistry - its a feast for the senses! The fashion editors and buyers who trooped to Paris to see his collection certainly were entertained!

And I can imagine a crazy, eccentric rich aunt sort of character clapping her hands in delight upon seeing these looks. I also can't help but be reminded somehow of Ms. Hannigan (from the movie Annie) don't you think?

But if you look past the theatrics, the clothes are stars all on their own. Despite the garish make-up and the costume-y hair, here are very pretty dresses that are surpisingly wearable, any Park Avenue Princess worth her "title" will find something "nice" for all those parties she just has to attend!

Even this dress, that might look at home in a bordello, is very dainty and charming if you just put a proper slip underneath

As for the genius who designed all these, Mr. Galliano cuts quite a rakish figure (pun intended) don't you think?

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